Tuesday, April 24, 2007

so pale and wan.

Probably should have eaten more than an orange and a vat of coffee today.

Track list:

1. The National Lights - the dead will walk, dear - swimming the swamp

Comments: quiet, smooth, mellow. With a girl in cowboy boots.

2. The Soft Parts - unerring melodic scents - a missed television opportunity

Comments: I love television, so I can totally relate to this. I get whistful over missed tv opportunities too. TV watching opps, that is, because I'll never be on TV. Dang no, I don't even like having my picture taken! Come on now.

3. Chet - flight against darkness - ships sink in the fall

Comments: It's funny how men with vocal incompetencies are somehow the most beautiful and poignant thing, sometimes. I really love this, and I can't necessarily tell you why. I just really love it. Sigh.

4. Quadra - based on a true story - between the lines

Comments: But there are no lines! Crazy Quadra.

5. Dustin Cole with The Specialest - try and love me - oh! my captain

Comments: Weird use of flute. I do not object.

6. Gloom Room - mr. resistor - mr. resistor

Comments: I don't usually play the title track, it seems so obvious. However, I will make an exception for this ska for robots. I appreciate extreme niche-marketing.

7. Go Jeff!!! - wake up the dance machine! - womandolin

Comments: I'm iffy on the use of exclamation points since that whole panic! debacle. But the song titles make up for it. Meh, I'm not a big fan. Too braggy.

8. Aereogramme - my heart has a wish that you would not go - a life worth living

Comments: aw, cheer up, wouldja?

9. Cinemascope - soundimension - exotica

Comments: I love that movie. It has casey jones in it, in his vindicating role! It's all so very great.

10. Eric Hanson and The Church of Doubt and Dissent - the pills helped but where have the years gone? - famous child actor

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I would rather be playing video games

er, with you! Because that is somehow more personal than this radio thing. Still, since this is as close to you as I can get, I will have to be content with it. Sigh. You're pretty.

Since I mentioned it, you should go here.

Track list:

1. The Approach - safe as houses - pistols at dawn

Comments: I'm gonna be might pissed if I just inadvertently played a side project by the dude from Billy Talent.

2. Graydon James - the ominous panda ep - confession

Comments: Pretty, very very pretty. I love the word "fiasco". It's so endlessly useful. I have just inadvertently bled myself into the next show. Whoops! Oh well.

3. Bellevue - lost in space - this house

Comments: I love weird harpsichord! I love everything today, evidently. Well, I bet if Bellevue threw a couple of "Emily is a blabby idiot"s into their song the sheen would come off. Lucky for them they're totally ignorant of my existence. Lucky for me also, I guess. I get enough name-calling in my personal life, I don't want to start getting it from impersonal media.
This is a nice song, I like it. It feels like I do.

4. ESG - come away with esg - dance

Comments: Funky and kicky. This rulez. Damn! No seriously, this is awesome. I even love the "yip yip woo woo woo" parts. I can't really explain it, but I am feelin' this action.

5. The Fortunate - get up, you dead - the storm and what came of it

Comments: What came of it? Broken eardrums and a sore throat. Misery never tasted so much like broken liquor bottles.

6. The Fussy Part - s/t - near you

Comments: tinkly and Hayden-ish. this is by no means a bad thing.

7. Woods - at rear house - night creature

Comments: like a lullaby to the subject of a horror movie. I would like an album's worth, Woods! "Chuuuucky, dream of plastic surrrrgery..." Or "float peacefully and without pause... JAWS." I have to tell you, that took just about every ounce of creativity I've got. I'm spent.

8. Knock Knock Ginger - based on a true story - the makeout song

Comments: A tested favourite, with a surefire title.

I will see you in two weeks, my little sticky bun. Grr.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

anxiety music

Tonight I'm feeling bejangled. I'm being forced out of the house for "fun times", and I have to wear work slacks for the whole evening. This is bullshit. So let's hope tonight's music soothes my aching nerves - or at the very least shows some sympathy by being appropriately frenetic.

Track list:

1. Collapsing Opposites - inside chance - song for two

Comments: utterly sweet. Very traditionalist rock lyrics, but sort of in the homage sense. And nice music too. Delighted.

2. Do Make Say Think - you, you're a history in rust - a tender history in rust

Comments: pretty, could be on some sort of 'Wonder Years' reunion soundtrack, if that ever happened. For my own benefit, the part of Fred Savage will be played by John Cusack.

3. M 80's - you only get one shot at the big time: obscure powerpop & punk 1979-1985 - walking on the surface of the moon

Comments: delicately punk-y. I hope they get a second shot.

4. Nervous Fellas - born to be wild - gimme somethin' strong

Comments: cute, competent, not terribly unconventional, but who can argue with a band that includes a guy called "Buzzsaw Pete"?

5. T Bone Burnett - s/t - Time

Comments: Gratuitous Tom Waits cover.

6. Joni Mitchell - blue - this flight tonight

Comments: Nazareth has annoyed me forever with this song, which is really unjust, because it's a fantastic song. It's a bit saucy, actually. Probably why they decided to do it. Shut up, I'm playing this for my mother, that's immunity from criticism right there.

7. ZMF TRIO - circle the path - wild horse

Comments: Like music from a film noir by Ingmar Bergman, set in Istanbul.

8. Tuck - seven songs - haven't we lost the same thing lately

Comments: Excellent cello!

9. Abernethy - college grove - astronaut

Comments: bye!