Tuesday, April 11, 2006

horrible, horrible song

Track list:

1. The Aldous Orwell Project - Cow - Ballad of the Bad

Comments: Oh, holy suck. Sheryl Crow could probably sue, but that might be too embarrassing.

2. Matthew Sweet - High School Reunion (compilation) - American Girl

Comments: Tom Petty is my favourite, and this is one of my favourite Tom Petty songs. Also, I believe he's dragging his decrepid ass out on tour this summer. If he comes here, I'm so going. Oh yeah, and Matthew Sweet, he's great too.

3. Ham - Comrades Demand Conquest - Slave Wage

Comments: I like the choral effect. If possible, get everyone to sing at once. It makes for a nice 'everbody' effect. Wow, suddenly they've cranked it up a notch. Usually I object - it's so system of a suck - but this time I don't mind. Really I kind of like it. It seems sincere. Ham, we're confused, but it's a good kind of confused.

4. Bossanova - "Hey Sugar" - In the Immortal Words of You

Comments: Apart from the scare they gave us ten seconds in, when everything cut out and we thought we had dead air, they're excellent. A little bit quiet, but that's not a bad thing. Oh, and now it's picking up. The organ is boss. Hey, they're on Teenbeat records, that's awesome.

5. Pink Mountaintops - Axis of Evol - Plastic Man, You're the Devil

Comments: Just love this guy. He's so diverse. And multi-talented. And this music is kind of folky and sounds like it could be played to great effect in an open car on a slow moving train, with a half-naked guy named Pete on mouth-harp. Who knows why. Art is so fickle that way.

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