Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Birthday

The station is full of special visitors, and I'm having heart palpitations. No really. I heart coffee!

Track list:

1. Mother Mother - touch up - love and truth

Comments: both important for valentine's day, and also this song is fun. I like the drama mixed with silliness. Like if Tori Amos wasn't such a drag.

2. Value Village People - extreme makeover, audio edition - fireworks

Comments: I will never stop loving you, you're that weird.

3. Fabio advice. I'm sorry, I don't have track names or an album title. Update: it's called 'Fabio After Dark', and is sadly out of print. Just assume I'm interspersing this throughout, because it's so creepy. And you know how I love to make you squirm, you little minx.

4. Billy and the Boingers - U Stink but I Luv U

Comments: I don't know either. Aren't they cartoon characters? I thought this album was just a joke. Ouch.

5. Astrud Gilberto - once I loved

Comments: I'm in love with this song, almost as much in love as Astrud seems to be with this scampy fellow who ran off on her. Bastard.

6. Away Ri'o! - all things shining - only bad can come of this

Comments: Like Axl Rose, but sentimental and awesome. I love the sliding guitar sounds of this.

7.Octoberman - laguardia - I'm not drunk/Island time

Comments: soooothing. I love you too, Octoberman.

8. Field & Stream - snowed in, a tribute to Hank Snow - I don't hurt anymore

Comments: so damn depressing. My dead black heart loves it. Next!

9. Black Heart Procession - square heart

Comments: the obvious choice. So obvious I probably shouldn't have played it. Oops.

10. Marit Bergman - my love

Comments: Apparently the hipsters are now into unironically loving Timberlake, so maybe this is okay. I hate hipsters.

11. Away Ri'o - all things shining - ...like the big kids play

Comments: Yes, Away Ri'o, I like you that much. You're so nice I'm playing you twice.

12. Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand - you don't bring me flowers - you don't bring me flowers

Comments: for obvious reasons.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

cranky and disoriented? check and check!

Well, things have been changing for me and I guess I can say the changes are okay... except for the minor detail that I abhor change. I think my language skills are slipping too.

Track list:

1. Rabbit Ears - rabbit ears ep - jenny

Comments: I love it, it sounds like a nihilist danced until he exploded.

2. Cinemascope - soundimension - see my eyes

Comments: Mellow and acoustic but sounds like it's on the verge of exploding into insanity. I'm on the edge of my seat. This could have something to do with the old coffee I drank today.

3. Mixel Pixel - music for plants - ghost for life

Comments: Ironical title? Good for one point. This is a bit morose though, isn't it? Maybe it's not ironical after all. Unfortunately those points are hard to get back once you've given them. There's some really weird guitar soloing. Someone outside the window is making an odd sign with his hands, like this rocks, or maybe he's in horrible pain. My final verdict, it's catchy, with a dose of who gives a damn. It's the perfect combination.

4. No Luck Club - prosperity - better times will come

Comments: Playing at the Anza club this Friday as part of the 4th annual CJSF FM party. We lurves them, and want them to have many wealthy diamond-encrusted children. (That's them on the left. Everyone looks awesome in black and white, and also more introspective. Plus you do not have to match your clothes. Trevor is wearing purple pants and a bright green hat, but you would never know. Trick photography.)

5. Teenage Head - dave rave anthology vol.2 - everybody needs somebody

Comments: Is this nostalgic for anyone? It feels that way to me, and I've never heard it before. That's a weird state of things. I love this sound, it's a very 1990 Cancon sound, with ratty boots and mild but not unconquerable misery. Seriously, I should write for the backs of albums, that was damned eloquent.

6. The Dry Heeves - snowed in, a tribute to hank snow - my nova scotia home

Comments: Played for very obvious reasons. I love songs about Canada, the more gratuitous the better. Plus obscure tribute albums rule. *Caveat* - sometimes they may not rule. Don't blame me if you buy some weird Dolly Parton by Green Day & Friends and it sucks. Your own fault, really.
The voiceover is so, so great.

7. Camaromance - different paths - mostly harmless

Comments: Douglas Adams factor - it's a weighty factor. And this song is really about the book! Or at least it mentions the book. It's good to credit your sources. I like this alot.

8. Malajube - dans la marge depuis 15 ans - la fille a plumes