Tuesday, December 19, 2006

dreams, nightmares

Track list:

1. Roy Orbison - Harvest of Hits - Blue Bayou

Comments: why was this sitting neglected on a floor at cjsf? For obvious reasons. And because this is the only song on the album that's only mildly embarrassing. The rest are flamingly so.

2. Million Dollar Marxists- zero culture - in nightmares

Comments: see what I did there, with the roy orbison & 'in nightmares'? Clever. Anyway, this is alright but fairly generic. I suggest getting out of st. catharine's once in a while. Ooh, that was harsh man. Sorry. People will probably love these guys when word gets around and they'll be huge and then I'll have to eat my words (only not really). Good murphy this goes on, doesn't it?

3. No Luck Club - prosperity - corporate spy hunters

Comments: Love love looove. Sounds like hip hop done in an alley with corrugated tin. So, corporate spy what? Oh, here's some melodic stuff, I guess I can see it. It's great regardless. You should go to their shows and throw money at them. How did I do, guys?

4. Immaculate Machine - les uns mais pas les autres - les dernieres nouvelles

Comments: Delicious, and French too. Wheee! I like it alot.

5. Les Robots de la Rime - Dans la marge depuis 15 ans - sympathie pour les robots

Comments: Oh, French rap, you rule my world so hard.

6. Frenemies - birds in high school - everybody wants a piece of you

Comments: so far my favourite of the night, I think. I like the beat that makes me want to dance, and the sad bastard vocal that makes me want to weep. I declare new-age dance party! Everbody lie under the strobe light and cry!!

7. Califone - roots & crowns - the eye you lost in the crusades

Comments: Love it, fabulous, etc. Plus I have this fascination with the crusades, and also eye patches. Especially the diamond-studded kind. So it's all coming together for me in this song.

8. 1090 Club - shipwrecked on shores - business end

Comments: there's a reason that 'business end' expression has survived for so long - it's awesome. There's poetry to it. This song is not bad. Band name reminds me of 'Freedom 55', which is really just my own hangups getting in the way. Gotta think about retirement, it's coming faster than you think.

9. The Sweet Homewreckers - from the letdown to the come around - amplification

Comments: it's a given - I love the sweet homewreckers. I'm very loving and open when it comes to music though, it's the way I am. I sense your creative effort, and I nurture it with my positive energy. And spastic dancing. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

two more weeks. sigh.

Due to lack of internet (what is THAT about?), this is going up a day late, via a scribbled-on piece of scrap paper. The old methods, while charming, are quite, quite lame.

Track list:

1. Shad K - when this is over - out of love

Comments: Owner of my new favourite hip-hop lyric of the moment: "I don't want to tell you all to put your hands in the air, and wave 'em all around 'cause I just don't care." This is the truest thing I have heard in months. Perhaps I should try motivational seminars or something.

2. Reality Sandwich - dejeuner s'il-vous-plait - castles in the sand

Comments: quite odd, but delicious also.

3. The Mountain Movers - we've walked in hell and there is life after death - the devil is alive

Comments: I love listening to extremely religious and musically adventurous bands. So bizarrely entertaining. Don't know if I'd have the guts to go to a show though.

4. Local Rabbits - this is it here we go - the lights turn on

Comments: This is a test. I haven't listened to this album in quite a while, and today I am listening to it again in an effort to become friends again. Little did I know I would instinctively run screaming into its arms screaming "mummy!".
In case you're wondering, that means I love it.

5. Navet Confit - dans la marge depuis 15 ans (CISM Montreal compilation) - asphalte

Comments: Extra super great, because of the French factor. Also because of the techno factor, which inexplicably gets me every time. I'm like a mid-90s dance machine, if such a thing exists.

6. BA Johnston - call me when old and fat is the new young and sexy - I am a robocop

Comments: I appreciate having the whole concept explained to me when I'm listening to a song. I want to know the background story and everything. I mean, if you're talking about driving to your girlfriend's house at 4am and you pass 16 fire hydrants along the way and it makes you need to pee, I want to know that.

7. BA Johnston - kiss her you loser

Comments: oh maaaan, my personal favourite. Just... unbelievable. I love it so hard.

8. BA Johnston - sleepin with my walkman

Comments: also fabulous. Whoops, f-bomb! It's fine, whatever, we're so college. I feel a little uncomfortable finding out this much about his life though. What's worse is finding out that he lives exactly like me (substitute 'guy next door' for 'roommate' and you're there).

BONUS: BA Johnston - 'Captain's Catch', because I couldn't find the songs I actually played. But this is totally amazing too, so you won't know the difference.

9. Still Flyin - time wrinkle ep - rope burn

Comments: I am totally caught off guard by the reggae-ska of this. The cover is so hand-drawn and pink, I totally wasn't expecting it. Enjoyable enough.

10. Built to Spill - linus and lucy

Comments: A Christmasy favourite. I'm sure Charles Shultz would be totally annoyed.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

sweating through four layers? eesh.

Not really, but I feel like I could. I sweat like a mediterranean, especially when it's least convenient.
And scene.

rack list:

1.Ten Year Drought - memoranda - screaming at cars

Comments: surprisingly serene, given the title. There is no screaming in this song. It made me feel a bit better, in fact, about having witnessed a good deal of car screaming in the last two hours. So that's good.

2. Shot While Hunting - man eating tiger - holliday now

Comments: different for me, and I'm fine with that.

3. Swan Lake - beast moans - the partisan but he's got to know

Comments: a song title so odd I can't possibly understand what it's supposed to mean. I don't appreciate that swan lake! Still, I like that this song is such an overwhelming group effort. How many bad male voices can we layer together over slightly hawaiian guitar? ALOT. And yet I'm enjoying it. Feel free to make whatever conclusions you want.

