Monday, March 31, 2008

Radio, in the aft-er-nooooon

I'm pre-recordage tonight, because of a previous engagement. You understand, don't you? You're so accommodating that way. Grr.

Track list:

1. Bloody Chicletts - presenting... - radioheadache

Comments: I remember when this CD came out. They were giving it away free somewhere! And I didn't get one. Sigh. Probably for the best; how much stuff do I need anyway? I got one of the songs stuck in my head this week somehow, so I carry it with me regardless. And now I'm passing the buck on to you.

2. World of Science - makeout music by - you're so handsome

Comments: This song was rudely cut off by some happy folk music a few weeks back. And I say, what the hell??!? It's quality, so that was just unnecessary. And a shame. Well, now it's in the middle of the show, so there's nothing "the man" can do, if you can call a bebirkenstocked fellow with a beard "the man".

3. Brasstronaut - old world lies ep - fan

Comments: Further proof that the planet is reaching critical mass when it comes to cute punsy band names. We're almost out of stock!!! Who will save us from a world where everyone's musical act will have to be classified via the Dewey Decimal System?

4. Plants and Animals - plants and animals - new kind of love

Comments: Listen to while reading

5. Cortez the Killer - #05486 - broletariat

Comments: Heavy, yet interesting. This is something that is rarely possible for my ears to discern, now that I am old. YES, I AM OLD. At least, older than your nephew who likes Tool.

6. Proof of Ghosts - proof of ghosts - my baby don't come 'round here anymore

Comments: sigh. Well, if she's totally nuts, it's probably just as well, right? look on the bright side, PoG.

7. Ladyhawk - shots - faces of death

Comments: I think the appropriate word is: poignant. Pretty voice, non-lady member of ladyhawk.

8. Rough Skeletons - rough skeletons - sound of pony

Comments: Ambient horror film music? It's cool, but could be very scary in the right context, I think. Consider it, rough skellies, would you? Unrelated: I need some pony manure for the garden. Don't scoff, city dweller, it works.

9. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - real emotional trash - hopscotch willie

Comments: When I grow up, I want to be like Janet Weiss. Totally chill and awesome, and the owner of a wicked bad drum set (I'm not holding out for the ability to play it, though).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The music is forcing me to act.

This is like what those people in the 50s warned about, and I can't even see the artists featured in tonight's show gyrating. For the full effect, I suggest checking out 'live shows', which generally feature a fun mix of dancing and EVIL SUGGESTIONS.

Tonight's radio-host -supplied evil suggestion: kill the hippies. That is all.

Track list:

1. Vile Style - mad times at v.i. high - mad times at v.i. high

Comments: Victoria! They have a rabbit problem. Victoria! Violin-playing Darth Vader is surprisingly talented. Victoria!
I can play this game too.

2. The Greenbelt Collective - our homes - get up and go

Comments: Dance dance dance up and DANCE.

3. Giantess - giantess - wheels on fire

Comments: Bowie-esque. If you know me at all, you know it's like a marriage proposal.

4. The Trophy Wives - the trophy wives - go cat go & alley cat

Comments: Two songs about cats, back to back. Poignant, because I'm about to move in with a cat I despise. He recently broke something I love in the night. I don't know how this is all going to shake down, honestly.

5. The Superfantastics - choose your destination - lullaby punches

Comments: This is happy and nice, but fails to distract me from my cat-related angst. Pant, pant.
I loved Nancy Drew, but I think it was because I always hoped she'd get it on with (boring) Ned. Life was dull when I was 13, what can I say. Eric Wilson, however, I agree - dull dull dull.

6. The Neighbourhood Council - the neighbourhood council - of people

Comments: Is this sort of zydeco (sp) -ish? It's interesting and fun. I loved the genre when Dennis Quaid did it, not so much Paul Simon. I think for purely superficial reasons. Sorry Pauly, you look like a girl.

7. Dolly Sillito - smartbomb for heartache - shine a light

Comments: Pretty, languid, wailing and casually stirring, if you can imagine such a thing. TRY. Did they teach you nothing about the creative powers of the mind in kindergarten? Yeesh.

8. Team Captain - team captain - who are the lions

Comments: breakup music, methinks.

9. Mannequin Depressives - girls are evil - erase it (re-version)


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WTF Reeves!

He has a reputation for brooding and rumours swirl that he's bisexual. Fun for everyone! Your wait to see Keanu at SFU ends on Thursday. No, I am not kidding.
Jennifer Connoly is coming too but I can't say whether she's quite as broody or adventurous, just so you know.

Track list:

1. Better Friends Than Lovers - great loves - nightbus

Comments: Fun and pretty! I can't resist songs about buses.

2. The Trophy Wives - the trophy wives - cake song

Comments: For Lydia. This is a lovely instrumental entry from the trophy wives. So versatile, ladies.

3. The Barmitzvah Brothers - let's express our motives - trailblazer

Comments: I like the everyman vocal and persistent piano. Scat! This is super danceable, which is always welcome.

4. Music for Money - music for money - hymne a la fuite

Comments: Hymn to Flight, as in 'flee, Keanu, flee! Run from the passionately interested college students! They may act too cool for school, but they'll steal your hair gel and sell it on the internet if given half a chance! But seriously Canoe, trust me on this one.'
Also - Music for Money is an awesome Nick Lowe song. Just saying.

5. Sunset Rubdown - random spirit lover - trumpet, trumpet, toot! toot!

Comments: Sort of apocalyptic and windingly gorgeous in its mild dissonance. Solidly grating vocal, which I love. Who originally determined that the apocalypse is best represented by piano? There should probably be a plaque erected, or something. We should not be neglecting the archives like this.

6. The Tom Fun Orchestra - you will land with a thud - rum & tequila

Comments: So much fun, from the raggedy voice to the feverish yet sweet strings and the snazzy, snazzy brass section. I'm delighted, yet again, by these crazy people.

7. Madcowboys - baby steps - the gods don't wear tight jeans

Comments: Grrrrrrr!

8. Fancey - schmancey - let the breeze in

Comments: So optimistic, it's appropriate for a dryer sheet commercial. Not a bad thing - happy happy! Fling those dandelions, small adorable children!

9. The Rocky Fortune - back of the beeside - educated lady

Comments: You heard him young women, stay in school. Otherwise how will you ever discuss Proust with this guy? His brown corduroy jacket calls to you!
I love how this song is like the update of the old blues 'I'm a Man' thing, but intellectualized. Hillary! HA!

10. The Helio Sequence - keep your eyes ahead - hallelujah

Comments: Pretty. And yet...

Okay, absolutely nothing against the HS or anything, but the response (usually in-studio) whenever I put on music that has name recognition always disappoints me just a mite. Disclaimer: I enjoy music like a raccoon enjoys balls of tinfoil. In the moment! I mean, I love Bowie too. But I think it's important to experiment with your preferences and make up your own mind, lest you miss out. You who are casually indifferent until you hear me play something your myriad friends have already branded acceptable? YOU ARE TOO UPTIGHT. JUST DANCE LIKE THERE'S NOBODY HOME ALREADY, ONE DAY YOU WILL BE DEAD SO YOU BETTER DO IT NOW.

It's possible I'm just playing a load of old crap - if so please sulk and give me a big ol' thumbs down through the glass, I just like the feedback.