Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hi Campers. I'm having a damnably difficult day. That's why the show is seriously shortened tonight. By half, in fact. No one is more sorry than me. However, we will soldier on, won't we. Yes, we will, because there's nothing like the cold hand of routine to get you through your day.

Moving on, cheerfully:

Track list:

1. Hellothisisalex - the stump act - long naked violets

Comments: Demonstrating the correct use of synthesizer. I like it. The CD is adorable, with its hand-drawn stump art. The transparency of the name is also pleasant. The prequel to Alexisonfire? The intermediary band being Somebodydoesn'tlikealex? No, probably not. I'm a jackass, I'm sorry.

2. Unitus - caretaker - the highly prized bruising of violent consumerism

Comments: An interesting concept. I'm picturing women decked out in yoga pants and furry coats, showing each other their mall-lesions. Gross. Also, they have no website...? Have I inadvertently wandered into 1992?

3. The Thurstons - I have to live forever - ...and I'm key

Comments: I'm worried about the amount of pressure The Thurstons are putting on themselves, like it might mean undue stress if they persist in this 'living forever' mission. Ooh, a thought. Martha Stewart should change the name of her mag to 'Martha Stewart Living Forever', just to freak people out. I know I would probably vomit in the grocery store.
Despite all of this rambling, I do really love the song. Thurstons, stress agrees with you.

4. Lions & Tigers & Bears - louder than your shirt - scarf rock

Comments: concerned about global warming, I threw this song on in an effort to 'rain-dance' us into some colder weather. Because it's been freakishly spring-like around here. Now this little town is snowing its arse off. Sorry about that, everyone. Also, some nice fellows in the cjsf green room loved this song, asked me about it, said they would check it out. So listen, LaTaB (sounds like the youngest Jackson, maybe?), I guess you owe me one. I will think about what gruesome deed will be required as payment.
I'm kidding, all I ask is that you continue to play your little Calgarian hearts out.

5. The Sweet Homewreckers - from the letdown to the come around - louis

Comments: Three reasons for playing this tonight. 1: it is good. 2: the name "louis" is seriously on the outs and should be resurrected, because I think too many kids have soft little lives these days and it's turning us into a bunch of pansies. 3: last time I played a sweet homewreckers song somebody in the band noticed and sent me a thank you note. In this respect I am a bit like your grandmother - your attention will get you even more knitted hats, or in this case, airtime. So actually I beat your grandmother by a mile. Ha!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I look up my bands album and this I end up here!

Thanks for playing our music!

-Cody/Lions and Tigers and Bears