4. Supersystem - a million microphones - joy

Comments: funky. Like the bongos and synthesizer. Hey, actually this is pretty awesome, and incredibly weird. It's so hard to find anything original anymore that it's a relief when someone thinks of something, no matter how bizarre. Thanks Supersystem, for just being you.

5. Bright Eyes - noise floor - soon you will be leaving your man

Comments: I'm intrigued by this song - what is your reasoning, bright eyes? How will you make me leave my man? Or are you just clairvoyant? Or will I have to take a sudden trip to Eurasia? What is it?? Well, whatever it is, it's musically extremely enjoyable. Love it. Well done. Personally I'm not planning on following through on your little predicition, but I bet there are some chicks who would, because you have a definite charm.

6. Scream Club - life of a heartbreaker - i'm going crazy

Comments: if this album is the hypothetical diary of one of Tom Petty's heartbreakers, then sign me up! But it's not. Ah well. Recommended to me by a fellow programmer, thanks Elvira. Pretty great, in fact - they'll be here in March, if you enjoy sort of tag-team Peaches style music. Snicker.

7. The Gumshoe Strut - 52 pick up - broke off rap

Comments: very nice sounding countryish rap. Delighted.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

assaulted by musical contrast! don't fight it!

Track list:

1. Various - African Christmas - White Christmas

Comments: Aieee! No really, would it really be Christmas without painfully ill-advised re-thinkings of holiday standards? No it wouldn't. That's why I'm so glad they come up with new horrifying crap every year.

2. Melvins - a senile animal - a history of bad men

Comments: I was honestly hoping this would provide more of a list, but I guess this is okay. I like this the way I secretly love Faith No More. Seriously, when they had that album out in the mid-90s, with 'last cup of sorrow' on it, and the video was the band members all re-enacting Hitchcock's Vertigo? That was freaking amazing.

3. The Ghost is Dancing - the ghost is dancing - to french ave

Comments: I like the synthesized accordion. "Orchestral indie rock from Toronto." Indeed. Seriously, it's good. This song is on their myspace page, if it interests you to listen.

4. Ohbijou - swift feet for troubling times - widths and curves

Comments: she's sort of the Cranberries' singer without the accent, and maybe a little more undernourished. In short, I love it. I could listen to this on public transit all day and feel vaguely romantic and miserable. Every criteria is fulfilled.

5. The Purrs - the purrs - she's gone

Comments: love, love love love. Fabulous. It's like the animals but with a new and more vaguely miserable sensibility. And moan-y singing. I would sing along, but my throat hurts. And there are people.

6. K-Os - atlantis hymns for disco - born to run

Comments: sadly, not a Springsteen cover. In keeping with my usual enigmatic reasons for playing songs, I'm playing this first for Ash, who loves k-os even though he is a confirmed indy-rocker. It's also for Scott, who loves Brucie's Born to Run more than any other song. To both of you, I freakin' HIGHLY recommend this truly funky-ass song which I now completely love. I need to get this album I think! (It's not just the suburban nerd-boys who want to be mcs. It's me too. Hot damn.)

7. The Establishment - economy radio - economy radio

Comments: must be economy, because it comes in very large volumes. Pretty great actually, which is hard for me to admit, because I'm usually so anti-establishment. HA. Ugh.

8. In Ink Please - formica table for two - faster first half

Comments: cute, with matching glasses.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

unironically listening to canconcoun

Hey, what's up. It's time again for me to waste my life at my former university AGHAHDOODOODOO spend an hour at the radio station I love so much.

Track list:

1. The Divorcees - you ain't gettin' my country - nearly fell

Comments: Hm. In order to appreciate this you have to turn off your inner skeptic. Mine is virtually impossible to squish, but I did my best, and there was some oooing I liked. I also love Blue Rodeo to absolute distraction when I'm drunk. Seriously, if Jim Cuddy got me liquored up, I'm not making any promises about where things might or might not go. This is about the situation with the delightful Divorcees (although they're not as pretty as Jim).

2. Ill Scarlett - epidemic - n.t.f.

Comments: I think ska is dead.

3. Career Suicide - anthology of releases 2004-2005 - There's Something Wrong With You

Comments: But there's nothing wrong with this track, which kicks ass. It could be a reaction to the first couple of songs. So what. I luuuuurves it. Oh hey, I never thought I'd say this but: nsfw. Seriously, that t-shirt is the dirtiest line drawing I have ever, ever seen, and I've been using the internet for several years now. As usual, I'm fascinated.

4. Hilary Grist - on my way - unless you're sure

Comments: Just playing it because we were friends in the fifth grade. Odd, don't you usually think these people just vapourize after highschool? Apparently she decided to be a singer/songwriter instead, so more power to her. She'll be on Melodies in Mind, the show after mine, on January 9th! That'll be good. You should listen.

5. Powder Keg - quality you can taste - beefcake

Comments: They have much energy. I'm exhausted. Also, it's not my fault I'm not linking to anything, their site must be all flashed up or something because google doesn't know them at all.

6. PJ Harvey - Peel Sessions - Wang Dang Doodle

Comments: love it. I am familiar with this song only from the Pointer Sisters version. If you don't have the Pointer Sisters Live album, you should immediately take thyself to whatever used record bin is in your vicinity and beg for it. It doesn't have 'I'm so excited' on it, so relax yourself dammit. Anyway, PJ Harvey does a damn good job and rocks and is generally awesome, like a young british Patti Smith. Maybe it's just the hair, but also the growling I think.

