Tuesday, April 03, 2007

anxiety music

Tonight I'm feeling bejangled. I'm being forced out of the house for "fun times", and I have to wear work slacks for the whole evening. This is bullshit. So let's hope tonight's music soothes my aching nerves - or at the very least shows some sympathy by being appropriately frenetic.

Track list:

1. Collapsing Opposites - inside chance - song for two

Comments: utterly sweet. Very traditionalist rock lyrics, but sort of in the homage sense. And nice music too. Delighted.

2. Do Make Say Think - you, you're a history in rust - a tender history in rust

Comments: pretty, could be on some sort of 'Wonder Years' reunion soundtrack, if that ever happened. For my own benefit, the part of Fred Savage will be played by John Cusack.

3. M 80's - you only get one shot at the big time: obscure powerpop & punk 1979-1985 - walking on the surface of the moon

Comments: delicately punk-y. I hope they get a second shot.

4. Nervous Fellas - born to be wild - gimme somethin' strong

Comments: cute, competent, not terribly unconventional, but who can argue with a band that includes a guy called "Buzzsaw Pete"?

5. T Bone Burnett - s/t - Time

Comments: Gratuitous Tom Waits cover.

6. Joni Mitchell - blue - this flight tonight

Comments: Nazareth has annoyed me forever with this song, which is really unjust, because it's a fantastic song. It's a bit saucy, actually. Probably why they decided to do it. Shut up, I'm playing this for my mother, that's immunity from criticism right there.

7. ZMF TRIO - circle the path - wild horse

Comments: Like music from a film noir by Ingmar Bergman, set in Istanbul.

8. Tuck - seven songs - haven't we lost the same thing lately

Comments: Excellent cello!

9. Abernethy - college grove - astronaut

Comments: bye!

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Anonymous said...

I love the show and have been listening since 1999. I remember your first show and have some airchecks of your old shows!!! I was wondering if you could play Let's Ride by Choclair????? That tune is da bomb.Singing with Barbara rules on CJSF.