Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Tonight's songs:

1. Crystal Pistol - Crystal Pistol - Watch You Bleed

Comments: Jonelle likes it. I think it's ass. But Jonelle also rightly adds, "for what we usually play, it's not that bad." There was some swearing, bad metal goths! But they look like five Jack Whites, which is okay. One of them is wearing a cowboy hat. Jonelle wishes it was more country. I concur. Some cowbell would help.

2. Tegan and Sara - 5 songs from the phoenix - I Bet it Stung

Comments: Sounds as good as the rest of their stuff. They look so frickin' the same, which is a major selling point. Simultaneously, probably not something Jonelle would buy. And she's wealthier than me, so you know I'm not shelling out. Jonelle also says it's like fluffy Ani DiFranco, but that they write their own songs, so clearly they have cred. I think here they mean 'stung' not so much in the insect sense, but in the 'rip out your heart and spit on it' sense. Jonelle had to explain it to me though.

3. Subcity Dwellers - Out on the Streets - Tension

Comments: Ska-nkalicious. The great thing about ska is that it puts people who should never be singers to work as... singers. Unemployment rate down, check! If only that could be repeated in other industries, think of the chaos. Jonelle says ska is the easiest thing to dance to - move alot, move a little, it's all good.

4. Doomeastvan - You Will Die - You Will Die

Comments: Satan, good? Interesting theological question. I'd hazard no. I believe this is audio art. Jonelle was enchanted by the "joy down in my heart part", but she's not so attached to the highway noise part of the track. After that there's more speed metal, with growly-voice, ominous proclamations of doom. Poor East Van. Jonelle says this is much like the Cannibal Corpse show she went to, only that was three hours, not nine minutes. Her favourite part of the concert? "This one's for the ladies. F***ed, by a knife!" Aww. How sweet. Great Caesar's molasses, another three freaking minutes of this? Well, whatever it takes to please the audience.

5. Manikin - Still - Monkey Blood

Comments: Guitaaaar! I like it. There's nothing bad about men who totally can't sing. I also like the call-and-answer style of it. Sounds like they're playing in a culvert. It's very hip. Very now.

Topic list, to be explained later:
Clue: the movie; it rules.
Country music, artists love it when they age.
The wasp attack.
Pink massagers/leotards/rub-downs.
East Van is awesome. Shut up; it is.
Embarrassing crushes. Keanu, sex machine. That's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

When no one's listening I have so much to say.


It's been ages since I wrote anything here, and with good reason. My life is an unchanging sea of 'working for the man'. Which is not nice, but tolerable. As long as I get my rent paid on Friday.

Anyway, since this internet loser palace is woefully unused, it's time to, um, un-unuse it. So I'm going to start using it for Singing with Barbra re-caps.

Next week.

And I'll tell you why. Because this week, I have no freaking clue what we talked about. None. Off the air, Jonelle told me that she'd seen Catwoman, and that it did indeed suck as much as the critics promised. Damn, I hate it when they're right. We played some songs, including a track by The Feminists. I don't even remember if it was good, but I don't think it was bad, either. We did some community announcements. Something about the humane society. Oh, there were dogs in the studio - Brandy and Lou(cifer) - the latter holds the title "Barbra .5". He's small. That was pretty distracting. Most of the show I was spitting out floaty hair. So it was "hi, pfeh, this is CJSF, pfbbt, you're pah, listening..." That's some beautiful broadcasting right there.

The one thing I'll say about university radio is that despite the militant attempts to impose professionalism, the constant jack-booting around the station, even the stink eye through short, $4 haircut - we suck and there's nothing anyone can do about it. As much as they fight us, they fight in vain. To some, we're like a tiny, persistent rash. But we'll never be painfully humourless jerks, and that we'll promise you faithfully. It's our credo. Everybody needs one. I need several, but that's beside the point.

But enough of the political claptrap. I'm going to go back to eating my ice cream straight out of the tub, and I'll assault you some more next week. Tuesday, 7-8pm p.s.t., www.cjsf.ca.