Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is a sing-along only zone.

Entertain yourself while I'm away, stuffing myself into an eight-foot turkey and broiling myself to death in honour of the holiday (yes, probably it will hurt, but who am I to break with family tradition? There are only so many unmarried females left). I hope to be back, with a raging tan and an extra six pounds of unnecessary hip-chocolate, on January 8th.

Wondermark was suicidally delicious today.

WHAT??! ALL of Bernard and the Genie, with the GLORIOUS Alan Cumming and the DELIGHTFUL Lenny Henry, ON THE YOUTUBE??? I hope you have high-speed, dearest darlings. One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten.

Finally, what to do if you're hopeless and haven't bought anything awesome for your loved ones yet.

Track list:

1. Border Brass - tijuana christmas - tijuana christmas

Comments: This is a holiday classic. For the cover alone. But the music is quite nice too.

2. Eddie Cantor - the only thing I want for Christmas

Comments: LOVE it. Hilariously earnest, but heartwarming too. Kind of beats the cynicism out of you, you know?

3. Thee Crusaders - thee crusaders 7" - born in bethlehem

Comments: This is an old spiritual, turned into a pop-rock bopfest! Awesome.

4. Danielson - Christmas eve night

Comments: Crazy kid remix! This is as frantic as it should be.

5. Rich Aucoin - personal publication - behold the lamb

Comments: Man, gotta love that glittering disco keyboard. This is meant to sync up with the old grinch cartoon. You can see the results of that little experiment here.

6. Frank Kelly - Christmas countdown

Comments: Matt, you rule for sending me this. Hilarious!

7. Bim and Connie Kaldor - a Christmas album - ring the bells at midnight

Comments: This is mellow and quintessentially Canadian. Roy Forbes, you have charmed me, probably not for the last time.

8. Jethro Tull - Christmas album - first snow on Brooklyn

Comments: Power flute for Christmas! Everybody kick your sister! Maybe this only happens at my house.

9 Barbra Streisand - Christmas album - Christmas song

Comments: yipe!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gratitude! Bow chicka wow yeowww...

Tonight, all songs by people who have contacted me (or something) in the past year. It's payback time, suckas.

Track list:

1. Goodnight, Streetlight - arithmetic with tigers - overswanned

Comments: sweepingly beautiful. I want to direct a film just so I can use this during an extensive montage of pensiveness.

2. Brown Recluse Sings - black sunday - margo, left in bed

Comments: The name Margo is kind of hilarious. I'm glad you thought to use it in a song, BRS, because I don't think it's the automatic choice. This song could change that though - highly catchy.

3. Illfit Outfit - proudly resenting - thee & me

Comments: I played the hell out of this record this year, so this was more a case of being 'beaten into submission' than choosing to get in touch with me just for fun, probably.

4. The Choir Practice - red fox

Comments: A stunning example of choral sensibilities taken to new pop-heights by an experienced hand. Enthusiasm to burn! (I hope I did better this time.)

5. Anomie - distant memory & the safe places - american architecture

Comments: This goes out (with kisses) to YOU, anonymous. Well, better late than never, right? I'm really beginning to wish I was a filmmaker, or at least a soundtrack-ist(?) a-la T-Bone Burnett. I could rock that job so hard.

6. Lions and Tigers and Bears - louder than your shirt - from far and wide

Comments: This is danceable and fun, but sounds exHAUsting to play. How do you keep up with that guitar? This would tax even the most professional Guitar Hero, I would think. You should talk to the playstation people about that, guys.

7. The Deep Dark Woods - s/t - vancouver

Comments: Wow, this is mournful and pretty. This is in fact exactly how the city feels right now, especially after work when it's dark and you have to take the bus to your empty apartment, and even the cat's not that interested. I could totally faceplant onto the couch while this is playing. Sob!

8. The Square Waves - s/t - dreams kept on machine

Comments: Dance like your girlfriend doesn't understand you! What? I'm kidding. But somehow this is a lament that still makes me want to flash the lights on and off, you know what I mean? I kind of love it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alcohol and memories, and the relationship between the two

If there is a relationship, I've conveniently forgotten about it.

Track list:

1. The Cuds - the taste of crow - drinkin your mem'ry away

Comments: This is beautiful and contains deep longing. I don't think it's particularly smart to drink until you have general amnesia, but hey, sometimes the pain gets pretty intense, am I right? At that point, what does smart have to do with it?

2. Hot Springs - volcano - fantome dinosaure

Comments: Oh, I love it so much. It's super catchy and great, and gently massages my french bone. Uh, yeah.

3. Jale - closed ep - nine years now

Comments: Beautifully 1995. Why didn't I listen to this when I was 14, instead of the white album? Maybe I could have alternated, it wouldn't have hurt.

4. The Sadies - new seasons - yours to discover

Comments: Mike Belitsky, drummer for the Sadies, briefly drummed/sang for Jale. Also for:

5. The Vees - v ep - denied

Comments: Mike, with the singing! And the chorus girls? This is not what I would have expected.

6. The Paperbacks - an illusion against death - rattled by failure

Comments: You're not rattled by it? How did that happen? I'd love to know how you achieved that. You seem very pleasantly boppy about it, at any rate.

7. Sunset Rubdown - random spirit lover - the mending of the gown

Comments: I love the tinkly guitar, followed by bells, followed by plinky piano. They're drawing clever musical parallels, and I'm liking it. Clearly my generation, all of whom were forced to learn Royal Conservatory piano, are finally poised to dominate the music industry.

8. Better Friends than Lovers - great loves - sailor

Comments: I'm just going to get the obligatory bad joke out of the way: hellooooooo sailor! This is more of a goodbye sailor, you cad. I'm miserable! Don't get scurvy! If you decide to come back I'll totally be here! Oh, shoot.

9. Bella - no one will know - give it a night

Comments: Two ambiguously persuasive phrases back to back, very nicely done. We will speak more about this form of speech at a later date. This is what I would call a driving song, in that it would sound good on the freeway.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not feelin' it

I've been told before, by professionals (!!!) that it is not professional (!!!) to let your listener know that you're all messed up, or having a bad day, or whatever. But this isn't professional radio, dammit. I'm pretty sure whoever tunes in is super disappointed if they don't hear an incompetent whinging self-indulgently. It's campus radio, for crying out loud.

Track list:

1. Cone Five - ants in the sugar - personal spacecraft

Comments: This is so great, it should jog me out of my ennui. If this song can't do it, nothing can. So obviously it's hopeless. Thanks for trying though Cone Five, I felt my interest stir briefly but it was like kicking a dead raccoon, hoping for a nice rabid chomp on your boot. It will only make your boot smell dead.

2. Sports - sports - vampire blues

Comments: boppy and nice. Not so much with the blues, or even the vampires, but still eminently enjoyable. I'm over Buffy anyway (not that I was ever under her. what?).

Comments: Why yes, I AM attempting to beat this record to death, why do you ask? Well?

4. Feu Therese - ca va cogner - la nuit est une femme

Comments: yes, and she's a cold, miserable old broad too. Why aren't there more songs about things being dudes? Everything's a 'bitch' and I think that's unfair. I'm going to start changing that right now. Radio, for example. Radio is an exacting, uncommunicative old bastard with a Napoleon complex. I mean, I love it and everything, but really.

5. I See Rowboats - hide & seek behind the throne - ci ci

Comments: I'm liking this gentle misery music so much I wish I could play it twice. I would, except I bet I'd get in trouble. Programming guidelines, and so forth. It's so nice though. It's getting a little embarrassing, how much I'm starting to enjoy all this new-wave accordion music.

