Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wearing my Ira Glass costume

Which consists entirely of silly glasses, but hey, I'm already feeling 30% more excellent and gender-confused. Huh?

Track list:

1. The Bicycles - oh no it's love - leave that woman alone

Comments: So overwhelmingly optimistic, I think I will come back and listen to it again in the summer, in the car, repeatedly.

2. Mathias Mental - is the happiest boy in montreal - she's a character

Comments: Baby you're such a character. The girl in the song is right, everyone in Montreal has a show on TV, the CBC is so freaking indiscriminate.

3. Pine Tarts - faux fauves - etoiles

Comments: Tarts in French, you know I can't resist. Sort of a gentle ballad over a determined guitar and drum combo. Charming as usual.

4. Cam Malcolm - a little bit of history - basement rock

Comments: Ha ha, he's going to move out based on his degree! Hilarious. Despite (because of?) the magic realism it's very enjoyable.

5. Economics - economics - birds are probably dinosaurs

Comments: A one-man dance band, with science! I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Let's make a movie about space ships and use this as the score! It's a deal.

6. The Magic - the magic - deep water

Comments: Another danceable public service announcement! Don't swim in the deep water, sharks will eat you. I love the saxophone, and the bongos, and the uh, wacked out theremin-y guitar. You are being chased through the jungle! Run Indiana, run! It's great, whatever it is.

7. Elephantine - quebec emergent 08-09 - la beaute

Comments: I think there are French swears in this song. But I'll never know for sure because our French teacher would never really tell us. Darn her inhibitions!

8. Crash the Car - they built houses here - atlas & axis

Comments: This is to make you feel really sad that I am leaving again for a week. Suffer! Weep! Ha ha HA HA HA. Phew. Lording it over you is exhausting, listener.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Old 78's

I got a whole giant box of 'em, from the magic radio station library. I'm takin' em home. But man, those things are not vinyl, they're metal and hard plastic and stuff. They are very, very heavy. I have been told to lift with my knees.

Liberace was kind of cute when he started out, actually...? Am I a twisted weirdo? Oh yes.

Download the show, if you wish: Part 1 Part 2

Track list:

1. Le Roi Poisson - quebec emergent 0809 - premier rang

Comments: Funky with excellent keyboard. I wish I knew the more technical term for that keyboard sound. It's like, one of those little organ things? Anyway, this rocks times french!

2. Bad Flirt - virgin talk - heart of darkness

Comments: Their CD art is so professionally done that at first I was nervous. This is college radio after all, what would we be if we were not pretentious? We would cease to exist! Even my cold dead heart has to admit that this is pretty rad though. If I were 15 again this would rock my ass to the point of hysteria.

3. DD/MM/YYYY - 777 - vantan

Comments: Driving rock with an electronic sort of a thing going on, and basically I'm trying to express something I have no business expressing. Whatever, I'm inexpert! daymonthyear, you're great, you know it.

4. Direction - est - caption

Comments: Sort of epic. Sounds like massive arena rock, but with low-key vocals. At first I thought Rush but Quebecois, but now I'm not sure. Emerson Lake and Palmer, maybe? (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ricki Lake and Arnold Palmer, obviously.)

5. The Soles - you burst into fire again - hey old man

Comments: Funky with amusing lyrics. Nobody writes modern pop for old people! Thank you Soles for addressing this major oversight.

6/7. B.A. Johnston - stairway to hamilton - you will miss me when the zombies come/dirtmall

Comments: I find that first one romantic and touching; am I deranged? He wants to hide with me in the dollarama! Swooooon.
Uh yeah okay.

8. Down the Lees - the guest room - the gallivant

Comments: I have decided this bridges the gap between dance music and my beloved sad bastard indie rock. I know it sounds like an insult but I swear on my mother's eiderdown that it is not. I enjoy to dance and cry simultaneously.

9. The Magician - who will cut my grass when I'm gone - indicator stop bath

Comments: Lengthy, epic, passes through many moods. I would like to use this in a film. Make a note!

10. The Stolen Minks - high kicks - your broken heart

Comments: Will slam-dance you into a coma in three minutes or less.

11. Land of Talk - some are lakes - yuppy flu

Comments: I don't have this, I live in the suburbs and I'm distinctly unprofessional, ahahaha!