Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Birthday

The station is full of special visitors, and I'm having heart palpitations. No really. I heart coffee!

Track list:

1. Mother Mother - touch up - love and truth

Comments: both important for valentine's day, and also this song is fun. I like the drama mixed with silliness. Like if Tori Amos wasn't such a drag.

2. Value Village People - extreme makeover, audio edition - fireworks

Comments: I will never stop loving you, you're that weird.

3. Fabio advice. I'm sorry, I don't have track names or an album title. Update: it's called 'Fabio After Dark', and is sadly out of print. Just assume I'm interspersing this throughout, because it's so creepy. And you know how I love to make you squirm, you little minx.

4. Billy and the Boingers - U Stink but I Luv U

Comments: I don't know either. Aren't they cartoon characters? I thought this album was just a joke. Ouch.

5. Astrud Gilberto - once I loved

Comments: I'm in love with this song, almost as much in love as Astrud seems to be with this scampy fellow who ran off on her. Bastard.

6. Away Ri'o! - all things shining - only bad can come of this

Comments: Like Axl Rose, but sentimental and awesome. I love the sliding guitar sounds of this.

7.Octoberman - laguardia - I'm not drunk/Island time

Comments: soooothing. I love you too, Octoberman.

8. Field & Stream - snowed in, a tribute to Hank Snow - I don't hurt anymore

Comments: so damn depressing. My dead black heart loves it. Next!

9. Black Heart Procession - square heart

Comments: the obvious choice. So obvious I probably shouldn't have played it. Oops.

10. Marit Bergman - my love

Comments: Apparently the hipsters are now into unironically loving Timberlake, so maybe this is okay. I hate hipsters.

11. Away Ri'o - all things shining - ...like the big kids play

Comments: Yes, Away Ri'o, I like you that much. You're so nice I'm playing you twice.

12. Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand - you don't bring me flowers - you don't bring me flowers

Comments: for obvious reasons.

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lunchbucket said...

You didn't play the dying fetus track? You probably didn't even listen to it. It was about love, you know. And forest trolls of Satan.