6. First Aid Kit - rocket summer - sleepwalk

Comments: I don't... I just don't know. I sort of blacked out there for a second.

7. Tim Gilbertson - tim gilbertson - long walk

Comments: Speaking of self-indulgence. I love this, I think it's really nice. This song is dedicated to ME.

8. Peter Green - kolors - liquor and you/gotta do it with me

Comments: My mum says that if Peter Green had managed to keep it together, then maybe the Buckingham-Nicks disaster would never have happened. Not his fault though, it would have taken someone amazing. Maybe Batman could have held off the insanity, but even he might have had a hard time.

9. Shotgun Jimmie - the onlys - onomatopoeia

Comments: The last song of the show is usually a throwaway, but I can honestly say that this is not the case today. I like this, despite the questionable album art. It charms me.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Noir, baby.

Songs about the dark. Well, it's not much to look at, but it has inspired some beautiful melancholy. And films!

Track list:

1. Black Mountain - s/t - heart of snow

2. Jonathan Richman - not so much to be loved as to love - les etoiles

3. Neko Case - boyfriends - porchlight

4. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - sport fishin' - spy school graduation

5. The Sadies - new seasons - sunset to dawn

6. The Stolen Minks - family boycott - batman (you're the sex)

7. The Rheostatics - the blue hysteria - a mid winter nights dream

8. Local Rabbits - this is it here we go - the lights turn on

I hate you too Johnny. I hate you so much I think I'm going to die from it. Grr.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Horrifying radio

Well, I don't advertise any different. No refunds!

Track list:

1. Transylvanian Polka - transylvanian polka - 13th night

Comments: Apparently the last show played these guys too. We will make you famous, TP!

2. Ruth Minnikin & Her Bandwagon - various: wanna be your friend: a tribute to the inbreds - she's acting

Comments: I'm in love with this album. I want to have its little babies, excpet I've heard it's illegal.

3. Sunset Rubdown - random spirit lover - the mending of the gown

Comments: Oooooh good. Driving pop kicks my ass in seven directions.

4. Ira Lee and Critical Mass - die. - alberta's trying to kill me

Comments: The province of Alberta is trying to kill him! I agree, Alberta freaks me out. Perhaps I should dress as Alberta for Halloween? This song, though it has many offensive words, has a socially conscious message attached and also pretty much rocks the party.

5. Parlour Steps - ambiguoso - gargoyles passion

Comments: Good good introspection, and howling! Nicely done.

6. Share - pedes trian - dance dance retribution

Comments: HA! I can't resist the occasional video game joke. This is delightfully offbeat.

7. Bitter:Sweet - the remix game - bittersweet faith (thievery corporation remix)

Comments: Very funky, and yet so smooth, I think I just buttered myself.

8. Wax Mannequin - various: cbc radio 3 breaking new sound tour compilation - you and all your friends

Comments: Wax Mannequin send me regular emails, letting me know what's up with them. I appreciate it. Thanks, WM! You guys sound charmingly upbeat. Either that or you're bitter angry types who are also academy-worthy actors. Either way you have my respect.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seafood buffet

I don't know what to tell you. I'm conflicted about my vegetarianism! And yet I'm wearing a leather jacket. But it's second-hand! Aw hell.

Track list:

1. Baby Eagle - no blues - rainwater blues

Comments: lamenting and lovely.

2. The Bloggers - the bloggers - last pay

Comments: unabashedly weird and therefore great.

3. Low In The Sky - we are all counting on you, william - the pursuit of the giant squid

Comments: Yeah, William. Don't let us down. Yeesh. This is serene and pretty, and makes me love squid even more than I already do.

4. Tunturia - our world is yours - cast shadows on clouds

Comments: The prettiest soundtrack music I have heard in weeks. I must be feeling vulnerable, because I'm even unironically enjoying the 'kids talking' sfx. Some of my filters must be on the fritz.

5. Portico - progeny blues - all you daughters

Comments: More lamenting pretty music. I swear, it's like you could map my psyche by the music I play each week. But don't! I don't need that. Use your skills for something worthwhile. Map your backyard, or something.

6. The Sadies - new seasons - my heart of wood

Comments: Oh, they were so good! SO GOOD. It was like stupid human tricks with guitars. Fabulous.

7. Tim Gilbertson - tim gilbertson - long walk

Comments: I'm always glad when it's been a few weeks since I played this song, because it means I can play it again. It's very charming.

8. Element Kuuda - le village - le ruisseau

Comments: The internet must make the French absolutely nuts, because you can't put any accents on anything. I know it makes me just about claw my own face off in frustration, so I can't imagine what a French internet cafe would look like. Miserable, purple-faced people with tension headaches, frantically drinking straight out of wine bottles to take the edge off. How awful.
You know what else might make me drink heavily? If this song refuses to kick in for a whole four and a half minutes. Still, an excuse to dull the pain is still an excuse, so I'm willing to go with it.

9. The Reasonable Men - the reasonable men - the gap in my teeth

Comments: strummy and scrummy. Is that just a made-up word? Is it only me and my granma that use that word? Probably.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The internet, she is broke

I can complain about the internet in a funny Italian accent because of my heritage! It is not offensive because my dad was born there! Woodstove-loving grape-squashers!
Anyway, the internet was broken yesterday, so I'm putting this list together today. And since I'm not spontaneously reviewing the songs as I go, I'm going to instead attempt to attach pictures that accurately represent my mood as it relates to the songs. Some explanation may be necessary. Here we go.

Track list:

1. John Vanderslice - the emerald city - kookaburra

Short, hammy, happy yet introspective, able to commune with the animals.

2. The Cave Singers - invitation songs - seeds of night

For some reason, when you google image search "eccentric genius" you get... buttwings. I guess everyone's definition is different.

3. The Details - draw a distance, draw a border - a national anthem

I am extremely conflicted about this Cuomo guy. Over time I expect it to turn to the raw hatred that can only be born of betrayal, at which point I guess I'll have to change the photo.

4. Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees - wanna be your friend: a tribute to the Inbreds - amelia earhart

In this photo we have true love and raw power, battling for supremacy. True love will win out in the end.

5. Nick Lowe - at my age - I trained her to love me

Here is a dude (?) who is thinking wistfully, possibly of olden
times. But this hat is nice, he thinks, and the toilets now are undeniably better. Perhaps it is wiser and more satisfying to appreciate what we have now (plus ca change, and all that).

6. The Sadies - new seasons - yours to discover

Don Quixote, like me, is on an epic quest. We are both terribly dim, well meaning, and never going to achieve our ends. I'm trying to get a handle on the sprawling Sadies catalogue, whereas he's attempting to impress chicks while hallucinating. Only slightly more difficult, believe it or not.

7. The Luyas - faker death - cats in a bag

This cat likes this song very much. But he's currently a bit preoccupied by our society's overindulgence in collectibles. When will the crap-madness stop!

8. Legion of green men - baqontraq - dubbaq

Smash the system, yeaarrgh! There's a folk show on after me, so this is good for contrast. And also for system smashing hiiiiii-yah! And now I must take a nap.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Shows - October is concert month (unofficially). I'm going to see at least four shows this month, which is at least four more than I have seen in the last six months. Oh, I never go anywhere. It's about to get socialized!

Track list:

1. Hrsta - ghosts will come and kiss our eyes - beau village

Comments: dude owns a proper Thom Yorke voice, which I'm sure he hears constantly and hates. I'm sorry about that, I'm constantly saying these things and then having to apologize. You would think I'd learn, but you'd be wrong. Anyway, I love it, own your pretty voice!

