Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I am Jens, Drummer of the crab, the KING CRAB! (However, I don't play on recordings, I am
the useless performance drummer.)
First song: Rocky Monty
Really just about substance abuse and Dave and Josh's problems with it. Really a sad story. I didn't play on this track. I mean, I really didn't play on this track! really....
Watch out...tape recordings lead to bands....ARRGH!
Steroids are not my friend...
French's alphabet makes a very good folk song.
Swedish folk songs (or arias) by Flonk are very incredible.
Track 2: Straw House
Jens' poor singing. Bad.
Track 3: Sailin' Home
Skipping songs are hilarious. This song is about a man coming home from a deserted island. He gets nookie. I don't play on this track. Josh always rocks the house on guitar. Dave's drumming and falsetto make me laugh. That's why he plays bass.
Hello to Mr. Baker!! HI!!!
I like PSA'S!!!
Last names make me laugh!
Snobbery is not awesome!
Track 4: First Day Out of Jail
A messed up song for Josh! I like it! I didn't play on this track...again!
Track 5: Army of Love
Dave's in command!! Apparently Dave is Jimmy Smits! I didn't play on this track! BEWARE THE PROFANITY!
Dave is like David Byrne!!
Track 3: Town of Funk!
I named this song! I love it! I don't play on this track!

**update: listen to the show HERE:
The second half-hour (unfortunately the first half got toasted by the server. Sorry guys).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guest appearance

And the guest is.......Jacob, Emily's brother. Well it's not that exciting at all. I'm subbing in for Emily today on the blogging aspect of the show. (This blog entry may be worth something someday....so copy it in a text file and keep it in a safe place.)

1. Lily Tomlin - This is a recording - Mrs. Mitchell
Comment - Halarious! We'll funny, I'm not sure I didn't listen to it fully. I'll need a second oppinion. Emily loves her, everytime she snorts everything is right in the world.

2. AA Sound System - Laissez Faire - Vermillion
Comment - Emily goes out on a limb and thinks that it is great. I'll agree with her on this one, it hits that soft spot.

3. Jane Siberry - The Walking - Red High Heels
Comment - Emily loves this song so so much. I mean a lot. She wanted you to know. Emily loves Jane Siberry or her new name Issa Jar Jar Binks...sorry, just Issa (eeee-sah)

4. Volcanoless in Canada - Volcanoless in Canada - We Win
Comment - First off to clear things up, they are from in Saskatchewan. Lots of drums, guitar, and I hear some tambourine. This combination produces some interesting music that Emily agrees with and would like anyone out there to buy her this CD for christmas. That means you Santa..... or Mom and Dad.

5. Gordon Lightfoot - Did She Mention My Name - The Last Time I Saw Her
Comment - Lightfoot! Lightfoot! Lightfoot! Come one, come all! What is not to like about this man. Other than his tailored tuxedo. "This is nice." quoted from Emily. Of course she would say that. She joined her boyfriend in the mosh pit at the Gordon Lightfoot concert.

6. Steve Bell - My Dinner With Bruce - Closer to the Light
Comment - I would like to have dinner with Bruce Cockburn. He's like a hero to me. I can say that I want a rocket launcher and my mother can't complain. I think it's hard to ruin a song of Brucy, unless it was someone like Avril Lavigne.

7. Ramonettes - Ramonettes - I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
Comment - Totally awesome, living the dream.

8. Great Aunt Ida - How They Fly - Company You Keep