Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ain't got nobody

Hey, where's the J? She's not here yet. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime I'm playing a song that is almost 8 minutes long, just to keep you occupied. I'm like a bad babysitter. But man, this isn't what I'm usually paid for!

Track list:

1. fond of tigers - a thing to live with - here, you are hated

Comments: horn-y. By which I mean there are horns. It's piano-y too, if that helps. It's sort of experimental band geek jazz. I quite like it.

2. super xx man - x - garage apartment

Comments: mellow! I like it. Summery.

3. dirty on purpose - hallelujah sirens - no radio

Comments: this song has the driving sound. I like it.

4. rae spoon and rodney decroo - trucker's memorial - double wedding

Comments: Jonelle's favourite today. I like it too. This also has a very summery feel. Country music screams delerifying heat and stultifying amounts of iced tea and beer. Mixed. Mmm.

5. tuxedomoon - bardot hotel soundtrack - effervescing in the nethersphere

Comments: selected solely because of the sailor moon factor.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

live at last!

We have missed connecting with you live and in person, pookums. So we're back, we're live, and we're even semi-coherent. It's as much as you can ask. Any more and we'll probably just start crying, and that's never easy to stop.

Track list:

1. A/V - hot action - do you two know each other?

Comments: Good for dancing. Our compatriot thinks the vocals are "shitty, man", but we're not deterred. The sythesizer is wicked good.

2. Eux Autres - hell is Eux Autres - the sundance kid

Comments: Tag team singing is good. Doesn't sound very hellish though. Actually it's quite nice. I'd listen to this on the deck, sauced off my ass, but you know, with people around. Don't want to get too maudlin about it. Hey, they're from Montreal, where many good things come from. That explains everything.

3. Giant Panda - fly school reunion - 90s

Comments: I'm not usually a fan of high school or the 90s, but this is fairly soothing. Might have to change my mind. Hmm. Nah. (But the song is still pretty good.) Jonelle says it's hip-hoppy and "okay" and "she doesn't hate it". Oh, it's like a wave of love.

4. Oh Beautiful! Majestic! Eagle! - various: the radiator collective - l'emu de lumiere

Comments: Thanks to your band name, OBME, you are getting yourselves played on our show. Your music is seriously weird though. Hey, way to carve out your own niche!

5. The Donkeys - the donkeys - she's a wolf

Comments: And she'll gnaw you to death as slowly as possible, while crying sparkly tears. I also think she's wearing huge amounts of eyeliner. Just a guess.