Tuesday, December 19, 2006

dreams, nightmares

Track list:

1. Roy Orbison - Harvest of Hits - Blue Bayou

Comments: why was this sitting neglected on a floor at cjsf? For obvious reasons. And because this is the only song on the album that's only mildly embarrassing. The rest are flamingly so.

2. Million Dollar Marxists- zero culture - in nightmares

Comments: see what I did there, with the roy orbison & 'in nightmares'? Clever. Anyway, this is alright but fairly generic. I suggest getting out of st. catharine's once in a while. Ooh, that was harsh man. Sorry. People will probably love these guys when word gets around and they'll be huge and then I'll have to eat my words (only not really). Good murphy this goes on, doesn't it?

3. No Luck Club - prosperity - corporate spy hunters

Comments: Love love looove. Sounds like hip hop done in an alley with corrugated tin. So, corporate spy what? Oh, here's some melodic stuff, I guess I can see it. It's great regardless. You should go to their shows and throw money at them. How did I do, guys?

4. Immaculate Machine - les uns mais pas les autres - les dernieres nouvelles

Comments: Delicious, and French too. Wheee! I like it alot.

5. Les Robots de la Rime - Dans la marge depuis 15 ans - sympathie pour les robots

Comments: Oh, French rap, you rule my world so hard.

6. Frenemies - birds in high school - everybody wants a piece of you

Comments: so far my favourite of the night, I think. I like the beat that makes me want to dance, and the sad bastard vocal that makes me want to weep. I declare new-age dance party! Everbody lie under the strobe light and cry!!

7. Califone - roots & crowns - the eye you lost in the crusades

Comments: Love it, fabulous, etc. Plus I have this fascination with the crusades, and also eye patches. Especially the diamond-studded kind. So it's all coming together for me in this song.

8. 1090 Club - shipwrecked on shores - business end

Comments: there's a reason that 'business end' expression has survived for so long - it's awesome. There's poetry to it. This song is not bad. Band name reminds me of 'Freedom 55', which is really just my own hangups getting in the way. Gotta think about retirement, it's coming faster than you think.

9. The Sweet Homewreckers - from the letdown to the come around - amplification

Comments: it's a given - I love the sweet homewreckers. I'm very loving and open when it comes to music though, it's the way I am. I sense your creative effort, and I nurture it with my positive energy. And spastic dancing. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

two more weeks. sigh.

Due to lack of internet (what is THAT about?), this is going up a day late, via a scribbled-on piece of scrap paper. The old methods, while charming, are quite, quite lame.

Track list:

1. Shad K - when this is over - out of love

Comments: Owner of my new favourite hip-hop lyric of the moment: "I don't want to tell you all to put your hands in the air, and wave 'em all around 'cause I just don't care." This is the truest thing I have heard in months. Perhaps I should try motivational seminars or something.

2. Reality Sandwich - dejeuner s'il-vous-plait - castles in the sand

Comments: quite odd, but delicious also.

3. The Mountain Movers - we've walked in hell and there is life after death - the devil is alive

Comments: I love listening to extremely religious and musically adventurous bands. So bizarrely entertaining. Don't know if I'd have the guts to go to a show though.

4. Local Rabbits - this is it here we go - the lights turn on

Comments: This is a test. I haven't listened to this album in quite a while, and today I am listening to it again in an effort to become friends again. Little did I know I would instinctively run screaming into its arms screaming "mummy!".
In case you're wondering, that means I love it.

5. Navet Confit - dans la marge depuis 15 ans (CISM Montreal compilation) - asphalte

Comments: Extra super great, because of the French factor. Also because of the techno factor, which inexplicably gets me every time. I'm like a mid-90s dance machine, if such a thing exists.

6. BA Johnston - call me when old and fat is the new young and sexy - I am a robocop

Comments: I appreciate having the whole concept explained to me when I'm listening to a song. I want to know the background story and everything. I mean, if you're talking about driving to your girlfriend's house at 4am and you pass 16 fire hydrants along the way and it makes you need to pee, I want to know that.

7. BA Johnston - kiss her you loser

Comments: oh maaaan, my personal favourite. Just... unbelievable. I love it so hard.

8. BA Johnston - sleepin with my walkman

Comments: also fabulous. Whoops, f-bomb! It's fine, whatever, we're so college. I feel a little uncomfortable finding out this much about his life though. What's worse is finding out that he lives exactly like me (substitute 'guy next door' for 'roommate' and you're there).

BONUS: BA Johnston - 'Captain's Catch', because I couldn't find the songs I actually played. But this is totally amazing too, so you won't know the difference.

9. Still Flyin - time wrinkle ep - rope burn

Comments: I am totally caught off guard by the reggae-ska of this. The cover is so hand-drawn and pink, I totally wasn't expecting it. Enjoyable enough.

10. Built to Spill - linus and lucy

Comments: A Christmasy favourite. I'm sure Charles Shultz would be totally annoyed.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

sweating through four layers? eesh.

Not really, but I feel like I could. I sweat like a mediterranean, especially when it's least convenient.
And scene.

rack list:

1.Ten Year Drought - memoranda - screaming at cars

Comments: surprisingly serene, given the title. There is no screaming in this song. It made me feel a bit better, in fact, about having witnessed a good deal of car screaming in the last two hours. So that's good.

2. Shot While Hunting - man eating tiger - holliday now

Comments: different for me, and I'm fine with that.

3. Swan Lake - beast moans - the partisan but he's got to know

Comments: a song title so odd I can't possibly understand what it's supposed to mean. I don't appreciate that swan lake! Still, I like that this song is such an overwhelming group effort. How many bad male voices can we layer together over slightly hawaiian guitar? ALOT. And yet I'm enjoying it. Feel free to make whatever conclusions you want.

4. Supersystem - a million microphones - joy

Comments: funky. Like the bongos and synthesizer. Hey, actually this is pretty awesome, and incredibly weird. It's so hard to find anything original anymore that it's a relief when someone thinks of something, no matter how bizarre. Thanks Supersystem, for just being you.

5. Bright Eyes - noise floor - soon you will be leaving your man

Comments: I'm intrigued by this song - what is your reasoning, bright eyes? How will you make me leave my man? Or are you just clairvoyant? Or will I have to take a sudden trip to Eurasia? What is it?? Well, whatever it is, it's musically extremely enjoyable. Love it. Well done. Personally I'm not planning on following through on your little predicition, but I bet there are some chicks who would, because you have a definite charm.

6. Scream Club - life of a heartbreaker - i'm going crazy

Comments: if this album is the hypothetical diary of one of Tom Petty's heartbreakers, then sign me up! But it's not. Ah well. Recommended to me by a fellow programmer, thanks Elvira. Pretty great, in fact - they'll be here in March, if you enjoy sort of tag-team Peaches style music. Snicker.

7. The Gumshoe Strut - 52 pick up - broke off rap

Comments: very nice sounding countryish rap. Delighted.