Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The music is forcing me to act.

This is like what those people in the 50s warned about, and I can't even see the artists featured in tonight's show gyrating. For the full effect, I suggest checking out 'live shows', which generally feature a fun mix of dancing and EVIL SUGGESTIONS.

Tonight's radio-host -supplied evil suggestion: kill the hippies. That is all.

Track list:

1. Vile Style - mad times at v.i. high - mad times at v.i. high

Comments: Victoria! They have a rabbit problem. Victoria! Violin-playing Darth Vader is surprisingly talented. Victoria!
I can play this game too.

2. The Greenbelt Collective - our homes - get up and go

Comments: Dance dance dance up and DANCE.

3. Giantess - giantess - wheels on fire

Comments: Bowie-esque. If you know me at all, you know it's like a marriage proposal.

4. The Trophy Wives - the trophy wives - go cat go & alley cat

Comments: Two songs about cats, back to back. Poignant, because I'm about to move in with a cat I despise. He recently broke something I love in the night. I don't know how this is all going to shake down, honestly.

5. The Superfantastics - choose your destination - lullaby punches

Comments: This is happy and nice, but fails to distract me from my cat-related angst. Pant, pant.
I loved Nancy Drew, but I think it was because I always hoped she'd get it on with (boring) Ned. Life was dull when I was 13, what can I say. Eric Wilson, however, I agree - dull dull dull.

6. The Neighbourhood Council - the neighbourhood council - of people

Comments: Is this sort of zydeco (sp) -ish? It's interesting and fun. I loved the genre when Dennis Quaid did it, not so much Paul Simon. I think for purely superficial reasons. Sorry Pauly, you look like a girl.

7. Dolly Sillito - smartbomb for heartache - shine a light

Comments: Pretty, languid, wailing and casually stirring, if you can imagine such a thing. TRY. Did they teach you nothing about the creative powers of the mind in kindergarten? Yeesh.

8. Team Captain - team captain - who are the lions

Comments: breakup music, methinks.

9. Mannequin Depressives - girls are evil - erase it (re-version)


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