Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mitchell Hedberg

"I use the word totally too much. I need to change it up and use a word that is different but has the same meaning. Mitch do you like submarine sandwhiches? All-encompassingly..."

The other person in the world who thinks that way about words is dead. That's a sad thing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

just before I forget...

I always forget that the answer is 42. So in case I forget again, here it is, forever enshrined.

The meaning of life is 42.

Now I can make smartass remarks in relative comfort. Ahhh.

The coolest phrase in the world.

Recently I was cataloguing my DVD collection, and I wrote the sentence that I've since realised is probably the coolest one in the world. Or at least, it's as cool as a sentence can be. Here it is:

"Steve McQueen evades Nazis on a motorbike."

It's possible I'm just not that imaginative. But if it gets cooler than that, maybe I don't want to know about it. The results might just blow my mind.