2. The Weakerthans - reunion tour - tournament of hearts

Comments: If you can catch all of the curling references, then you win my affection. And possibly some curling trophies, you must be a professional.

3. Nick Lowe - at my age - join the club

Comments: Continuously great. I love misery! I would like to formally note that this is basically the tijuana brass and elvis version of "just ask the lonely". Who knew such a thing was possible?

4. The Sadies - new seasons - the trial

Comments: Neko Case said they're the best live show ever, and she don't lie.

5. B.A. Johnston - various: cbc radio 3 breaking new sound tour compilation - deep fryer in my bedroom

Comments: If the carnival went to Alabama. Uh, what? I really just love this crazy crap. Be aware: language warning. Hear it on his myspace if that interests you (and it should). "Is it wrong? NO!"

6. Octoberman - run from safety - elbow room

Comments: Hey Marc, what's shakin? I like this, it's plinky and nice. This is definite walkin' home in a funk after a bad day at work music. Thank you for meeting my personal music needs.

7. The Deep Dark Woods - hang me oh hang me - shores of alabama

Comments: Radio stations demystified, part #85693 - The DDW sent two copies of this record to Ed, the music troll. He kept one for our library, which I am now playing for you (while typing this, anyway). The other happened to fall into my filthy little paws, totally unscathed by magic marker, and it now lives at my house. Or I lent it to my large paramour, I'm not sure. Anyway, it's mine, and it's damn good. Thank you for your unknowing donation, DDW! If you're playing a show anytime soon, I should come see you, just to pay you back, even the score, as it were. I'll have to do that. Okay, it's a date.
The closest I'm getting is my birthday in Banff. Dammit!
UPDATE: Luke, the skinsman for the band (okay drummer, but that sounds so much less dirty) says they'll be at the Railway Club, probably, sometime in late January. Hey, I think I just made a semi-exclusive concert announcement! Awesome.

8. Donovan Woods - the hold up - my cousin has a grey cup ring

Comments: awww yeah. I love the CFL. No lie. I could make a similar comment here to the one I made during song #1 with reference to Donovan and a dude called Sufjan, but again, I think there's no shame in that. Sufjan has a beautiful voice, and he's never going to venture into this awesome football territory.
To your right you will see an Argos ring, because Donovan is from Toronto - and because it's so sparkly. What other options do old men with a love of bedazzlement have? Sigh.

9. Bend Sinister - bend sinister - tv war

Comments: Somebody in the studio just said "eye of the tiger", but I think it's flattery rather than mocking. This is damned fun, that's all. And "she don't like" songs rule, in general.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A celebration of coldness!

My sweaters welcome me back into their, uh, sweaty embrace. It is Autumn! Bring on the woolly hats!

Something you should read: The tears of Burt Reynolds.

Track list:

1. Winter Mitts - the cascadia fault - din din

Comments: The guitar work is both haunting and masterful. My only complaint - less finger mobility than gloves. But the finger warmth! It is worth the sacrifice.

2. Lightning Dust - lightning dust - take me back

Comments: Charmingly dour. I feel... contemplative.

3. The Ease Down - shapeshifter - into the air

Comments: Like lounge music for the intelligent, which may sound impossible to you, but that is because you are... a lounge music bigot! Jackass! (Actually, I may have betrayed my own prejudices too, but tell noone, particularly not Mr. Wayne Newton, as I think he could have me killed.)

4. Caribou - andorra - after hours

Comments: I like it, but I suspect alot of those horrible indie snob kids do too. I will now transcribe the guitar part in this song: Wing-ing-ing-inggggggg.... Wing-ing-ing-inggggggg..... I believe I have just taken this whole 'weird for the sake of weird' thing too far. Oh well, onward and upward!

5. Torngat - you could be - mouton noir

Comments: Played for its incredibly miniscule French content, aka the title. But I stuck with it for the intermittent percussion and horns! A delight! A++++ WOULD ENJOY LISTENING TO AGAIN!!1!

6. Oakley Hall - I'll follow you - all the way down

Comments: If Lynyrd Skynyyryd were able to come up with a song like this right now, they'd be even more in love with themselves. I think you appreciate the magnitude of what I'm saying here.

7. The Ghost is Dancing - the darkest spark - wall of snow

Comments: Here comes that weather-related music again... dooo doot-doot dooooo doot doo doo. This is an extremely optimistic and danceable look at a wall of snow, I have to say. They're havin' a laser party behind the wall of snow, woooooooop!

8. Mice Parade - mice parade - snow

Comments: appropriately gloomy. Somebody got a ski-pole in the face as a child.

9. Shapes and Sizes - split lips, winning hips, a shiner - the taste in my mouth

Comments: Delicate and lovely, with voices like a horn section. Also an actual horn section. And a banjo, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing (sickos).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Emily and the Bad Decisions

It could be a book title, but it ain't. It's a potential band name! Want to join? Me neither. Sigh.

Track list:

1. Jon-Rae & The River - knows what you need - roll

Comments: I like the "I'm sick of you, my band is awesome, we're going on the road, BYE!" thing that is going on in this song, but I bet in real life it's quite tiresome. The song version is nothin' but great, however.

2. James McKenty and the Spades - let it grow - snub harbour falcons

Comments: Aaaaah, Canadian spelling.

3. Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts - from the photographs - where is the chorus

Comments: So lovely, with its irregular tempo and quirky feel. It makes me want to cast everyone around me in a spontaneous Miranda July film. And then eat pie! More on that later.

4. Petunia and the Loons - pentunia and the loons - hillbilly hut

Comments: Very morose - what horrible things happened to you in the hillbilly hut, dude who sounds nothing like a Petunia? Deliciously morose. Now I want to cast everyone around me in a Cohen Brothers film, and then eat corn on a stick. Oh, and it has a surprise hoedown ending! This rules.

5. Grandfather Fire and the Holy Morning - grandfather fire and the holy morning - wicked walls

Comments: Could be the title of a horror movie. "Wicked Walls: DO go outside..." I don't know, actually that sounds horribly lame. I like this song though, which has some urgency to it and yet also some lovely guitar layering.

Okay, enough with the "blank and the blanks" bands.

6. Carolyn Mark - nothing is free - pink moon and all the ladies

Comments: Need it be said? Carolyn is fundamentally awesome.

7. Stewart Coupland with Adam Ant - 'out of bounds' original motion picture soundtrack - out of bounds

Comments: Oh, I found it at random, and I find AntMicHall kind of irresistible, teenage trainwreck that he was. Also, Stewart Coupland? Think he pulls this out of his back pocket when he plays intimate club dates as a solo act? Yeah, well, it's a shame.

8. Sean Na Na - family trees or cope we must - hairspray

Comments: The musical would have been better if they had included this little number. Seriously guys, it needed an introspective moment or two. And a hefty editing job, but meh.

9. Carbon Dating Service - polyentendrii - sea moose

Comments: Ooh, I don't think I've played this song before, it's mega pretty. That is an EU-approved measurement.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Creative outbursts

Some people are just so damned creative. Such as tonight's featured musical artistes. So why not me? I bet it has something to do with talent and effort. Let's think about it later, shall we? Yes, laaaaaater.

Track list:

1. Lightning Dust - lightning dust - castles and caves

Comments: Pretty piano, theatrical vocals, very lovely.

2. Immaculate Machine - immaculate machine's fables - northeastern wind

Comments: pretty guitar, heartfelt vocals, also very lovely.

