Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bitter about coal

Track list:

1. Change of heart - 50 ft. up - into the clock

Comments: I had forgotten how much I loved them. Their enthusiasm alone captivates me.

2. The Local Rabbits - the super duper ep - shot me down

Comments: These I did not forget. It's unreserved.

3. The Men of the Deeps - s/t - the omen

Comments: I call bullshit! There's no way these guys are coal miners! There is no such thing as a lily-voiced coal miner!

4. The Hidden Cameras - Shortbus - boys of melody

Comments: For such a supposedly graphic movie, this song is very mellow and romantic. Perhaps it is all a ruse, like the miners.

5. Quintron and Miss Pussycat - let's lazertag sometime - swamp buggy badass

Comments: I think there was the king swear in that song. Whoops!

6. The D'Urbervilles - friends in bellwoods - we are the hunters

Comments: My favourite book ever? Check. I like how this song teases me. We will rock you? Maybe? Ohhhh... wait a sec... NOW! No, only joking.

7. Anagram - the lights went up - thrill of separation

Comments: They don't sound that thrilled. Maybe it's a neutral thrill, like getting thrown into a bucket of ice water in your underwear. Taking emotion out of it, it's a bit of a shock. Anagram, are you playing word games with me?

8. Les robots de la rime - dans la marge depuis 15 ans - sympathie pour les robots

Comments: Normally things don't get played twice, but hey, there are always exceptions. French rap about robots is one of those exceptions.

9. Maurice & the Cliches - c'est la vie - it's all talk

Comments: So gloriously awful looking, from 1982! And it's Canadian! When a Canadian group makes ill-advised new wave music, it must be heard.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Track list:

1. Mountain Movers - we've walked in hell and there is life after death - not quite yet

Comments: poppy and terrifying.

2. The Electrobe - electrobe - church and state

Comments: INXS and protestations.

3. You Say Party, We Say Die - lose all time - teenage hit wonder

Comments: hooty and needy.

4. The Mighty Vitamins - take-out - talk that big talk

Comments: experimental and commanding.

5. Jliat - a well tempered clavier - track 3

Comments: oh and my.

6. Roland Blinn - rosebud - nicholas II

Comments: a weirdly shallow yet well-intentioned history lesson? Social commentary? Sci-Fi soundtrack music? Surprisingly listenable.

7. The Reveries - live in bologna -

Comments: so many questions. Bologna: bo-log-NA? BO-lonia? Baloney? Merriam-Webster can kiss my ass. I said it.
As if Bob Dylan had an onstage meltdown.

8. Sneaky Thieves - accident(s) - old tired joke

Comments: I was hoping for some sort of "awww daaaad" song, but not so much. The old tired joke must be that she broke his heart fifty times. Real knee-slapper, that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

va fa etc.

I'm feeling a bit too whacked out to provide good commentary today. Sorry about that. I've been a little too obsessed with Friday Night Lights this week. I started watching episodes off the internet on Friday and now I'm caught in the inevitable downward spiral. Damn, Kyle Chandler looks good in that headset. I wish he'd yell at me like that. Grrr.


Track List:

1. Screaming Eagles - enemy gold - prom song (california raisin remix)

2. Intercom - aaaaaaa - electroluxe

3. Minibloc - carton, micro, recreation - encore parle politique a table

4. Daddy's Hands - welcome kings! - french made simple

5. Nick Lowe - pinker and prouder than previous - cryin' in my sleep

6. Sam Phillips - omnipop - slapstick heart

7. Jane Siberry - the speckless sky - seven steps to the wall

8. Joan Armatrading - walk under ladders - I wanna hold you

9. Sarah McLachlan - touch - ben's song

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

je ne sais blah

Hey everyone,
It's time for another rambling nonsensical show, with matching blog post. Hang on to your pleather.

Track list:

1. Johnny & the moon - the aaaargh annual year two - the ballad of scarlet town

Comments: pretty. Very pretty. so deliciously country, and in the good way.

2. Live Country Music - long hard season - long hard season

Comments: there's some okey from muskogee vibe in this song, which is expected I guess. I enjoy it, but I was hoping it would be more sexual, given the title.

3. Octoberman - laguardia - laguardia

Comments: saw this live a few weeks ago and loved it very much. Also, he stood right in front of me and I had to vigorously fight the urge to nudge him and then talk his ear off. Trust me, it would have been positive for no one.

4. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - living with the living - the toro and the toreador

Comments: I love how it starts so unassuming, and then about 1:30 in kicks out the jams hardcorse. I know this will be obvious, given that it's TL and the P, but it kicks them out extremely well.

5. Statues - new people make me nervous - (you can't wash) dirty thoughts

Comments: no you can't, sadly.

6. The Finches - human like a house - june carter cash

Comments: I have absolutely nothing to say about june. this woman's voice is lovely though.

7.Pawa Up First - introducing new details - j'garde ca reel (feat. Seba)

Comments: I am such a sucker for French rap. this is one of the great mysteries. Why do I love it? It makes no sense. And yet somehow it makes all the sense in the world. this is nice French rap, with lovely bell-like synthesizer. Aah.

8. The Magic Numbers - those are brokes - carl's song

Comments: Adorable, as usual. I like the everyone singing, participatory and chorus-like quality of this band. And they have long hair and like dancing! Superb.

9. Run with the Kittens - run with the kittens - ??