Tuesday, February 28, 2006

don't rock the boat!

Track list:

1. Do the Hustle

Comments: whoops. This isn't the right song. Oh well, we'll play the right one later. Ha.

2. The Dan Band - Live - Tyrone

Comments: This is my favourite song on this CD, although Jonelle apparently doesn't like it so much. We're so different, which is, I think, why we're so complimentary. Oh, but it's true.

3.The Buttless Chaps - where night holds light - blanket of pain

Comments: worth it for the album art alone. So beautiful. We do love you, Buttless Chaps. Also, this song is very good. It's a bit Morrissey-ish, but with a girl in it. That's always a plus. Ooh, and the mariachi accents.

4. Young and Sexy - panic when you find it - without your love

Comments: I like the idea behind this band name. I'm going to start a band called "slim and attractive", because I think false advertising is always a good idea. Or how about "nobel prize winner and fabulously wealthy". Oh, wait, you'd like to know if the song is good? I like it. How's that?

5. Carsick - carsick - old yellow

Comments: hmm, boring.

6. The Hues Corporation - rock the boat

Comments: this is your favourite song of all time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

olympic-style excellence

1. The Diableros - you can't break the strings in our olympic hearts - Olympic Island

Comments: This is the song where they got the title of the album. I know that much. They kind of sound like the Walkmen, but since I love the Walkmen, I like this song too. Jonelle says 'not bad', which is a resounding mark of approval.

2. Existential Angst Party - existential angst party - I'm too romantic

Comments: lives up to its billing. The violins are a nice touch.

3. Beverly Killbillies - Dear Johnny (Cash tribute) - Wanted Man

Comments: oh no, not good.

4. Silent Film Soundtrack - diplomats and confidants - lights out (murder)

Comments: hm, this comes highly recommended. It's not bad. There aren't many chords in it, but sometimes too many chords just confuse things. It makes me a little bit nervous, what with the driving beat.

5. Boycrusher - sometimes a man... - lucky lady

Comments: our last song. We haven't heard it yet, but it's truly a masterpiece.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

love love love

1. Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - dear johnny: a tribute - the long black veil

2. Boycrusher - sometimes a man... - dance the night away

3. The Beatings - holding on to hand grenades - remedial math rock

4. Books on Tape - dinosaur dinosaur - kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten surprise