Tuesday, March 06, 2007

je ne sais blah

Hey everyone,
It's time for another rambling nonsensical show, with matching blog post. Hang on to your pleather.

Track list:

1. Johnny & the moon - the aaaargh annual year two - the ballad of scarlet town

Comments: pretty. Very pretty. so deliciously country, and in the good way.

2. Live Country Music - long hard season - long hard season

Comments: there's some okey from muskogee vibe in this song, which is expected I guess. I enjoy it, but I was hoping it would be more sexual, given the title.

3. Octoberman - laguardia - laguardia

Comments: saw this live a few weeks ago and loved it very much. Also, he stood right in front of me and I had to vigorously fight the urge to nudge him and then talk his ear off. Trust me, it would have been positive for no one.

4. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - living with the living - the toro and the toreador

Comments: I love how it starts so unassuming, and then about 1:30 in kicks out the jams hardcorse. I know this will be obvious, given that it's TL and the P, but it kicks them out extremely well.

5. Statues - new people make me nervous - (you can't wash) dirty thoughts

Comments: no you can't, sadly.

6. The Finches - human like a house - june carter cash

Comments: I have absolutely nothing to say about june. this woman's voice is lovely though.

7.Pawa Up First - introducing new details - j'garde ca reel (feat. Seba)

Comments: I am such a sucker for French rap. this is one of the great mysteries. Why do I love it? It makes no sense. And yet somehow it makes all the sense in the world. this is nice French rap, with lovely bell-like synthesizer. Aah.

8. The Magic Numbers - those are brokes - carl's song

Comments: Adorable, as usual. I like the everyone singing, participatory and chorus-like quality of this band. And they have long hair and like dancing! Superb.

9. Run with the Kittens - run with the kittens - ??

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