3. The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - the shadow out of tim - Chapter VIII: operation: get the hell out of here

Comments: The concept album: a beast that is meant to be conquered again and again. Often, the beast eats you whole (see: John, Elton. And it wasn't even really his!). This sounds lighthearted enough that they'll probably be okay. I'm pulling for you, thickets!

4. Language-Arts - language-arts - either way

Comments: I enjoyed this enough that the band merits a second "spin" (ooh, industry-speak!). This is like theme music for a very mellow caballero film. Probably the hero is kind of a whore. But who doesn't love that, in a film hero. Why else would everyone enjoy James Bond so much?

5. Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores - the blind spot - the burning hand

Comments: Kind of mesmerizing. That beat, it's lulling me. Quick, stop me before I hand my wallet to a complete stranger.

6. Slow Learner - in their time they are magnificent - east river

Comments: I love growly-voiced singers. And so does everyone else, if the enduring popularity of Tom Waits is any indication. I guess Rod Steward can thank his growly voice too, but in a different, more whiny, more stab-me-in-the-face kind of way.

7. Illfit Outfit - proudly resenting illfit outfit - eat the prairie

Comments: I know I keep playing this but... dammit, it's canadian and it's pink! Not to mention good and totally weird.

8. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - various: the trial of darryl hunt - things you shouldn't do

Comments: You were hard to spot on there Margot, but don't worry, I gotcha. Oooh, pretty.

9. Tim Gilbertson - tim gilbertson- get going

Comments: I really like this album alot. It totally shoots to hell my theory that people who record under their actual full names are at risk of sucking. This is just plain good. I love that wonky guitar effect, I really do.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today is not my favourite day. But why should I mess you up too by telling you about it? OH BLOG. Shut up blog.

Your sporadically scheduled download is especially sporadic today.

Track list:

1. Ghost House - these are ghost house - we run of chorus

Comments: Happy and with a delightfully uneven tempo. Like falling down stairs with a drum kit. But better organized. I like this. I need a drink. Those two things aren't related though.

2. Trembling - pulses in the dark - silent fanfare

Comments: This is nice. I've heard that local cds get stolen from the station faster than anything else, so it's a good thing I'm playing this song today. I hope you guys make it to next week, trembling, but I'm not making any guarantees. There are some very sticky-fingered types around here. I guess it's a compliment, but it's about as backhanded as they come.

3. The Doers - gaiety - hey there, hoser

Comments: I'm counting on this cheery band to cheer me up a bit. Mission accomplished! Even if he seems to be a bit of an emo-hoser. Wait, have I miscalculated here? Aw, it'll be fine. Just huddle and rock.

4. Esther Galil - z-land - z-land

Comments: For you, my beloved French friends. How I adore you. And how I adore Esther! She's so bitchin'.

5. Great Plains - home of the new totem - halogen

Comments: This is very earnest, and it's hard to be cheeky about it. Dammit!

6. The Reasonable Men - the reasonable men - undersold

Comments: I gravitate back to this disc because it is good. Is that so wrong?

7. The Grim Beat - isle of man - the red light

Comments: This band gives me hope that I too could be the lead singer of my own fun/awesome pop outfit! Aw who am I kidding, I love lead singers who can't actually sing. They have been the foundation of my happiness for as long as I can remember.

an aisle of lady

8. Percy Farm - the end's in the beginning - sarah got her freedom

Comments: Delightful. I love the guitar bit that comes in with a minute to go.

9. Sleepless Nights - sleepless nights - godspeed you deathwolf

Comments: Nonsensically, NOT norwegian death metal. Dude, I don't want to move to Toronto either!! I so GET this song. Fantastic.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

preoccupied with outdoor activities

There is a subconscious 'fire' theme going on tonight. Might not be my fault though - most of these guys are feeling things pretty deeply, which makes them think about being 'consumed' by emotion, which, naturally, leads to the fire metaphor. Ring of Fire, Hunk o' Burnin' Love, etc. etc. It's no accident.

Update: Show audio mysteriously absent this week! Aww nuts. I'm a bit down about it too, because I think this week's show kicked about half an ass. Not bad. But since you can't hear it anymore, I'm free to lie. It was spectacular! Obliterated all traditional forms of broadcasting in one fell swoop with its excellence! Ronnie Radio is dead and buried!

Track list:

1. The Mohawk Lodge - wildfires - wildfires

Comments: Nearly seven minutes of amazing. I already knew I love these guys, but now I know it in a much more immediate way. Soon to result in obnoxious proselytizing and alienation from family and friends! TML, you are my L. Ron Hubbard.

2. Roland Blinn - the official - untitled track 8

Comments: ummm... experimental! Actually it sounds like a remix of a bunch of balloon-animal noises. Roland is always providing something different. Every time.

3. Immaculate Machine - immaculate machine's fables - old flame

Comments: Starts out sounding dour, and then throws in a very petshopboysesque beat. I love dancing while miserable!

4. Rockpile - seconds of pleasure - teacher teacher

Comments: Nick Lowe will play Vancouver on October 10th! He is a genius! I will be there, listening reverently and loving every moment. He won't play this, but it's still effin great.

5. Nick Lowe - pinker and prouder than previous - big hair

Comments: Some solo work. Fantastically good. He won't play this either.

6. Nick Lowe - the impossible bird - where's my everything

Comments: He's much more introspective in 1994. More of a song about legacy than anything, which is an old man's reflection. But I'm all over it anyway. So pretty. He might play this. And I might sigh distractingly throughout.

7. The Doers - gaiety - party's in the kitchen

Comments: This song doesn't have time to turn to gumbo, it's too peppy and fun. I'm enjoying it almost excessively.

8. Language Arts - language arts - family tree

Comments: Kinda funky, almost ladyrap. I'm doing the white girl headbang in my chair.

9. Transylvanian Polka - transylvanian polka - dance with the geeks

Comments: Delicious wackiness. The name of this band was decided upon after much analysis and deliberation, and was probably approved by a panel of academics and/or experts. It's that accurate.

10. John Vanderslice - emerald city - tablespoon of codeine

Comments: John, let's hang out. I like codeine too. Call me.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

countdown to holidays

I'm going to jump in a lake, and be covered with leeches! Back in the middle ages it would have been for my health. Not so much this time. But if it helps, I'm willing to pretend to be Guinevere for an afternoon.

Download this week's show. It's slightly less illegal than what you're usually doing on the internet. Part 1 Part 2

Track list:

1. The Reckless Sweethearts - the reckless sweethearts - open road

Comments: Very heartfelt and soothingly country. I like country! Sometimes. That nu-stuff not so much. But this sort of thing I can appreciate.

2. Roland Blinn - daily - track 5

Comments: This week's installment of 'mystery roland roulette'. And the verdict: more carnival music from Roland, this time with a childhood innocence I'm really enjoying. So delightfully wacky!

3. Kids on TV - mixing business with pleasure - breakdance hunx (psbeuys pnp remix featuring boy george)

Comments: Real Boy George? Or fake? Or some sort of culture club edit? I can't really tell. But it got my attention, so kids, you win. This is so much rapid clicking I don't think I could possibly dance to it without extensive training first. I like the spoken word portion. The soulful bass-y noises are also pleasing.

4. Skull Time - skull time - sexy fancy

Comments: Honestly, is it even worth asking why I would choose this song? Come on, sexy and fancy. This is fun and kind of awesome. I love how many left-turns I'm making today, as far as mood goes. Keeping you on your toes since 1999!

