Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feb 9, wanna go?

It's the FM Party, at the Anza club. I hear all the cool kids are going. So you have to go with me, so I won't be intimidated. Let me know guys.

Track list:

1. For The Mathematics - we impend - this transient

Comments: Aaaugh, the energy! I love it, in fact. You have to be both fit and scruffily handsome to pull this off.
Also, I'm looking forward to a wave of bands with the same grammatical structure to their names, since this is how these things tend to work.

2. Junior Boys - so this is goodbye - FM

Comments: To remind you that you should come to the FM party. I'm serious, if you want to go I'll hang out with you and everything, just send me a note.
This song is dreamily delicious. I will add it to my list of love immediately.

3. Neko Case - live from austin tx (austin city limits) - buckets of rain

Comments: I had this stuck in my head earlier today. It's fabulous. I once heard it live too, so that's probably part of it.

4. Million Dollar Marxists - zero culture - comma come on

Comments: I like the anger. They're so yelly and earnest. Plus I like their pro-punctuation stance. Good job MDM!

5. The Lemonheads - lemonheads - let's just laugh

Comments: This is part one of the 'highschool flashback' portion of the show. Beautifully produced, I have to say. Lovely and swimmy and kind of like if I went to India in my plaid-shirt-and-misery costume. Not only is Evan Dando not dead (as most people I know thought), he's producing fairly nicely, isn't he? Writing songs and everything. Good job, undead Evan!

6. Veruca Salt - IV - damage done

Comments: The WTF??? pick of the night. Why, Louise Post, why are you still making music as Veruca Salt? It makes no sense. Everyone else is gone! It's like, if we all left Canada, and only Anne Murray was left, would she call herself Canada and be all exclusive about it? Because that would be odd... and yet somehow not that surprising.
God Louise, let it go.

7. BA Johnston - call me when old and fat is the new young and sexy - kiss her you loser

Comments: I love this song so much, I needed it to counteract the veruca salt. This is the balm that heals my every wound.

8. aMute - the sea horse limbo - disco flags are all around you

Comments: But they're not waving, because this is another mellow one.

9. The Walkmen - pussy cats - save the last dance

Comments: this is the saddest possible version of this song. But I like it, because I like depression. This makes for some seriously paradoxical situations. Meh.

10. Marcy Heisler & Zina Goldrich - one meat ball - taylor the latte boy

Comments: a special in-studio request. I met a latte boy and I wanted nothing more than to call him a bitch and scowl at him. However I did not, because being overly courteous in a phony way is not enough of a reason. I need to get some medication, maybe.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hi Campers. I'm having a damnably difficult day. That's why the show is seriously shortened tonight. By half, in fact. No one is more sorry than me. However, we will soldier on, won't we. Yes, we will, because there's nothing like the cold hand of routine to get you through your day.

Moving on, cheerfully:

Track list:

1. Hellothisisalex - the stump act - long naked violets

Comments: Demonstrating the correct use of synthesizer. I like it. The CD is adorable, with its hand-drawn stump art. The transparency of the name is also pleasant. The prequel to Alexisonfire? The intermediary band being Somebodydoesn'tlikealex? No, probably not. I'm a jackass, I'm sorry.

2. Unitus - caretaker - the highly prized bruising of violent consumerism

Comments: An interesting concept. I'm picturing women decked out in yoga pants and furry coats, showing each other their mall-lesions. Gross. Also, they have no website...? Have I inadvertently wandered into 1992?

3. The Thurstons - I have to live forever - ...and I'm key

Comments: I'm worried about the amount of pressure The Thurstons are putting on themselves, like it might mean undue stress if they persist in this 'living forever' mission. Ooh, a thought. Martha Stewart should change the name of her mag to 'Martha Stewart Living Forever', just to freak people out. I know I would probably vomit in the grocery store.
Despite all of this rambling, I do really love the song. Thurstons, stress agrees with you.

4. Lions & Tigers & Bears - louder than your shirt - scarf rock

Comments: concerned about global warming, I threw this song on in an effort to 'rain-dance' us into some colder weather. Because it's been freakishly spring-like around here. Now this little town is snowing its arse off. Sorry about that, everyone. Also, some nice fellows in the cjsf green room loved this song, asked me about it, said they would check it out. So listen, LaTaB (sounds like the youngest Jackson, maybe?), I guess you owe me one. I will think about what gruesome deed will be required as payment.
I'm kidding, all I ask is that you continue to play your little Calgarian hearts out.

5. The Sweet Homewreckers - from the letdown to the come around - louis

Comments: Three reasons for playing this tonight. 1: it is good. 2: the name "louis" is seriously on the outs and should be resurrected, because I think too many kids have soft little lives these days and it's turning us into a bunch of pansies. 3: last time I played a sweet homewreckers song somebody in the band noticed and sent me a thank you note. In this respect I am a bit like your grandmother - your attention will get you even more knitted hats, or in this case, airtime. So actually I beat your grandmother by a mile. Ha!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the french resurrection!

let's get right to it people, I don't have all day.

Track list:

1. Esther Galil - z-land - pas de loup

Comments: I don't know if it's a dance or an interdiction, but it's fecking amazing, no matter what it is. This is a lost classic from the music library. Her hair, also, is killer. Seriously - I would take that hair and rule the world with it, way past 1976.

2. Mayor McCa - cue are es tea you - hair farmer

Download MayorMcCaHairFarmerLIVE.mp3

Comments: LOVE it. So batshit crazy! Plus the concept is stunningly great. I think he's referring to his own shiny luxurious locks (what is this, the hair show?), but I can pretend he's one of those guys with the hairy billiard balls in his basement, right? That sounds all wrong, I know.

3. Harvee - sink or swim - remember we were sailing

Comments: I knew this would soothe me based on the album cover alone. I'm now unsure whether this show is the hair show or just the French show. Next week: the FRENCH HAIR show. I don't know what that sounds like, but I'm sure it's glorious, whatever it is.

4. The Machines - after my misspent youth - snatching defeat (from the jaws of victory)

Comments: pretty good, and the title is from something, and I don't know what. Infuriating.

5. Octoberman - laguardia - intoxicated/walking time

Comments: According to our resident folk expert, "sounds like Dan Byrne". It's very mellow, and yet it has a skull on the front. Amazing. I like it a lot actually. (Also, putting closed-eye photos on the website? Mildly adorable. Plus, I sympathize with this problem - every picture of me since 1996, apart from my grad photo, is a squinter. Don't know why that is.)

6. God Made Me Funky - we can all be free - down with the king's

Comments: Hm, another self-referential hip-hop song. Maybe one day it'll all seem like Cervantes. I don't know.
This is where people pop their heads into the studio and tell me how 'diverse' this all is.

7. The Mall - emergency at the everyday - hospital mouth

Comments: Fun, very violent but with a lull involving synthesizer. Good stuff. Plus, hospital mouth, about the most disgusting thing I've contemplated all day, so, um... bonus!

8. The Winks - birthday party - slumber party let's go

Comments: Love it, plus it's seasonally appropriate for me. I mean because this is the time of year when everyone shows up to sleep on my floor for some reason. Come on, hobo relatives, it's slumber party time!

9. Esther Galil - z-land - white tears

Comments: Because I can. Seriously, she is my new hair hero, and also her music is awesome (I realize it's hard to transmit a hairstyle over the radio - this is why I have the blog). I have had some inquiries about this record today, so I'm not just lying and saying it's good. It really is good. Also, hilariously, at the beginning of the show I misread the album title as "zlang", which sounds like an uncomfortable new underwear style. I will forever love this record as a result. It's fate.