7. Ox - american lo-fi - Miss Idaho

Comments: Really great. The cover art didn't speak to me, but when Canadians write songs about American things in a sort of lamenting way I generally enjoy it. It all balances out.

8. Lesser Birds of Paradise - space between - Claire Danes if you ever get a nose job I swear to Jesus I'll hang myself

Comments: So nice I'd like to reminisce about Jordan Catalano twice! Speaking of which, didn't that guy turn out to be a world-class dick. Appropriate really considering what he did to Claire Danes in the boiler room. Asshole. I'd like to punch his pasty face.
This song has nothing to do with any of that, and is completely and utterly awesome.

9. Lesser Birds of Paradise - space between - do you remember when we overthrew the government

Comments: I must have been drunk or something, because no. But this song makes me wish I did, with its sheer excellence.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

rainy day people

Da da dooo dedaada dummmm.

Track list:

1. Himalayan Bear - la lonesome island - I swam with turtles

Comments: I find it hard not to love this. So strummy and soothing with the high man singing and the lyrics about creatures, or something. Screw it, I am going to love it. You can't stop me.

2. Their majesties - lands where tales are tall - sweet sweet thunder

Comments: Trying to stick with the water theme here, and thunder tends to signal that I'm about to get wet. Clearly I'm enjoying being a little morose lately, because I've picked another song featuring a guy who can't really sing. But since that's the trademark of every really great band, I can't fault them for choosing the man-who-can't-sing direction. In fact, I applaud it. I like this quite a bit.

3. The Stolen Minks - family boycott - Batman (you're the sex)

Comments: Really this is an excuse to talk about Batman the animated series and how much I love it. Who cares! Oh my gravy, 'you can leave the mask on'? SO TRUE. Stolen Minks, you are awesome. Full stop.

4. Mathias Delplanque - ma chambre quand je n'y suis pas (montreal)

Comments: um, I think he actually set up a recording device in his room and just left for 45 minutes while the ghost of a reggae man messed with his laundry and whistled. Honestly. This is what we call a "soundscape", I believe.

5. Minisystem - madingley - cheddar

Comments: this is for my cousin, who likes cheese. She's too young to be allowed to listen to the station, but spiritually I think she feels the vibe. Plus, this is very danceable and there's no reason I shouldn't be able to play it back for her later, the odds are very slim that it'll cause her to start using crystal meth or something.

6. The Curtains - calamity - World's Most Dangerous Woman

Comments: Lucky bastards managed to land on Asthmatic Kitty, and are therefore beneficiaries of Sufjan and his magic industry love. Which isn't why I'm playing them, but it doesn't discourage me either. There's a reason the man has magic industry love, okay? Most of these bands are really good, as far as I'm aware. They're pleasantly consistent in that respect.

7. No Luck Club - prosperity - Birds on Parade

Comments: ooh, I'm soothed and I keep waving my arms around in interpretive dance fashion against my own will. Who doesn't love that. Perhaps I am biased toward liking these guys, since they have cjsf roots. Who cares. I say you have to use whatever you can to get ahead in this nasty harsh brutal world. Which is currently, for me anyway, flooded with a smooth beat and some panflute-like sounds. Aaah.

8. The Pants Situation - the ugly man - The bigamy was big of you

Comments: I wanted to talk about Britney here, but there was nothing I could say without embarrassing myself quite a bit. Even with the disclaimers I didn't do too well. Whatever, I'm so happy, I hope she comes back with some completely heinous single and a very stupid hat and kicks pop music ass.
The Pants Situation, on the other hand, are actually a good band, and this song has very little to do with Britney's marital situation, but is instead cool and interesting. Thanks TPS. Ha! TPS.

9. Destroyer - we'll build them a golden bridge - Islands in the Stream

Comments: I doubt there's a way I could love this concept more - random songs given the titles of famous songs. I now wish I was a musician so I could do this too. I would have a weird obsessive love ballad called Lady Stardust, and then a rocking power ballad called, um, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. This is the best idea ever. Destroyer, for the 57th time, I love you.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I am Jens, Drummer of the crab, the KING CRAB! (However, I don't play on recordings, I am
the useless performance drummer.)
First song: Rocky Monty
Really just about substance abuse and Dave and Josh's problems with it. Really a sad story. I didn't play on this track. I mean, I really didn't play on this track! really....
Watch out...tape recordings lead to bands....ARRGH!
Steroids are not my friend...
French's alphabet makes a very good folk song.
Swedish folk songs (or arias) by Flonk are very incredible.
Track 2: Straw House
Jens' poor singing. Bad.
Track 3: Sailin' Home
Skipping songs are hilarious. This song is about a man coming home from a deserted island. He gets nookie. I don't play on this track. Josh always rocks the house on guitar. Dave's drumming and falsetto make me laugh. That's why he plays bass.
Hello to Mr. Baker!! HI!!!
I like PSA'S!!!
Last names make me laugh!
Snobbery is not awesome!
Track 4: First Day Out of Jail
A messed up song for Josh! I like it! I didn't play on this track...again!
Track 5: Army of Love
Dave's in command!! Apparently Dave is Jimmy Smits! I didn't play on this track! BEWARE THE PROFANITY!
Dave is like David Byrne!!
Track 3: Town of Funk!
I named this song! I love it! I don't play on this track!

**update: listen to the show HERE:
The second half-hour (unfortunately the first half got toasted by the server. Sorry guys).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guest appearance

And the guest is.......Jacob, Emily's brother. Well it's not that exciting at all. I'm subbing in for Emily today on the blogging aspect of the show. (This blog entry may be worth something someday....so copy it in a text file and keep it in a safe place.)

