Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm not as sad about the stock market unsteadiness as you probably want me to be, DAD. But I guess it will screw some people up. Other things are pretty crap though too, you know? It's all about perspective, I guess.

Track list:

1. Jenny Omnichord - cities of gifts and ghosts - birthday song

Comments: A lengthy number that advocates drinking at 5pm - which is early for us workaday types, I have to point out. It has lulled me into a sense of being at ease with the bizarre. Success!

2. The Deep Dark Woods - hang me oh hang me - river in the pines

Comments: The old musical forms were really so much more successful at taking crushing futility and turning it into something aesthetically redeeming, weren't they? I mean, apart from, I don't know, Joy Division. They did it in a modern sort of way. This is lovely, if you were wondering.

3. The Art Department - the art department - higher the hair

Comments: Ooh, sad. Casual intimidation and nervousness! I think it's probably true that the endless songs about being screwed up are just screwing us all up more. But I don't care, I'm still not listening to I'm Every Woman. Screw that yo!

4. The 6ixty 8ights - pica electric armada - and i walk

Comments: What is that, like, text-message speak? No, that doesn't make sense. I'm interested to see whether it repeats itself with other groups. This is what I like to call a boppy song. Bop bop bop, xi6yt yachts.

5./6. Jale - closed ep - wash my hands/Jesus loves me

Comments: Yeah, I played two. What was that? Can I just do whatever I want? Yes, yes I can. Geez, it's not like anyone's paying attention around here or anything. I could just make fart sounds on the air (shout out!) and nobody would bat an eye. You might think the lack of supervision is irresponsible, I think it's irre-awesome.

7. Secret Broadcast - plastic fantastic - i am sound

Comments: polyester justokay. My brother would love this, probably.

8. The Darcys - endless water - endless water

Comments: Soothe me, Darcys! Gratuitous French: winning me over every time since 1986 (at the latest). I like the secret! hidden dance!! section.

9. mcenroe - the convenience ep - corner store

Comments: love that guy. That over there is not the album this is from, but does it matter? The visual is always appropriate. Appropriately inappropriate, ha! Oh I don't know, it's kind of sexist, isn't it? But in the context of parody it's hilarious and awesome. And reminds me of my grandparents' house, which is always nice.

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