Tuesday, April 18, 2006

socan week!

Track list:

1. NOFX - never trust a hippy - you're wrong

Comments: I agree. Stop putting the hookers in jail! Also, did anyone really ever think that punk rock and politics don't mix? Or even that this song is punk rock? Hm. The questions just keep popping up. Seriously, dammit, stop with the acoustic guitar!! I am not linking to your website, you deserve no such attention.

2. Islands - return to the sea - rough gem

Comments: I am totally in love with this song. It's sort of a hipster sea shanty. Seriously, we looove it. (p.s. - you can get it for free at 3hive)

3. Maybe Smith - second best death - choking, kicking, screaming

Comments: The 'your call cannot be completed as dialed' intro is cool. And here comes the echo-ed slide guitar. Maybe, 20 seconds in and you're already great.

4. Cat Power - the greatest - living proof

Comments: I have to say that this album is excellent. Remarkably un-suicidal. Seriously, I'm shocked by the distinct lack of abject misery.

5. Islands - return to the sea - don't call me whitney, bobby

Comments: We had to come back to it, because it's ridiculously great. Jonelle has cousins named Bobbi and Whitney. Of course they're both girls, but it's still hilarious.

1 comment:

pips said...

I love your paragraph on NOFX. You went totally Lady Catherine DeBurg on them. It was awesome.

Cat Power has been known to burst into tears mid song. Now that would be an incredibly uncomfortable show to watch.