1. Lily Tomlin - This is a recording - Mrs. Mitchell
Comment - Halarious! We'll funny, I'm not sure I didn't listen to it fully. I'll need a second oppinion. Emily loves her, everytime she snorts everything is right in the world.

2. AA Sound System - Laissez Faire - Vermillion
Comment - Emily goes out on a limb and thinks that it is great. I'll agree with her on this one, it hits that soft spot.

3. Jane Siberry - The Walking - Red High Heels
Comment - Emily loves this song so so much. I mean a lot. She wanted you to know. Emily loves Jane Siberry or her new name Issa Jar Jar Binks...sorry, just Issa (eeee-sah)

4. Volcanoless in Canada - Volcanoless in Canada - We Win
Comment - First off to clear things up, they are from in Saskatchewan. Lots of drums, guitar, and I hear some tambourine. This combination produces some interesting music that Emily agrees with and would like anyone out there to buy her this CD for christmas. That means you Santa..... or Mom and Dad.

5. Gordon Lightfoot - Did She Mention My Name - The Last Time I Saw Her
Comment - Lightfoot! Lightfoot! Lightfoot! Come one, come all! What is not to like about this man. Other than his tailored tuxedo. "This is nice." quoted from Emily. Of course she would say that. She joined her boyfriend in the mosh pit at the Gordon Lightfoot concert.

6. Steve Bell - My Dinner With Bruce - Closer to the Light
Comment - I would like to have dinner with Bruce Cockburn. He's like a hero to me. I can say that I want a rocket launcher and my mother can't complain. I think it's hard to ruin a song of Brucy, unless it was someone like Avril Lavigne.

7. Ramonettes - Ramonettes - I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
Comment - Totally awesome, living the dream.

8. Great Aunt Ida - How They Fly - Company You Keep

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Track list:

1. Miss Violetta Beauregarde - odi profanum vulgus et arceo - the unbearable lightness of a farm tractor

Comment: oh crap, so weird. Therefore fabulous.

2. The Sadies - live vol. 1 - Tiger Tiger

Comment: The only way to see the Sadies is Live. I don't know what your alternatives are, but there it is.

3. Ghostrain - let the record show - the modern age

Comments: I can relate - I also fear the modern age. I feel I belong in the 1920s, with the girls with no boobs. Oh wait... damn.

4. The Old Soul - she's got party davis eyes - he's got larry david eyes/she's got party davis eyes

Comments: played almost solely for the titles. Absolutely love it, because anything weird is instantly my friend.

5. The Stance - shall inherit the earth - kiss me kiss me

Comments: masterful use of the word 'baby'. Really quite kick-ass musically also.

6. Giant Squid - metridium fields - versus the siren

Comments: Ack, too emo for me. Sorry giant squid, your ink is running all over my new dress, which cost me $5, and that hurts because I am poor and my boyfriend called me a whore. What? Sorry, just getting into the spirit.

7. Bettie Serveert - bare stripped naked - roadmovies

Comments: so perky. I'm going home everyone. Try not to fall on your swords, I'll be back two weeks from now (cjsf.com, 7-8pm)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

emily sings the blues

Please disregard that. I promise no singing.

Track list:

1. Lake Holiday - The Curse of Sunshine - press record then play

Description: Ding! Love it. Happy sounding.

2. The Square Waves - s/t - dreams kept on machine

Description: Loopy. And there are some tinkly sounds. Love it also.

3. David Bowie - David Live - Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (reprise)

Description: This is maybe in my top five albums of all time, so you don't even need to ask.

4. Rafter - Achoo! An Asthmatic Kitty Sampler Vol. 1 - zzzPenchant

Description: If you're a music student, try to count along with this one. Maddening. But so unspeakably great.

5. The Fabulous Kildonans - bottle rocket - marktember rain

Description: Kind of generic, but overall fairly okay.

6. Cat Scientist - cicada - pink dress

Description: How could I avoid playing a song called 'pink dress' really. Being the owner of a little Pepto Bismolesque number myself, I can fully appreciate the sentiment behind the song... maybe. Unless it's about some horrible person with a pink dress, and then I just feel sad for pink dresses everywhere... Honestly, this song is super great. It's sort of funky but country-ish... something. It's really, really good, I recommend it.

7. Bonnie Prince Billy - cursed sleep - cursed sleep

Description: Carla, this is for you. Or is it your friend who likes him? I can't remember. Anyway, you're the reason I know who he is, so it's your song, enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ain't got nobody

Hey, where's the J? She's not here yet. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime I'm playing a song that is almost 8 minutes long, just to keep you occupied. I'm like a bad babysitter. But man, this isn't what I'm usually paid for!

Track list:

1. fond of tigers - a thing to live with - here, you are hated

Comments: horn-y. By which I mean there are horns. It's piano-y too, if that helps. It's sort of experimental band geek jazz. I quite like it.

2. super xx man - x - garage apartment

Comments: mellow! I like it. Summery.

3. dirty on purpose - hallelujah sirens - no radio

Comments: this song has the driving sound. I like it.

4. rae spoon and rodney decroo - trucker's memorial - double wedding

Comments: Jonelle's favourite today. I like it too. This also has a very summery feel. Country music screams delerifying heat and stultifying amounts of iced tea and beer. Mixed. Mmm.

5. tuxedomoon - bardot hotel soundtrack - effervescing in the nethersphere

Comments: selected solely because of the sailor moon factor.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

live at last!

We have missed connecting with you live and in person, pookums. So we're back, we're live, and we're even semi-coherent. It's as much as you can ask. Any more and we'll probably just start crying, and that's never easy to stop.

Track list:

1. A/V - hot action - do you two know each other?

Comments: Good for dancing. Our compatriot thinks the vocals are "shitty, man", but we're not deterred. The sythesizer is wicked good.

