Tuesday, November 29, 2005

chicken critical

Catch of the day:

1. The Teeth - carry the wood - mercy mercy pudding pie

Comments: 10 minutes! Yesssss. Wow, this has some cool country style sounds to it. It's so bizarre, we love it. It's sort of the whiner's lament. Which might be a bit redundant, but whatever. It's actually a bit drunken, so that's nice too. Sort of a 'why won't anyone call me, I'm such a loser' vibe, and who can't relate to that. Well, you know who those people are, and let's face it, it's easier to just avoid contact with them. So damn optimistic all the time. Annoying. I also cite the Kinks as an inspiration for this band. Bigtime.

2. Beef Terminal - anger do not enter - no robbers no kidnappers no fires no floods

Comments: Ahh, hipsters. Does it mean airports, some sort of cow airport, or is it about dying cattle? Or that the meat will kill you? The mystery is killing me. Seriously, is this completely instrumental? It's certainly very sad. I bet they're from Toronto and have rich parents and very little reason to be sad. But some of the saddest people are people who are sad because they aren't sad enough. They're called 'artists', and every once in a while you meet one, up here, at the university. Aww. That was insulting.

3. The Subliminator - recalibrated - forbidden fruit

Comments: I know what you're thinking. What the cornpone is this? Shut up, it's brilliant. You have now been indoctrinated into a cult. It's the cult of poor audio editing skills, which isn't exactly prolific, but it consists of a ridiculously huge and diverse brotherhood. my brain! my brain! i'm not accustomed to the pain!

4. Controller Controller - x-amounts - poison/safe

Comments: woo hoo, I like this song. Jonelle likes it too. It's not about venus, I hear some musical tones I recognize but not in an overly formulaic way, nobody seems overly sad. In fact, it's girls acting tough. I love songs with tough-guy posturing, especially when it's women striking the pose. It's sort of a Nancy Sinatra, these boots are made for walking thing, but for the now. More overtly angry, which is fine.

All done. Slap. Slap. Time to go home.

3 and a half hours sweet hours

Until utter meltdown. Hello! Tonight is our show. We will be talking about a variety of things. Like getting in trouble at work for having a lax attitude and strolling in ten minutes late every day for a year! Or more! I think I deserve a ribbon for avoiding a scolding for this long. It's a record worthy of Guinness, or possibly something stronger which will now dull my embarrassment. I don't mind getting in trouble, but formulating my excuses in front of people? That's so obvious! They can see me doing it! Look to the left, stammer, look to the left...
I have to also say that this is our last November show, which means it's the end of a (very short) era. So you should listen - listening is vital! Anything could happen!
#1 will probably have some very important things to tell you, maybe regarding when your Christmas catalogues are coming in the mail. I keep myself on a strict regimen of flyers for the whole month, to distract myself from my caloric intake, so if I don't get my army and navy catalogue today, somebody's going to hear about it! Thankfully, babs 1 stays on top of these things, so that no one has to get violent.
I'm sure there are some other important things for us to talk about, but we'll work that out when we're up against the wire. It all flows so quickly that way.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

holy microphone, batman!

Le Playlist:

1. Holy Microphone - Goodbye Television Girl - Sally's On Fire

Comments: love it. The album cover is delightful also. It's refreshingly catchy and not at all sad-bastardish. They're from Toronto, which is unfortunate, but they're good, so we'll try to ignore it.

2. Turn Me On Dead Man - god bless the electric freak - Apocalypse Rock

Comments: It does sound electric. Is this what the apocalypse is going to sound like? It might not scare me so bad if it does, because there's really nothing so shocking about this. Actually it's a bit generic. I may not notice the apocalypse. Well, maybe the immolation part, I might notice that.

3. Fatal If Swallowed - cfur is the new pink (compilation) - Wrongly Motivated

Comments: They're Prince George's Rancid ripoff. If you can picture that in your miracle ear, you're there. Who can blame them really, they're trapped under several feet of snow. Poor kids. Gotta do something to stay busy.

4. The Dropouts - After School Specials - Sucker Punch

Comments: we were liking this until the girl started singing. I hate to be uncharitable, but I think she might have been chosen more for her looks than for her vocal talents. Although her vocals might be great for, uh, L7 maybe. Whereas the backing band sounds like the B52s. Maybe you'll like it, but we're only so-so. The song is great, but the singing grates a bit.

5. Ron Sexsmith - cobblestone runway - Gold in them Hills

Comments: Jonelle is going to punch me now, because this is my pick, and I'm a suck. Oh Ron, I heart U. Ow!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

nashville princess

Track list:

1. Ashley MacIsaac - Pride - Bitch

Comments: pack it up and go home, Ashley. That's what I think. Unless you're going to express 'bitch' through fiddle, which clearly you aren't. Jerk. Pure curiosity led me to pick this song. Pure crap, is all I can say.

2. Princess - Princess - Ra Ra

Comments: wow, I love it! The waves, the malfunctioning mixer, the man singing as though he's being stepped on. Princess, you win the prize for most bizarre song of the evening so far.

3. Nashville Pussy - Get Some - Meaner than my Mama

Comments: playing this song led to a long discussion about getting whacked in the head with a boob, and whether it's worse if it's your own boob or someone else's. I think my own, but Jonelle's not so sure. Thankfully, Nashville Pussy is no longer on tour in our area, so I probably won't have to decide anytime soon.

4. Bronx Cheerleader - Tough Guy Cliches - Crap Shooter's Blues in 'A'

Comments: sad, but sounds like it could be played in an italian restaurant at the same time. Crooning men. If you like that sort of thing, give it a go.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

squeak squeak squeak


1. Skippy and the Bellbottoms - What Happened to Turn Signals? - Life looks better in the fall.

Comments: this song is proof that all it takes to get played on our show is a completely random name/album name/song title. Any of the three is good, but in combination, it's inevitable - we'll play your song just so that we can say it on the air. I like this song, it's conventionally sad-bastard-ish. Haaaaarmonica. Jonelle is relaxed by it, which is good, because ten minutes ago she was a flaming ball of rage. Rage!

2. Evil Doers - welcome to the show - psychopath

Comments: considering the title/band name, this band sounds way too friendly. Jonelle says the only evil thing is that the song is only 2 minutes long. That is evil! Otherwise, she likes it. I'm kinda iffy. It's not bad.

3. Mr. Something Something - the edge - sound the alarm

Comments: they're ska! they're arty! They're arthouseska. And somebody just had a bad breakup, possibly. Maybe not. Anyway, trumpets, so that's alright. Panflute, too!

4. The Unireverse - plays the music - tomorrow never knows

Comments: I think the songwriting is sub-par. The lyrics are a bit stale. But otherwise, it's pure genius.