Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nauseated by politicians

It is the only explanation. Why else would I feel so ill? No, it is not because I just used the cjsf-adjacent bathroom! That thing is spotless!

Track list:

1. End this week with knives - we are so transparent - arms akimbo

2. Lexington & Whatevski - I love Alberta rap - captain of the football team

3. Malajube - le compte complet - la valerie

4. Poor Folk - poor folk - shots

5. Secret Fires - I only want what I can't see - baby I'm a rat

6. The Jealous Girlfriends - the jealous girlfriends - the pink wig to my salieri

7. Cour de lane - cjsr: get out of your basement - burn down the house

8. Illfit Outfit - cjsr: get out of your basement - acid jungle

9. You Say Party! We Say Die! - you say party! we say die! - what's the holdup? where's the fire?

10. The Clips - matterhorn - wire

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

boiling molten students

SFU is back in session, and the whole place is overrun with youth. Eeep. Everyone looks quite nervous, and there is no recourse in smoking, thanks to the new rigorous no smoking on campus rules. Plus, they have replaced all of your vendo chips with nutritious fruit leathers! Oh, you're all in so much trouble.

1. The Telepathic Butterflies - breakfast in suburbia - if it's all too much

2. Junior Pantherz - rejoice, remain - high hopes

3. Love and Mathematics - love and mathematics - remember to masticate

4. Aching Heart Foundation - the destination - heaven on earth

5. Artificial Workshop - various: esopus number ten: good news - miracle man

6. Hey Rosetta! - into your lungs - handshake the gangster

7. Shotgun Jimmie - various: do you want to talk all night? a sappy records tribute to snailhouse - 21 years

8. Man Man - various: esopus number ten: good news - a song for liza minelli

9. Duchess Says - anthologie des 3 perchoirs - gilbert

10. The Golden Dogs - big eye little eye - painting ape