2. Eux Autres - hell is Eux Autres - the sundance kid

Comments: Tag team singing is good. Doesn't sound very hellish though. Actually it's quite nice. I'd listen to this on the deck, sauced off my ass, but you know, with people around. Don't want to get too maudlin about it. Hey, they're from Montreal, where many good things come from. That explains everything.

3. Giant Panda - fly school reunion - 90s

Comments: I'm not usually a fan of high school or the 90s, but this is fairly soothing. Might have to change my mind. Hmm. Nah. (But the song is still pretty good.) Jonelle says it's hip-hoppy and "okay" and "she doesn't hate it". Oh, it's like a wave of love.

4. Oh Beautiful! Majestic! Eagle! - various: the radiator collective - l'emu de lumiere

Comments: Thanks to your band name, OBME, you are getting yourselves played on our show. Your music is seriously weird though. Hey, way to carve out your own niche!

5. The Donkeys - the donkeys - she's a wolf

Comments: And she'll gnaw you to death as slowly as possible, while crying sparkly tears. I also think she's wearing huge amounts of eyeliner. Just a guess.

Monday, June 12, 2006

June 12th disguised as June 13th

Track list:

1. The Capricorns - pure magical love - the sailor

Comments: hello sailor. Actually I picked this out solely because I'm a Capricorn too, and it's obviously all about me.

2. Tokyo Police Club - a lesson in crime - citizens of tomorrow

Comments: I think it might lessen the Tokyo police's credibility somewhat if they persist in referring to themselves as a 'club'. These fine people are from Montreal, where everything cool happens. I think it may have started with Jonelle and I visiting there - the epic visit of 1993!

3. Broken Social Scene - see you on the moon! - puff the magic dragon

Comments: Children's music is great and all, but on the 53rd listen you might find yourself feeling slightly less cool than you were as a childless person. It's very unfair, it's certainly a false impression, but it's true. So consider this instead, because it's awesome and kid appropriate all at the same time. Unlike most things that are truly fun.

4. The Fembots - see you on the moon! - under the bed

Comments: Another selection of children's music that won't make you want to stab yourself in the eye. Whoop!

5. Sunset Rubdown - shut up I am dreaming - I'm sorry I sang on your hands that have been in the grave

Comments: I approve of song titles that take ages to say and include miles of unnecessary qualifiers. Plus the band name always makes me giggle. It speaks vaguely of the mid-70s and cocoa butter.

**update - June 15th**
This show never actually aired. Because we burned the CD wrong or something. My theory is that we burned the thing, and then wrote on the data side, thus rendering the whole thing totally useless. But we honestly meant to make it happen. So consider yourself due some entertainment, and we'll get back to you. In the meantime you could listen to the music on your own time and provide your own insipid commentary in between songs. Who'd know the difference?

Monday, June 05, 2006

the pre-record blues

Track list:

1. Kokeshi Doll - japan for sale - Song for Hasuike

2. Jeremy Morris - tribute to the beatles - It's all too much

3. Minnie Driver - everything I've got in my pocket - everything I've got in my pocket

Comments: Please don't ask why we're playing this, it wasn't my idea, dammit!

4. Tegan and Sara - so jealous - I can't take it

Comments: neither can we, we're leaving now, goodbye cruel world!

Monday, May 29, 2006

pre-recorded deliciousness

Due to today's pre-recordedness, you'll be able to follow along with the show ahead of time! Special, no? Well, don't get too excited, it's all part of the service.

Track list:

1. The Television Personalities - my dark places - ex-girlfriend club

2. Darling Arms - all the ghosts - the hero

3. Julian Curwin - the tango saloon - man with the bongos

4. The Stolen Minks - the stolen minks e.p. - chug a lug

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

cat scratch fever

Track list:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - show your bones - honeybear

Comments: It's great we love it, blah blah blah. Hasn't enough been said? Just listen to it already.

The Doers - whatcha doin? - keep yr shirt on

Comments: Yeow, it's like funk prudery! You'll be glad to know Jonelle gives it a 7.2 out of 10, 10 being the highest, and 1 being the lowest. That's not bad.

The Cosmopolitans - wild moose party - how to keep your husband happy

Comments: Hilarious girl band alert. They're so B52s, but it's forgivable because they were out at the same time. Now they're a distant memory, or at least a recently formed one, because I've never heard them before.

Loose Fur - born again in the usa - hey chicken

Comments: I think it's pretty good, Jonelle's not a fan. Hey, it happens. It sounds a bit grateful dead-ish, although did the dead ever sing about farm animals? I'll have to look that up.

Final Fantasy - he poos clouds - the arctic circle

Comments: hmm, violins.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

filthy, nasty.

Track list:

1. Scissor Sisters - scissor sisters - filthy/gorgeous

Comments: This guy defies physics. How do you dance around shirtless, sing like you've got clamps on your nads, and drip irony out of every pore all at the same time? Well, maybe it's a generous irony, but still.

2. Frank Peebles - various: prince george covers - Sex at 31

Comments: Mmm, spoken vocorder jazz.

3. Death From Above 1979 - blood on our hands (single) - blood on our hands

Comments: will coloured vinyl ever get tired? My verdict: hell no. We actually meant to play the other side of this record, but we accidentally... didn't. What the hell, I love this song too. The elephant noses never fail to charm me, and the songs are all exactly the right length, somehow. It hits me pleasantly in my 'rage against the machine' cortex.

4. Orchards and Vines - tomorrow and yesterday - in the darkness

Comments: awesome, seriously, I'm not even kidding! Oh damn my eternal sarcasm.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Tragedy: Jonelle just managed to drop her rammstein cd down a crack in the control board. It's lost forever, and it's probably going to start a horrible fire.

