Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feb 9, wanna go?

It's the FM Party, at the Anza club. I hear all the cool kids are going. So you have to go with me, so I won't be intimidated. Let me know guys.

Track list:

1. For The Mathematics - we impend - this transient

Comments: Aaaugh, the energy! I love it, in fact. You have to be both fit and scruffily handsome to pull this off.
Also, I'm looking forward to a wave of bands with the same grammatical structure to their names, since this is how these things tend to work.

2. Junior Boys - so this is goodbye - FM

Comments: To remind you that you should come to the FM party. I'm serious, if you want to go I'll hang out with you and everything, just send me a note.
This song is dreamily delicious. I will add it to my list of love immediately.

3. Neko Case - live from austin tx (austin city limits) - buckets of rain

Comments: I had this stuck in my head earlier today. It's fabulous. I once heard it live too, so that's probably part of it.

4. Million Dollar Marxists - zero culture - comma come on

Comments: I like the anger. They're so yelly and earnest. Plus I like their pro-punctuation stance. Good job MDM!

5. The Lemonheads - lemonheads - let's just laugh

Comments: This is part one of the 'highschool flashback' portion of the show. Beautifully produced, I have to say. Lovely and swimmy and kind of like if I went to India in my plaid-shirt-and-misery costume. Not only is Evan Dando not dead (as most people I know thought), he's producing fairly nicely, isn't he? Writing songs and everything. Good job, undead Evan!

6. Veruca Salt - IV - damage done

Comments: The WTF??? pick of the night. Why, Louise Post, why are you still making music as Veruca Salt? It makes no sense. Everyone else is gone! It's like, if we all left Canada, and only Anne Murray was left, would she call herself Canada and be all exclusive about it? Because that would be odd... and yet somehow not that surprising.
God Louise, let it go.

7. BA Johnston - call me when old and fat is the new young and sexy - kiss her you loser

Comments: I love this song so much, I needed it to counteract the veruca salt. This is the balm that heals my every wound.

8. aMute - the sea horse limbo - disco flags are all around you

Comments: But they're not waving, because this is another mellow one.

9. The Walkmen - pussy cats - save the last dance

Comments: this is the saddest possible version of this song. But I like it, because I like depression. This makes for some seriously paradoxical situations. Meh.

10. Marcy Heisler & Zina Goldrich - one meat ball - taylor the latte boy

Comments: a special in-studio request. I met a latte boy and I wanted nothing more than to call him a bitch and scowl at him. However I did not, because being overly courteous in a phony way is not enough of a reason. I need to get some medication, maybe.

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