Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm not as sad about the stock market unsteadiness as you probably want me to be, DAD. But I guess it will screw some people up. Other things are pretty crap though too, you know? It's all about perspective, I guess.

Track list:

1. Jenny Omnichord - cities of gifts and ghosts - birthday song

Comments: A lengthy number that advocates drinking at 5pm - which is early for us workaday types, I have to point out. It has lulled me into a sense of being at ease with the bizarre. Success!

2. The Deep Dark Woods - hang me oh hang me - river in the pines

Comments: The old musical forms were really so much more successful at taking crushing futility and turning it into something aesthetically redeeming, weren't they? I mean, apart from, I don't know, Joy Division. They did it in a modern sort of way. This is lovely, if you were wondering.

3. The Art Department - the art department - higher the hair

Comments: Ooh, sad. Casual intimidation and nervousness! I think it's probably true that the endless songs about being screwed up are just screwing us all up more. But I don't care, I'm still not listening to I'm Every Woman. Screw that yo!

4. The 6ixty 8ights - pica electric armada - and i walk

Comments: What is that, like, text-message speak? No, that doesn't make sense. I'm interested to see whether it repeats itself with other groups. This is what I like to call a boppy song. Bop bop bop, xi6yt yachts.

5./6. Jale - closed ep - wash my hands/Jesus loves me

Comments: Yeah, I played two. What was that? Can I just do whatever I want? Yes, yes I can. Geez, it's not like anyone's paying attention around here or anything. I could just make fart sounds on the air (shout out!) and nobody would bat an eye. You might think the lack of supervision is irresponsible, I think it's irre-awesome.

7. Secret Broadcast - plastic fantastic - i am sound

Comments: polyester justokay. My brother would love this, probably.

8. The Darcys - endless water - endless water

Comments: Soothe me, Darcys! Gratuitous French: winning me over every time since 1986 (at the latest). I like the secret! hidden dance!! section.

9. mcenroe - the convenience ep - corner store

Comments: love that guy. That over there is not the album this is from, but does it matter? The visual is always appropriate. Appropriately inappropriate, ha! Oh I don't know, it's kind of sexist, isn't it? But in the context of parody it's hilarious and awesome. And reminds me of my grandparents' house, which is always nice.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Literally, rats. I mean, I'm appropriately horrified, so why can't they also do their part and run away like good(bad) vermin? But no, they gotta just sit there, like they have a right to exist on the sidewalk too. Ooooooh SHUDDER.

Track list:

1. Plants and Animals - various: pop montreal 2007 - a l'oree des bois

Comments: Again I'm stymied by the lack of accents in this sub-standard blogging platform. Bwaah. This is so pretty and nice, I love it.

2. Fenaison - plat - interrelations c

Comments: Weird plinky eeriness to go with your (my) meditation on rats. I will have icky nightmares, but set to this music they will at least be film festival ready.

3. Andy Swan's Ottawa - andy swan's ottawa - the sound of snowflakes falling

Comments: I would visit. I like the idea of tour guide andy swan showing me around, in his small, quirkily painted bus.

4. Luke Doucet and the White Falcon - blood's too rich - it's only tuesday

Comments: IT IS! I bloody well HATE Tuesdays. They are, scientifically speaking, the worst day of the week, figured by weight of yearning for time off and pressures at the office. If I didn't have this show to worry about, I would ALWAYS be home drinking and eating well-buttered toast on Tuesdays, to balm my wounds. I like to picture the listener at home doing this while I talk, for vicarious comforting purposes. This is a really fantastic song about Tuesday syndrome. Note to self: go back in time, write this.

5. The Clips - matterhorn - enrique mcteeth

Comments: Reminds me of Hamish Macbeth, the best show ever, and the MacLopez clan. Ha. Okay, enough references only I get. This is great, sounds like driving rain and persistent nagging undefined emotion, in intermittently danceable song form. Like you could have a bit of a weep to it, and then get up and hop around a bit to dry your cheeks off. I think context is everything, don't you?

6. Sock Hop Arousal - revolution of hope - loud part quiet

Comments: SHA, are you getting... funky... with me? I think you are. J'accuse! Aw, go on, cop to it, I'm enjoying it.

7. Pine Tarts - pine tarts - the fire escape

Comments: Based on the cover art, I was expecting to be rocked viciously, but I find now that I'm being gently pleasured by tinkly yet fuzzy guitar. Uh. Just put "very good, would sing along if permitted."

8. The Ex-Boyfriends - coming before the next one - spanked by lightning

Comments: Most ex-boyfriends deserve it though, right? I mean, he sounds charming, but there must be a reason you broke up. Don't go feeling sorry for him now.

9. The Trophy Wives - the trophy wives - I'm yer wife

Comments: SO AWESOME. Let's be pals, you hilarious ladies.

10. Axis of Conversation - delusions of safety - readymade heart attack

Comments: Ethereal, with the heartbeat in the background. The title makes it ominous, no?