5. Love and Mathematics - love and mathematics - copper coin bikini

Comments: How could I resist a song about a bikini, right before holidays? This is a lovely song with just enough angst. It's a tribute to my own bikini, which sits neglected in a drawer, never to see the light of day. How I managed to spend so much money on two scraps of fabric that I'll never wear I do not know.

6. Carbon Dating Service - polyentendrii - light up the synchrotron

Comments: Soothing songs about science. With trumpets! This sounds very cooperative, and I like a band that doesn't sound hostile to people singing along (it's an impulse I have trouble controlling).

7. Mice Parade - mice parade - satchelaise

Comments: Cool inventive time-signature, or something. Many layers, including piano. I know some artsy types who would love this. I like it too. It's crazy dramatic! If there's anything I enjoy, it's being violently swept off my feet in a wave of emotion. As long as Tom Hanks isn't trying to do it. That no longer works.

8. Monotract - trueno oscuro - under my arm

Comments: Creepy, like a twilight zone soundtrack! I'm nervous, and pretty sure the aliens are on their way.

9. Lucid 44 - ...and God gave me legs... - untitled track 1

Comments: Slow to start. Mellow and spooky. There's an echo in here for sure.

10. Volcanoless in Canada - in tune Saskatchewan 2007 - she moves

Comments: I've played them before and I'll play them again. I hope they become megastars. Saskatchewan, you're adorable, and so are your musicians (it's inevitable).

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bending my genre

Probably bending it in unhealthy ways, ways in which it was not meant to be bent, which I will feel like musical arthritis in my old age. But heck, you're only young once.

NEW! (Thanks Ed.) Get this episode: part 1 part 2

Track list:

1. The Reasonable Men - the reasonable men - undersold

Comments: They can't say no, and neither can I. I like the plaintive quality.

2. Joan Armatrading - into the blues - my baby's gone

Comments: Joan is so hardcore. She has artistic integrity pouring out of her socks when she's not even paying attention. Nothing will stop this lady. Bonus: look how much fun she's obviously having.

3. Jliat - now that's what I call noise vol. 1 - mystery track 3

Comments: ow ow ow. Proficient in noise. Some "wisdom" on this from wikinerdia.

4. Roland Blinn - de - mystery track 11

Comments: Like if the carnival went horribly wrong, in a sad burnt-out problem-drinking kind of way. The definition of 'maudlin'. But good!

5. Tim Gilbertson - tim gilbertson - long walk

Comments: I like this piece of summery delight. The happy guitar trills perfectly compliment the smooth descending vocal lines. Plus I enjoy the occasional long walk. Gives me time to think about things before I do them (which saves molto embarrassment, I don't mind saying). Tim, good job on this one, you could rent yourself out to the very wealthy as a personal balladeer. Seriously, let me know if you need help with the business plan.

6. Illfit Outfit - proudly resenting illfit outfit - pink bathwater

Comments: Girl drummer, woot! Jenni the girl drummer, I would like to apologize for my previous mistake. So anyway. This is an excellent song. I want to hop up and down. Sadly, I'd probably just rip out an important cable with my clumsy feet. I'm settling for head-and-shoulder bops in my chair.

7. Carolyn Mark - nothing is free - pink moon and all the ladies

Comments: So, so pretty. With casual swearing. You know what else is so, so pretty? Cartoon Carolyn. Like lovely bobble-headed Dita Von Teese. And about to be attacked by a badger! Exciting and gorgeous, all at once.

8. Jon-Rae and the River - knows what you need - eastern migration

Comments: The growling frustration I was hoping it would be. Mmm. Especially for everyone I know who is pondering the trek out to their hometown (necessarily back east) this summer, to visit their parents. Listen to Jon-Rae! It's a bad idea! Don't leave me here alone! Desperate clenching will ensue!

9. The Blow - poor aim: love songs - come on petunia

Comments: Get it, like Aunt Petunia in Harry Potter! Crap, I'm such a nerd. This is a nice low-key funky little song though. I like it. And I love that she's re-imagining Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. It's my least favourite Police song, but now I'm kind of starting to like it.

10. The Great Outdoors - food booze and entertainment - a short dissertation on post traveling blues

Comments: Holy song title guys, it almost didn't fit on the internet. Crazy. I like the gentle combination of strumming and whiny fiddle. Siiiigh.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

emily the unregistered animagus.

Although I'd prefer to be a wherewolf, they get all the action. Grr.

Track list:

1. The Big Disappointments - the big disappointments - the ugly man

Comments: Garage-delicious. I love this! TBDs, you have seriously undersold yourselves on this one. Perhaps it is ironic comment.

2. Roland Blinn - ticket - track 10

Comments: The first Roland Blinn track of the summer. Roland, a bit of a mystery man, has sent about 14 cds to the station in the last two weeks. He's very prolific. I'm going to play one song every week. It is my summer project. That being said: I love this! Glorious lo-fi acoustic guitar, vigorously strummed. Roland is starting off on a high point.

3. These Electric Lives - these electric lives - soda water

Comments: Happy-sounding. I always find it difficult to relate to that. However: soda water is my favourite summer drink. Add liberal amounts of Rose's Lime Cordial and you're set. So really, what could be wrong with this?

4. The Ghost is Dancing - the darkest spark - greatlakescape

Comments: This song insists that I listen to it and find it compelling. It is successful. It also has that "driving" sound I'm so fond of. Actually, this would be an excellent song to listen to as you're driving home late in the evening after a particularly successful camping holiday (maybe you got to second base!).

5. Secret Mommy - mammal class - bottom 40

Comments: Winningly weird electronic sounds. Take me to class, secret mommy.

6. Shapes and Sizes - split lips, winning hips, a shiner - the horse's mouthy mouth

Comments: deceptively mellow, with that big swear. I should really mark that on the disc, I know I've been tricked before.

7. The Choir Practice - the choir practice - red fox

Comments: The Choir Practice identified me as a "review" on their blog, which I found charming in a horribly misguided sort of way, since I have all the musical authority of a lobster. But whatever! It's enough to get you played again, TCP. Just know this: I wouldn't do it if I didn't like you anyway. Radio show integrity!

8. Tour De Fours - atlantis - sheeps clothing

Comments: Poppy, in a 60's sort of way. I want to bang a tambourine to it, basically. It's delightful.

9. Alex Delivery - star destroyer - rainbow

Comments: I object to the font used on the back of the cd. Come on guys, I'm not an elf here, okay? But this is a nice relaxing church-hall-organ sound. A good wind-down song.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's a very hot day, I'm on the mountain, in the rarefied air (but only just), consuming "post-punk" etc. I think it's possible to be too relaxed. But what am I gonna do?

Track list:

1. They Shoot Horses Don't They - pick up sticks - that's a good question

Comments: The changing tempos might make me feel panicked, on a regular day. But not in a bad way. More in a 'dance contest, final round!' kind of way. Is that a clarinet I hear? This is extremely fun.

2. The Julius Airwave - the city the forest - shipwreck

Comments: Iiiiiiii like it. Gosh I'm relaxed. This is sweetly sung happy pop music over restrained organ. Aaah.

3. The Neins Circa - sleeves and wigs - welcome home, eugene choo

Comments: Hilarity, right near my house.

4. Parts & Labor - mapmaker - the gold we're digging

Comments: A slightly darker mood now, but delicious nonetheless.

5. Great Plains - home of the new totem - unnatural

Comments: This has that 'driving' quality to it. The same quality Space Truckin' has, but in an optimistic indie-pop from Nova Scotia kind of way. I would like to go east one day and just hug every maritimer. Is that creepy?