On with the show!

Track list:

1. Kid Koala ft. Lederhosen Lucil - various: see you on the moon - fruit belt

Comments: this is a kids album, and it's completely awesome. I WANT it.

2. Cat Power - the greatest - the greatest

Comments: this album is not very depressing, like we said. It's completely awesome. I WANT it.

3. Dr. Rage and the Uppercuts - hittin' wood and diamond hard - hittin' wood

Comments: doo da da da doo doo da da da DA DAAAAA! Yikes. We were hoping for some inappropriate content. Instead it just kind of is... wait! He said "between a memory and a dream"! TOM PETTY THIEF!!

4. Hank Williams III - straight to hell - thrown out of the bar

Comments: everybody's favourite.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jonelle's favourite song of all time is...

Track list:

1. Rammstein - mein teil

Comments: Seriously, this wasn't my idea. Actually it wasn't Jonelle's idea either - she was going to play benzine. This was an accident. In fact, I think you, and I and Jonelle and the band should all wipe this one from our histories and move on. P.S. - have I mentioned before that he's talking about his "part"? Oh, it's disgusting.

2. Shapes and Sizes - shapes and sizes - boy, you shouldn't have

Comments: We'll be the judge of that! Actually, this is really good. It's a little bit alt-country, a little bit nerd-rock n' roll. The magic combination that feels so right. I like the chorus in the background, they're like the supremes!

3. Swearing at Motorists - last night becomes this morning - you will not die tonight (probably)

Comments: Driving guitar, high horror-movie vocals... fabulous.

4. Pink Mountaintops - axis of evol - slaves

Comments: I'm not going to lie to you, I'm playing this because it's an eight minute long song, and Jonelle is very ill and can't 'perform', if you see what I'm saying. And what I'm saying is that she can't comfortably sit in a chair, you perv.
Oh, and Pink Mountaintops? I love this guy. This song is a bit reminiscent of the Vietnam War... not that I've been. But I've heard it's super hot and goes well with hard drugs and Creedence Clearwater Revival. I don't know how else to explain it.

5. Turnstiles - 13 telephone towers - my town is on fire

Comments: I love it. The piano thing is always a bonus. It's frenetic. I really believe that his town is on fire. He's selling it, that's for sure.

6. Red Lights - unlucky genes - whisky and failure

Comments: It's a song about my retirement plan, ba-dump ching!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

socan week!

Track list:

1. NOFX - never trust a hippy - you're wrong

Comments: I agree. Stop putting the hookers in jail! Also, did anyone really ever think that punk rock and politics don't mix? Or even that this song is punk rock? Hm. The questions just keep popping up. Seriously, dammit, stop with the acoustic guitar!! I am not linking to your website, you deserve no such attention.

2. Islands - return to the sea - rough gem

Comments: I am totally in love with this song. It's sort of a hipster sea shanty. Seriously, we looove it. (p.s. - you can get it for free at 3hive)

3. Maybe Smith - second best death - choking, kicking, screaming

Comments: The 'your call cannot be completed as dialed' intro is cool. And here comes the echo-ed slide guitar. Maybe, 20 seconds in and you're already great.

4. Cat Power - the greatest - living proof

Comments: I have to say that this album is excellent. Remarkably un-suicidal. Seriously, I'm shocked by the distinct lack of abject misery.

5. Islands - return to the sea - don't call me whitney, bobby

Comments: We had to come back to it, because it's ridiculously great. Jonelle has cousins named Bobbi and Whitney. Of course they're both girls, but it's still hilarious.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

horrible, horrible song

Track list:

1. The Aldous Orwell Project - Cow - Ballad of the Bad

Comments: Oh, holy suck. Sheryl Crow could probably sue, but that might be too embarrassing.

2. Matthew Sweet - High School Reunion (compilation) - American Girl

Comments: Tom Petty is my favourite, and this is one of my favourite Tom Petty songs. Also, I believe he's dragging his decrepid ass out on tour this summer. If he comes here, I'm so going. Oh yeah, and Matthew Sweet, he's great too.

3. Ham - Comrades Demand Conquest - Slave Wage

Comments: I like the choral effect. If possible, get everyone to sing at once. It makes for a nice 'everbody' effect. Wow, suddenly they've cranked it up a notch. Usually I object - it's so system of a suck - but this time I don't mind. Really I kind of like it. It seems sincere. Ham, we're confused, but it's a good kind of confused.

4. Bossanova - "Hey Sugar" - In the Immortal Words of You

Comments: Apart from the scare they gave us ten seconds in, when everything cut out and we thought we had dead air, they're excellent. A little bit quiet, but that's not a bad thing. Oh, and now it's picking up. The organ is boss. Hey, they're on Teenbeat records, that's awesome.

5. Pink Mountaintops - Axis of Evol - Plastic Man, You're the Devil

Comments: Just love this guy. He's so diverse. And multi-talented. And this music is kind of folky and sounds like it could be played to great effect in an open car on a slow moving train, with a half-naked guy named Pete on mouth-harp. Who knows why. Art is so fickle that way.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

wall-to-wall red shag carpet


1. The Lollipop People - we need a new f-word - Mature Fruit

Comments: I know Mr. Dressup is dead, but do you have to sing it that way? It was like losing him all over again. I don't know if I can handle it. It sounds like traditional Japanese music with odd pop culture lyrics. Hmm.

2. Red Shag Carpet - lift and drop - So and So

Comments: This is a song I already like and have listened to repeatedly. You should do the same. They have other good songs too, unlike your average band these days. Seriously, what is with that? Two good songs on an album and the rest of it is just repetitive crap. It's like a global conspiracy.

