Monday, March 31, 2008

Radio, in the aft-er-nooooon

I'm pre-recordage tonight, because of a previous engagement. You understand, don't you? You're so accommodating that way. Grr.

Track list:

1. Bloody Chicletts - presenting... - radioheadache

Comments: I remember when this CD came out. They were giving it away free somewhere! And I didn't get one. Sigh. Probably for the best; how much stuff do I need anyway? I got one of the songs stuck in my head this week somehow, so I carry it with me regardless. And now I'm passing the buck on to you.

2. World of Science - makeout music by - you're so handsome

Comments: This song was rudely cut off by some happy folk music a few weeks back. And I say, what the hell??!? It's quality, so that was just unnecessary. And a shame. Well, now it's in the middle of the show, so there's nothing "the man" can do, if you can call a bebirkenstocked fellow with a beard "the man".

3. Brasstronaut - old world lies ep - fan

Comments: Further proof that the planet is reaching critical mass when it comes to cute punsy band names. We're almost out of stock!!! Who will save us from a world where everyone's musical act will have to be classified via the Dewey Decimal System?

4. Plants and Animals - plants and animals - new kind of love

Comments: Listen to while reading

5. Cortez the Killer - #05486 - broletariat

Comments: Heavy, yet interesting. This is something that is rarely possible for my ears to discern, now that I am old. YES, I AM OLD. At least, older than your nephew who likes Tool.

6. Proof of Ghosts - proof of ghosts - my baby don't come 'round here anymore

Comments: sigh. Well, if she's totally nuts, it's probably just as well, right? look on the bright side, PoG.

7. Ladyhawk - shots - faces of death

Comments: I think the appropriate word is: poignant. Pretty voice, non-lady member of ladyhawk.

8. Rough Skeletons - rough skeletons - sound of pony

Comments: Ambient horror film music? It's cool, but could be very scary in the right context, I think. Consider it, rough skellies, would you? Unrelated: I need some pony manure for the garden. Don't scoff, city dweller, it works.

9. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - real emotional trash - hopscotch willie

Comments: When I grow up, I want to be like Janet Weiss. Totally chill and awesome, and the owner of a wicked bad drum set (I'm not holding out for the ability to play it, though).

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