Tuesday, December 19, 2006

dreams, nightmares

Track list:

1. Roy Orbison - Harvest of Hits - Blue Bayou

Comments: why was this sitting neglected on a floor at cjsf? For obvious reasons. And because this is the only song on the album that's only mildly embarrassing. The rest are flamingly so.

2. Million Dollar Marxists- zero culture - in nightmares

Comments: see what I did there, with the roy orbison & 'in nightmares'? Clever. Anyway, this is alright but fairly generic. I suggest getting out of st. catharine's once in a while. Ooh, that was harsh man. Sorry. People will probably love these guys when word gets around and they'll be huge and then I'll have to eat my words (only not really). Good murphy this goes on, doesn't it?

3. No Luck Club - prosperity - corporate spy hunters

Comments: Love love looove. Sounds like hip hop done in an alley with corrugated tin. So, corporate spy what? Oh, here's some melodic stuff, I guess I can see it. It's great regardless. You should go to their shows and throw money at them. How did I do, guys?

4. Immaculate Machine - les uns mais pas les autres - les dernieres nouvelles

Comments: Delicious, and French too. Wheee! I like it alot.

5. Les Robots de la Rime - Dans la marge depuis 15 ans - sympathie pour les robots

Comments: Oh, French rap, you rule my world so hard.

6. Frenemies - birds in high school - everybody wants a piece of you

Comments: so far my favourite of the night, I think. I like the beat that makes me want to dance, and the sad bastard vocal that makes me want to weep. I declare new-age dance party! Everbody lie under the strobe light and cry!!

7. Califone - roots & crowns - the eye you lost in the crusades

Comments: Love it, fabulous, etc. Plus I have this fascination with the crusades, and also eye patches. Especially the diamond-studded kind. So it's all coming together for me in this song.

8. 1090 Club - shipwrecked on shores - business end

Comments: there's a reason that 'business end' expression has survived for so long - it's awesome. There's poetry to it. This song is not bad. Band name reminds me of 'Freedom 55', which is really just my own hangups getting in the way. Gotta think about retirement, it's coming faster than you think.

9. The Sweet Homewreckers - from the letdown to the come around - amplification

Comments: it's a given - I love the sweet homewreckers. I'm very loving and open when it comes to music though, it's the way I am. I sense your creative effort, and I nurture it with my positive energy. And spastic dancing. You can thank me later.


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog, some interesting info and thoughts, a bit radical for me at times but thats ok.

Embot said...

Hm... thanks, I think? (also I enjoyed the capitalization.)

homewrecker neel said...


So what do you do when you're in a band? Answer, google yourself as much as possible! I stumbled on your blog and want to say thanks! I hope you dance as spastically as I do in this video.

(i've got ants in my pants)


sweet homewrecker neel.