3. Saint Dirt Elementary School - fall (in love) by april - Every Day I Fall in Love

Comments: It's like finely crafted elevator music. Oddly enough, I love it. So smoothly lo-fi. So jazzily sleepy. If I was desperately stressed out I would put this on and it would just mellow me right out, like a smothering shiatsu massage.

4. The Ladies - they mean us - Empathy on a Stick

Comments: It's short, and just experimental enough to be odd. Also, it's pretty good! Plus who could lose with a title like that. Not to mention, the lady singing sounds an awful lot like a man.

5. Run Chico Run - slow action - Old Men's Clothes

Comments: This has some super cute piano. Woohoo!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Anyone in a band is automatically cool.

Track list:

1. MC Lars - Escape from Robot Island

Comments: so lame it's awesome. Nerd self-indulgence. Thankyou babs #3.

2. They Shoot Horses Don't They? - boo hoo hoo boo - the bugs

Comments: The album title alone... I love this, it's so carnivalesque, plus the yelling, and the horns... Love it, love it, love it.

3. John P. Strohm - high school reunion - somebody's baby

Comments: This song gets an automatic in, because we're getting the idea that this whole cd is fricking awesome. It might not have the most artistic merit ever, but who the hell cares. Also, this song is really good. He's like Tom Petty Jr. I love Tom Petty with a violent passion, and I think the world could use a few more of him.

4. The Robocop Kraus - they think they are the robocop kraus - life amazes us despite our miserable future

Comments: Wow, four for four! This is also really good, and I like the theme. It's uplifting for someone like me. They sure know their audience.

5. Knock Knock Ginger - hurry! - looks and books

Comments: A mellow end to a most excellent show. Listen to this if you'd like to slowdance with yourself, in your own living room, with a sad expression on your face. Aww. Well, at least you don't have to be ashamed of your awesome musical taste!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the high school guidance counsellors

Track list:

1. Cat Power - the greatest - lived in bars

Comments: What a surprise, she's lived in bars. Don't look for her in your neighbourhood anytime soon, she's scared of you.

2. Red Shag Carpet - lift and drop - starve your film

Comments: Hey, they sound a bit like Rusty, and I like it. Jonelle is also entranced. I like the part when they all sing together - so kicky.

3. Neko Case - fox confessor brings the flood - star witness

Comments: Jazzy. Not really, but anything to get her to come to town, I guess. I like the sound of the recording, it's always like it's been recorded in some kind of bat-filled cave. So atmospheric.

4. Kind of Like Spitting - one hundred dollar room - pick a town, find a box, live alone

Comments: If the title of this song were any more hilarious, it would mirror my life exactly. As it is, we're not going to be suing anyone for plagiarism. Count yourselves lucky boys. It's a bit slow, but I think it's okay. Jonelle would like to hear more from the album, because 45 minutes of this would cause anyone to adopt a small dog and ride the rails in a coat full of holes. Or something equally depressing.

5. I love you but I've chosen darkness - fear is on our side - lights

Comments: Our music director loves this band name. Plus, he has a nice new haircut. Which makes him qualified to judge, we think.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

oh neko

Tracks of the week:

1. Neko Case - fox confessor brings the flood - Margaret vs. Pauline

Comments: we love this, of course. Margaret is an antelope, and Pauline is a snow-goose. We can tell you that definitively, because we've been fans for so long. We know how she works.

2. Supersuckers - Tribute to Cash - mean eyed cat

Comments: I like it, and so does Jonelle. We're really just so relieved that it's better than the beverly killbillies cover we played a few weeks ago. Man, that sucked.

3. The Wading Girl - high school reunion (various) - Danke Schoen

Comments: Absolutely love this. I think we're going to play quite a few songs from this CD today. It's so frickin good.

4. Guillermo Verdecchia - the terrible but inclomplete journals of john d.

Comments: not bad, just stupidly long. It's like 35 minutes long! What the hell. But it's Canadian, so wave your little flag and be proud, because it's government funded.

5. Underdog - high school reunion - I melt with you

Comments: Jonelle's favourite 80s song of all time. For good reason too, this song rules the night with an iron fist.

6. Frank Black - high school reunion - repo man

Comments: has Frank Black ever done anything bad? Shut up, that's a rhetorical question. Careful, he'll punch you, and he wears some wicked jewel-encrusted rings. So you know that's gonna hurt.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Track List:

1. Dandi Wind - concrete igloo - einsteinbrains

Comments: I'm doing the robot! Behind a synthesizer! This is pretty hilarious.

2. Boymerang - various: check the water - The Don

Comments: Soothing.

3. Sleddogs - great escape - do not love me carefully

Comments: This is heartfelt. And we agree with the message. Fight! Fight! Fight!

4. Lilys - everything wrong is imaginary - black carpet magic

Comments: ow ow ow! Well, the beginning is very abrupt. It has a 'wall of sound' quality to it.

5. Alexander MacSween - fortner anderson six silk purses - As I Stand

Comments: uck, bye!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

don't rock the boat!

Track list:

1. Do the Hustle

Comments: whoops. This isn't the right song. Oh well, we'll play the right one later. Ha.

2. The Dan Band - Live - Tyrone

Comments: This is my favourite song on this CD, although Jonelle apparently doesn't like it so much. We're so different, which is, I think, why we're so complimentary. Oh, but it's true.

3.The Buttless Chaps - where night holds light - blanket of pain

Comments: worth it for the album art alone. So beautiful. We do love you, Buttless Chaps. Also, this song is very good. It's a bit Morrissey-ish, but with a girl in it. That's always a plus. Ooh, and the mariachi accents.

