Tuesday, March 13, 2007

va fa etc.

I'm feeling a bit too whacked out to provide good commentary today. Sorry about that. I've been a little too obsessed with Friday Night Lights this week. I started watching episodes off the internet on Friday and now I'm caught in the inevitable downward spiral. Damn, Kyle Chandler looks good in that headset. I wish he'd yell at me like that. Grrr.


Track List:

1. Screaming Eagles - enemy gold - prom song (california raisin remix)

2. Intercom - aaaaaaa - electroluxe

3. Minibloc - carton, micro, recreation - encore parle politique a table

4. Daddy's Hands - welcome kings! - french made simple

5. Nick Lowe - pinker and prouder than previous - cryin' in my sleep

6. Sam Phillips - omnipop - slapstick heart

7. Jane Siberry - the speckless sky - seven steps to the wall

8. Joan Armatrading - walk under ladders - I wanna hold you

9. Sarah McLachlan - touch - ben's song

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