Tuesday, July 17, 2007

emily the unregistered animagus.

Although I'd prefer to be a wherewolf, they get all the action. Grr.

Track list:

1. The Big Disappointments - the big disappointments - the ugly man

Comments: Garage-delicious. I love this! TBDs, you have seriously undersold yourselves on this one. Perhaps it is ironic comment.

2. Roland Blinn - ticket - track 10

Comments: The first Roland Blinn track of the summer. Roland, a bit of a mystery man, has sent about 14 cds to the station in the last two weeks. He's very prolific. I'm going to play one song every week. It is my summer project. That being said: I love this! Glorious lo-fi acoustic guitar, vigorously strummed. Roland is starting off on a high point.

3. These Electric Lives - these electric lives - soda water

Comments: Happy-sounding. I always find it difficult to relate to that. However: soda water is my favourite summer drink. Add liberal amounts of Rose's Lime Cordial and you're set. So really, what could be wrong with this?

4. The Ghost is Dancing - the darkest spark - greatlakescape

Comments: This song insists that I listen to it and find it compelling. It is successful. It also has that "driving" sound I'm so fond of. Actually, this would be an excellent song to listen to as you're driving home late in the evening after a particularly successful camping holiday (maybe you got to second base!).

5. Secret Mommy - mammal class - bottom 40

Comments: Winningly weird electronic sounds. Take me to class, secret mommy.

6. Shapes and Sizes - split lips, winning hips, a shiner - the horse's mouthy mouth

Comments: deceptively mellow, with that big swear. I should really mark that on the disc, I know I've been tricked before.

7. The Choir Practice - the choir practice - red fox

Comments: The Choir Practice identified me as a "review" on their blog, which I found charming in a horribly misguided sort of way, since I have all the musical authority of a lobster. But whatever! It's enough to get you played again, TCP. Just know this: I wouldn't do it if I didn't like you anyway. Radio show integrity!

8. Tour De Fours - atlantis - sheeps clothing

Comments: Poppy, in a 60's sort of way. I want to bang a tambourine to it, basically. It's delightful.

9. Alex Delivery - star destroyer - rainbow

Comments: I object to the font used on the back of the cd. Come on guys, I'm not an elf here, okay? But this is a nice relaxing church-hall-organ sound. A good wind-down song.

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