6. Carbon Dating Service - polyentendril - another you

Comments: Very pretty, and with an imaginative combination of instruments that includes... the xylophone? I don't know, I'm no musicologist. I like how this is slow and gentle, and seems to come in (radio-host-heart-stopping) waves. Is it over now? Argh! Now? Arrrgh! But then it just relaxes you all over again. So in the end it's okay. For YOU.

7. Greenness - howard hello/greenness split cd - the 1994 two-piece rump shake

Comments: Experimental! I don't hear any similarities with Bobby Brown. But I don't care either, since that guy was kind of a hack in bike shorts. These people obviously have vision!

8. Ford Pier - organ farming - you don't want to know what I'm into

Comments: I have a feeling Ford is trying to creep me out. Is that true, Ford? Well, the organ farming thing, for a start. Anyway, I like the harmonica. Plus it's a bit dramatic, and I love drama.

9. The Hits - hello everybody we are the hits - sand in my shoes

Comments: Summer-appropriate punk! Lovely. It's so comfortingly old-school. The leather jackets covered in zippers are like valium teddy bears to me. In that they are soothing and provide a feeling of safety. But punk!

10. Imaginations Treetrunk - branching out - ol' lady love songs

Comments: you never can get enough of the magic of that title.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

somebody's worst birthday ever

Somewhere in the world, it is someone's very worst birthday of all time. Can I take comfort in that? Well, maybe. Maybe things are looking up from now on! Hey kid, your seventh is always rough. Eight is a piece of cake in comparison. Chin up soldier!

Track list:

1. Wafer Thin Mints - the finest car they ever built in 1983 - hot chevette

Comments: A cute countryfied piece about buying a hatchback in Calgary. Very nice. You're all being added to my Christmas card list.

2. People for Audio - the new ancients - black memory white whale

Comments: Soothe me, People. Aaah. This is the mellow part of the show, where you reflect on your life and all of the novels you have never completed. Cough.

3. Tranzmitors - tranzmitors - why don't boys cry

Comments: I love this happy poppy song with its lo-fi guitar, and I love that it's asking the question I long to ask! And now a brief discussion of my secret fantasy, which is that boys cry alone, when no one can see them do it. They are compelled, by the weight of their everyday stoicism. Sigh.

4. Lymbyc Systym - love your abuser - love your abuser

Comments: Sweet quasi-electronic instrumental stuff, at a nice relaxed pace. For playing while you are floating through space toward monoliths. And the bells! So pretty. But not lame or anything. Just pleasant.

5. Bill Callahan - woke on a whaleheart - a man needs a woman or a man to be a man

Comments: The country music of yesteryear, lightheartedly updated to reflect the themes of today. Sigh. I just feel good right now. Lollipops for everyone!

6. Miracle Fortress - five roses - beach baby

Comments: Soothing, sparing with the singing. Minimalist in its vocal stylings, if you will. I like that funny wibbly synth effect that sounds like it's coming from the sky. Eep!

7. Grandfather Fire and The Holy Morning - gf and the hm - it's gonna blow, cokato

Comments: Now that I type it out, it looks a whole lot like some sort of hideous branded potato. This is one of those songs with that eerie thing going on where it might exploed at any second and melt your face off, but you're just not sure. It's building momentum, almost imperceptibly.

8. Sterling - cursed - eyes

Comments: I think I like that same Yes album that you like.

9. Wolfgang - the wicked truth about loving a man - master of the music

Comments: holy BEATS! My favourite thing is that I'm playing this techno 80s massacre right before the folk show. Oh sweet victory over traditional notions of format. This is the icing on my radio cake!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Now with 15% less cynicism

Sort of. I still don't like being kidded all that much. Don't prod me today, I'm sensitive.

Track list:

1. The Reasonable Men - the reasonable men - saloon song

Comments: Delightful.

2. Handsome Furs - plague park - handsome furs hate this town

Comments: But they hate it in such a lovely way. This is fantastic, I want it for Christmas.

**and now, a brief discussion of the film Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, which ROCKED MY FACE OFF. So amazing. Also a small clip from the song: Ticket to Hollywood

3. The Superfantastics - pop-up book - the only one I c++ is u++

Comments: This rules. I love nerd love lo-fi pop. I don't care how much of it they write, I love it to the limit!

4. Chet - flight against darkness - dollarton harbour

Comments: Unremittingly excellent.

5. Derek Robinson & Matt Brown - the indifferent ep - how we chose to travel

Comments: Lovin' songs about travel since 1981.

6. The Book of Lists - the book of lists - little jerk

Comments: Insult rock, very nice.

7. Bears - shortest day of the year - you can tell

Comments: cripplingly adorable album cover. Also really liking how this is gently rocking me into liking life. Stop that Bears, another five minutes and I'll be hugging strangers! Thankfully this song is only three minutes long or I would be humiliating myself and possibly getting in trouble with the po-po.

8. Illfit Outfit - proudly resenting illfit outfit - thee & me

Comments: Pinkest album ever not to feature girls. I approve. This is pretty great. I like the shocking vocals, which seem to say, my emotions are getting the better of me, but I am still unwaveringly cool, and very artistic, and my trousers are tight also. Love it.

9. Sean Na Na - family trees or cope we must - hairspray

Comments: Relaxed and lovely.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pollen wolves, aaaargh.

I can feel them closing in. It would take very determined toothpicks to keep my eyes open.

Track list:

1. Land of Talk - applause cheer boo hiss - speak to me bones

Comments: Delightfully energetic. I love it! Play it again, talky.

2. Kids On TV - mixing business with pleasure - breakdance hunx (market value mix)

Comments: Saucy! This is some sort of lo-fi disco fight. It makes me want to dance in an extremely ugly yet comfortable outfit, in a dingy and tacky club, surrounded by the people I love. No hipsters allowed.

3. Shapes and Sizes - split lips, winning hips, a shiner - the horse's mouthy mouth

Comments: WHOO! Swears. I'm being edgy tonight, I guess. Well, not me personally, but the shapes and sizes are. This is very mellow who is messing up, uh, stuff. It's a nice mellow exploration of languid - something, with teamwork and variated tempos. Believe it or not, all of this becomes something I'm quite liking. My tastes are so varied these days.

4. The Sea and Cake - everybody - lightning

Comments: I always feel like a cheater when I pick a song by a band whose name I recognize. They're not obscure and exclusive enough! Their name is less than fifteen syllables and can easily be remembered by the hoi polloi! What a sellout I am! Aw, who cares. I like this.

5. The Februarys - all the time in the world ep - invisibility is a disability

Comments: This music was made in abbotsford! This in itself makes it a curiosity. What kind of music can you make in abbotsford? Well, this, evidently. I'm talking in circles.

6. Kill The Lights - buffalo of love - lady sniper

Comments: Driving music, for sure. I like the bit with the "lady".

7. Joel Plaskett Emergency - ashtray rock - nothing more to say

Comments: I'll probably just keep playing this until they tear it out of my cold, cramped hands. I love how bitchy it is. 'Don't call me up when you figure it out' is my favourite. Delightfully juvenile.
I ran out of space on the log sheet and had to shorten it to 'Joel Plaskett Emerg.', which is what my mum, the hospital worker, calls it. "Just take him down to Emerg." I like it, it implies an intimacy that is totally not there, but which I wish for. "hey yo, Emerg, let's hang out!" Fantastic.

8. Wooden Stars - people are different - gold dust

Comments: Fine craftsmanship, and an enjoyable result. Again with the variable tempo! this must be something the kids are doing now. Although I don't think you could do a comedy sketch where dad finds a variable tempo under your bed and is shocked and horrified. Where would the visual portion of that joke be? Larger minds would have to figure it out.

