Tuesday, April 04, 2006

wall-to-wall red shag carpet


1. The Lollipop People - we need a new f-word - Mature Fruit

Comments: I know Mr. Dressup is dead, but do you have to sing it that way? It was like losing him all over again. I don't know if I can handle it. It sounds like traditional Japanese music with odd pop culture lyrics. Hmm.

2. Red Shag Carpet - lift and drop - So and So

Comments: This is a song I already like and have listened to repeatedly. You should do the same. They have other good songs too, unlike your average band these days. Seriously, what is with that? Two good songs on an album and the rest of it is just repetitive crap. It's like a global conspiracy.

3. Saint Dirt Elementary School - fall (in love) by april - Every Day I Fall in Love

Comments: It's like finely crafted elevator music. Oddly enough, I love it. So smoothly lo-fi. So jazzily sleepy. If I was desperately stressed out I would put this on and it would just mellow me right out, like a smothering shiatsu massage.

4. The Ladies - they mean us - Empathy on a Stick

Comments: It's short, and just experimental enough to be odd. Also, it's pretty good! Plus who could lose with a title like that. Not to mention, the lady singing sounds an awful lot like a man.

5. Run Chico Run - slow action - Old Men's Clothes

Comments: This has some super cute piano. Woohoo!

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