4. Young and Sexy - panic when you find it - without your love

Comments: I like the idea behind this band name. I'm going to start a band called "slim and attractive", because I think false advertising is always a good idea. Or how about "nobel prize winner and fabulously wealthy". Oh, wait, you'd like to know if the song is good? I like it. How's that?

5. Carsick - carsick - old yellow

Comments: hmm, boring.

6. The Hues Corporation - rock the boat

Comments: this is your favourite song of all time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

olympic-style excellence

1. The Diableros - you can't break the strings in our olympic hearts - Olympic Island

Comments: This is the song where they got the title of the album. I know that much. They kind of sound like the Walkmen, but since I love the Walkmen, I like this song too. Jonelle says 'not bad', which is a resounding mark of approval.

2. Existential Angst Party - existential angst party - I'm too romantic

Comments: lives up to its billing. The violins are a nice touch.

3. Beverly Killbillies - Dear Johnny (Cash tribute) - Wanted Man

Comments: oh no, not good.

4. Silent Film Soundtrack - diplomats and confidants - lights out (murder)

Comments: hm, this comes highly recommended. It's not bad. There aren't many chords in it, but sometimes too many chords just confuse things. It makes me a little bit nervous, what with the driving beat.

5. Boycrusher - sometimes a man... - lucky lady

Comments: our last song. We haven't heard it yet, but it's truly a masterpiece.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

love love love

1. Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - dear johnny: a tribute - the long black veil

2. Boycrusher - sometimes a man... - dance the night away

3. The Beatings - holding on to hand grenades - remedial math rock

4. Books on Tape - dinosaur dinosaur - kitten kitten kitten kitten kitten surprise

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

wind, rain, bad hair


1. Matt Murphy/Michael Mabbott - Bring it Back Home - friend of the devil

Comments: If we liked alt-country (aka country for intellectual snobs) any more, we'd be married to it and copulating like rabbits. It's that bad. So we love this stuff, it's great.

2. Daisy Spot - daisy spot - see dick drive

Comments: More country, and I think we all know what that means.

3. Albatross Note - the art of lodge tapes - in the morning

Comments: oh my god, the little man on one side of the cover has a gigantic wanger. Oh, so does his little friend facing him! I don't know what it means, but we enjoy this game of 'spot the hidden penis'.

4. Go Go Go Airheart - rats! sing! sing! - shake it off

Comments: meh. I don't mind it so much, Jonelle thinks it blows, so it gets a 'meh'.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

1. Thomas and the Evil Computer - Math Teachers Count - why I can't have nice things

Comments: wow, this is actually awesome, which is odd, because usually we only feature horrible music on this show. The computer aspect is so boss, we loooove it.

2. Metric - Live it Out - too little too late

Comments: like I say, this album, in my opinion, takes what they normally do about six steps further and just makes it more interesting. I liked the last album, but I don't think I would've bought it. I'm on a budget, people. Anyway, Jonelle loves this album too. Maybe we could split a copy and organize some sort of joint-custody arrangement.

3. Dandy Warhols - Odditorium/Warlords of Mars - love is the new feel awful

Comments: it's pretty self-indulgent, but who cares, it's 9 minutes of experimental alt-rock, or something, and those are valuable airtime minutes.

4. The Wolfnote - sacred bodies - get them out

Comments: crap!

5. DOA - war on 45 - smash the state

Comments: If we didn't love this, someone would hurt us. Luckily, we do, because we could never tell a lie.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

madly lobbing panties

Track list:

1. Portico - shape to form - good ladies go to good graves

Comments: I enjoy this. The woman's voice is very yeah yeah yeahs, and I like that. Jonelle says, not bad, good background music, but she wouldn't throw her panties. That's a shame.

2. Twin Fangs - street sweeper - more can go wrong

Comments: angsty title, angsty song. No wait! Sudden excitement! AAAAH! It's like that vestibules grunge song. Jonelle says it's 'zippy'. She's liking it.

3. Mr. Something Something - the edge - sound the alarm

Comments: sort of brassy/ska-esque. They're obviously hipsters, but we'll try to see past that.

4. The Constantines - tournament of hearts - hotline operator

Comments: it's building slowly. First it's just drums and voice, now there's a guitar too, oh suddenly the guitar and voice are gone... hmm, pretentiously delicious. I like the yelling part too. Also, I don't think hotline operators have enough heartfelt anthems to choose from, so this is good. Telephone professionals are much maligned, and they need more props. And they would get more props too, if they'd suck less and stop calling me at home.

5. Fun 100 - hit it & quit - computer

Comments: conventional 80s revival. It's fine. I think the lyrics are a bit violent, oh wait, this bit sounds like moist. hmm. I feel high school flooding back at me. Gotta go.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

can I borrow a feeling?

Track list:

1. Rick Moranis - It's the Champagne Talking - The Agoraphobic Cowboy

Comments: "Sounds like Milhouse's dad" was one comment. It's a whole song about holidays, and the booze appropriate to each one. It's charmingly naive. Plus I like the glasses.

2. Country Church vs. The Crotch Rockets - Sneaky Roach - Telescope

Comments: voice effects! voice effects! Jonelle doesn't like it. I think it's harmless, but I wouldn't play it at my wedding. I might play it at Jonelle's wedding though.

3. Bruce McCulloch - Answering Machine

Comments: pure gold. That is all.

4. The Walkmen - The Rat

Comments: this is a good bathroom break song. Jonelle's taking advantage of that right now. In the meantime, I'm going to take the opportunity to tell you that I love this song. I think it's super great. I don't really know what it's about. Possibly a bad roommate. Nonetheless, it's excellent.

And that's all. See you next week kids.