9. Au Revoir Simone - the bird of music - the lucky one

Comments: I sensed you were feeling tense, and I ordered this up to mellow you out. Soooothing, chickadees. Rest your downy heads on pillows made of pure cloud. Ahh.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Thinkin' about girls.

More specifically, today I have been thinking about lady issues, and mostly to do with equality and such. Notice how non-committal I'm being? Oh, I'm at odds with myself alright. But there are just so many important issues. Like, why are the ladies as consistently convincing rock-posturers as the men? The men seem to get more cred dressing up as ladies than the actual girls do. I think this is the result of some bogus construct that causes us to be defeated before we begin. Also, guitars are long and skinny, fundamentally. I didn't need to see Prince on the Superbowl to figure that out. He was great, though.

Track list:

1. Justine Electra - soft rock - fancy robots

Comments: Very slick production value. I like anything with robots in the title.

2. The Choir Practice - the choir practice - things I say

Comments: Ladies! Nice. I feel better, and possibly ready for a religious revival and/or nap. Can you have both at once?

3. The Mudlarks - various: innocence is bliss - gimmie some

Comments: Woot. Combined with the last one, I suddenly feel like I've overestimated the whole 'angry femiladyism' problem. In that maybe we don't need it so much. But wait! Neither of these bands are on the all-important Billboard top eight-hundred-and-seventy-three! For shame.

4. You Say Party! We Say Die! - lose all time - opportunity

Comments: So danceable. I just saw a dude dance in the studio. Your license to love this has just been renewed.

5. Shrimp Attack - shrimp attack - house of dead bodies

Comments: Music from a wonderful group of artists with developmental disabilities. It's honestly jaw-droppingly great. The bit about the disabilities is not a qualifier in any sense. It should just make you appreciate even more the effort that someone made to bring a group of people who might otherwise have been musically ignored together. Gloooooory glory halleluuuuuu... ahem. Pardon me.

6. Mary Timony Band - the shapes we make - killed by the telephone

Comments: She owes a debt to Courtney Love - but I kind of think we all do. Oh sure, she's betrayed the sisterhood by becoming a surgery-mangled strung out incoherent freak with designer shoes (gasp), but she did it her way, I guess. And she legitimately rocked it out. Not many of us can say that.
I like the funny little arpeggios in this, it's a bit funky but musically proficient also.

7. The Book of Lists - the book of lists - moon balloon

Comments: Awesome, in a subtly Jerry Lee Lewis way. The piano guy, not Jerry Lewis. Nobody in the band is chewing scenery. Featuring the lovely Laura Piasta on bass! See, sister-mine, you can be the bassist in an awesome band too, if you want.

8. Les Petits - the mighty antlers of song eps - best tasting wool in the whole world

Comments: As a knitter AND a vegetarian, I totally love this song. Not exactly sure why, but it moves me. And just enough sing-along potential to knock me on my butt with awesomeness.

9. Mob - polygon - memento

Comments: Because I've never seen the movie, but I want to. Also, a ladytrack! Which completes the novecta of ladysongs. You love it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Today I will be conducting a little experiment. More on that later. On to the oddments!

Track list:

1. The Soft Parts - unerring melodic scents - christine is pristine

Comments: Pleasant. If elementary school kids were as good with the name-rhyming as the soft parts seem to be, the insults would be much more interesting. And potentially less hurtful, but whatever.

2. The Cripple Lilies - la bete - carnations

Comments: Soft, soothing, ladysinging.

3. Chet - flight against darkness - don't let your cruel heart count me in

Comments: So deliciously mellow. I want to run through remembered fields of wheat in slow motion. Aaaah.

4. The Sea and Cake - everybody - coconut

Comments: Played for its 'Waitress' appropriateness. Sort of. Pie, cake, I like them both. And both could potentially have coconut.
I LOVE this. Predictably.

5. The Great Outdoors - food, booze and entertainment - too many jennifers

Comments: Ooh sad. sounds like maybe there were too many Jennifers, he dated all of them, and they all broke up with him, one at a time, each more horribly than the last.
Oh, pickup. Too many g.d. jennifers! Sing it sister!

AND NOW: an experiment. I've noticed lately that many groups have decided to release their CDs with minimalist packaging. Namely, the rough, undyed brown cardboard sleeve with foldover cover. Before the show I pulled FIVE of these from the playlist shelves. I'm sure if my eyes were better I could have pulled more, but hell, who wants to hear more than five anyway? Okay. So now I'm going to play them back to back and try to discern whether there is a band type associated with this brown cardboard approach (not my wildest hypothesis ever, but what the hell). Here we go.

6. Goodnight Streetlight - the curfew bell - mesmer

Comments: so slow and instrumental. And yet I love it. Is that wrong? This sounds like music to have an amusing and quirky revelation to. Like when the guy got in the tub and discovered density. Yes. That's it.

7. The Phonemes - there's something we've been meaning to do - snowshoes

Comments: Oh, I'm sensing a common theme already. And it is: amplified acoustic guitar. Also, making me feel mighty relaxed. I like how the singing grows subtly, and kind of has a threatening undertone, like "yes, I will soothe you, but you'd better pay attention in case I bite your neck after." This is honestly very pretty, and I'm sure no neck-biting was involved.

8. Gowns - red state - cherylee

Comments: This is piano and soothing, but with some electronically produced sounds thrown in. I feel that it's building toward something... please stand by... oh, key change! We're now having a piano recital underwater. Float away on a sea of pain and fluffy pink dresses. And now singing. Makes Catpower sound hyperactive.

9. The Line Atlantic - the subhuman condition - public transit

Comments: You knew I was going to play the song about public transit, right? Have we met? Hm. Anyway. My hypothesis on this was "hey, they're from Edmonton, I assume they're full of vigour, that economy is booming!" Hell no, I was terribly wrong. This is more sad piano. Come on, there are crazy people on public transit! What, do they only ride it at 2am? Ridiculous. But it conforms to my misery hypothesis, so, uh, go me?

10. Unknown Instructors - the master's voice - this black hat is rage

Comments: Yeow, with the yelling! I like the drums. So, so much wackier than any of the other cardboard bands, and therefore extremely refreshing.

CONCLUSION - Everything in moderation. Including misery and brown cardboard.

11. Maybe Smith - animals & architects - I fight birds

Comments: Have accumulated recent cache. With the accent on the 'e'. I like them.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

So so northern

For whatever reason, I'm playing all Canadian songs this hour. It's probably because I'm so damn patriotic. Or something. Or I just flourish under restricitions! That's totally it. Check out the flourishing.

Track list:

1. Andy Palacio & The Garfiuna Collective - pioneer woman - farley mowat (remixed by calvin dick)

Comments: I've heard that Mr. Mowat is now living in a secluded sort of a spot, and is working on the title of "world's most pissed off man". This song makes him sound like Raffi. But whatever, he's earned a little respect. The respect of finely crafted tuneage!

2. The Carps - the young and passionate days of carpedia - compton to scarboro

Comments: I think he wants to fall in love. With you. Just try and resist. He's very sassy, and you know how you love sassy men. Don't try to fight the funk.

3. Peter Elkas - wall of fire - something beaming

Comments: Peter Elkas could romance a stone (HA) with these songs. Seriously, he's been giving me palpitations for far longer than is decent. I don't think I'm alone in this. He's sort of a white skinny alt-rock Al Green, if that's possible.

4. Wooden Stars - people are different - last secret infirmary

Comments: Fun - love the irregular chords and odd melodic line. Ha, somebody stupid might think I knew what I was talking about there, BUT I DON'T. It is the running theme of the show. Keep up! Anyway, this song rulezz. Seriously, I'm adding it to my list of love immediately.

5. Jump & Dash - jump & dash - i don't love you

Comments: Love it, despite the title. Or because of it! Apparently I'm drawn to dysfunctional relationships like that.

6.The Sheepdogs - trying to grow - it's alright

Comments: Delightfully optimistic and guitaresque.

7. Kittie - funeral for yesterday - everything that could have been

Comments: The all-girl metal band I seriously did not know was still around. Crazy hilarious. I'm have a wave of nostalgia that is totally inexplicable, as I couldn't figure out what to do with Kittie in 1999. And I still can't.

8. Joel Plaskett Emergency - ashtray rock - nothing more to say

Comments: The first line is an instant favourite. It's bleeped on the vinyl though. Weird, no? Sigh. Joel.

9. The Besnard Lakes - the besnard lakes are the dark horse - and you lied to me

Comments: I've played it before, and I'll play it again, bitches. It's good. It takes a while to get going, but it's good.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Old lady beatdown

So close. If only the dude on the bus had just been a hair more confrontational. I really need to cross that off on my transit bingo card.

Track list:

1. Strategy - future rock - can't roll back

Comments: Far funkier than it has any right to be. But smooth, you know? So it funks you up before you have a chance to protest - before you even know what's happening to you. Brilliant, I say.

2. Chet - flight against darkness - because my name is lion

Comments: Well, lion, you maybe having a bad day, but you're doing it in a reliably melodic way. And yes, I am planning on gradually playing every song off of this album.

3. Dog Day - night group - career suicide

Comments: quick drums! misery! I can't NOT play a song called career suicide. I've played the band as well. It's like an Emily-magnet that cannot be overcome.

4. Immaculate Machine - immaculate machine's fables - northeastern wind

Comments: I think they name-dropped Regina! Love it.

5. Peter Elkas - wall of fire - sweet nancy

Comments: So ridiculously adorable. He is a seasoned professional, and it shows in the solid songwriting and pretty, pretty voice. And the beard, good choice too! Also, I saw him at The Commodore on Friday and it was very nice. His bassist looked like our news teacher at radio school. It was good all around.

6. Shelby Lamb - suburban cowboy - can of salty ham

Comments: Very soothing, for a chunk of dehydrating meat. Bleah. But the song is good!

7. Joel Plaskett - ashtray rock - soundtrack for the night

Comments: flat-out delicious. Someone I know owns this on vinyl, and as soon as I can borrow that I'm going to make a tape, or something else portable. Vinyl is pretty, but not too practical in the car. JOEL!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bitchin' consumption!

The coughing is a bit distracting, sorry. And for whatever reason I'm struggling for things to say. My major accomplishment for this week was developing an unnecessary Nathan Fillion awareness. That's not something I'm willing to advertise on the air. Nobody would get it.

Track list:

1. The Kent Boys - atticus finch - dust bowl

Comments: Pleasant country, perfect for sweating through your dinner jacket to.

2. Steve McKay - whistle ep - brake lights

Comments: also nice.

3. JP Hoe & The Truly Richards - the live beta project - always

Comments: hearteningly enthusiastic.

4. The Pointer Sisters - yes we can can (live)

Comments: the most motivational song of all time, woo!

5. The Slip - eisenhower - first panda in space

Comments: short and deliciously bizarre. Love it.

6. Chet - flight against darkness - by night into paradise

Comments: the more I hear this the more I love it. Chet, let's be friends, you're clearly much more awesome than me, but you might get off on having stupid friends, I don't know. I have to take what I can get. (but seriously, call me.)

7. Brown Recluse Sings - black sunday - mystifying oracle

Comments: a deep cut! oh, any song that starts with counting is automatically up ten points! Unless every band starts doing that and I get tired of it. But I don't see how that'll happen. this hypothetical universe you speak of sounds very bleak.

8. My Brightest Diamond - tear it down - the good and the bad guy (siamese sisters)

Comments: hello miserable piano, it's been all of five minutes since we last met, and man, have I missed you. I was starting to feel a bit uplifted there for a second, and it had me all disoriented. Really great though.

9. Kill the Lights - buffalo of love - orestes

Comments: hm, loud!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'm on facebook, right now. No, right now. Actually, probably "right now" too. Dang, it's a sad thing.

Track list:

1. Imaginations Treetrunk - branching out - ol' lady love songs

Comments: East Van Hip Hop! I'm reprazentin'! Okay, I take it back. I don't want to uncool this group with my allegiance. That wouldn't be fair.

2. Au Revoir Simone - the bird of music - a violent yet flammable world

Comments: So pretty.

3. R.E.N. and the Panic - the panic - get more an lose

Comments: Pretty frickin' awesome. I give it two Northern thumbs up.

4. Land of Talk - applause cheer boo hiss - street wheels

Comments: The cover says it's like Catpower. Basically yes, if she was a bit happier than usual today and plugged in. This is a very pleasant thing.

5. Love of Diagrams - mosaic - confrontation

Comments: wacky, I love the ending! This is like the Who's 'Tommy', but about doomed relationships between slightly bored punks. Awesome.

6. Derek Robinson & Matt Brown - the indifferent ep - Track 2

Comments: I don't think it's indifferent - come on Derek and Matt, don't undersell yourselves here. I bet your moms told you that too. I'm notorious for sounding like everybody's mom. That really annoys the heck out of just about everybody. Sorry.

7.The Besnard Lakes - the besnard lakes are the dark horse - and you lied to me

Comments: An epic opus. My favourite bit comes at -2:50, for future reference.

8. Sybarite - sybarite - sanctuary

Comments: beeps and bleeps, with some trumpet.

9. My Brightest Diamond - tear it down - freak out (gold chains panique mix)

Comments: dark and punchy, like how I feel.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

so pale and wan.

Probably should have eaten more than an orange and a vat of coffee today.

Track list:

1. The National Lights - the dead will walk, dear - swimming the swamp

Comments: quiet, smooth, mellow. With a girl in cowboy boots.

2. The Soft Parts - unerring melodic scents - a missed television opportunity

Comments: I love television, so I can totally relate to this. I get whistful over missed tv opportunities too. TV watching opps, that is, because I'll never be on TV. Dang no, I don't even like having my picture taken! Come on now.

3. Chet - flight against darkness - ships sink in the fall

Comments: It's funny how men with vocal incompetencies are somehow the most beautiful and poignant thing, sometimes. I really love this, and I can't necessarily tell you why. I just really love it. Sigh.

4. Quadra - based on a true story - between the lines

Comments: But there are no lines! Crazy Quadra.

5. Dustin Cole with The Specialest - try and love me - oh! my captain

Comments: Weird use of flute. I do not object.

6. Gloom Room - mr. resistor - mr. resistor

Comments: I don't usually play the title track, it seems so obvious. However, I will make an exception for this ska for robots. I appreciate extreme niche-marketing.

7. Go Jeff!!! - wake up the dance machine! - womandolin

Comments: I'm iffy on the use of exclamation points since that whole panic! debacle. But the song titles make up for it. Meh, I'm not a big fan. Too braggy.

8. Aereogramme - my heart has a wish that you would not go - a life worth living

Comments: aw, cheer up, wouldja?

9. Cinemascope - soundimension - exotica

Comments: I love that movie. It has casey jones in it, in his vindicating role! It's all so very great.

10. Eric Hanson and The Church of Doubt and Dissent - the pills helped but where have the years gone? - famous child actor