Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Environmental fretting

I watched that craaaazy Al Gore film last night, and now I've lost all hope for the world. I have a feeling that's not what Al intended, but hell, that's not my fault.

Track list:

1. The Summerlad - city of noise - city of noise

Comments: There were two options for me here: the 3 minute version and the 40 minute version. I'm kind of regretting my choice. The song's good, and I could have had 40 minutes of unrestricted internet use. Radio-slackaholic, that's me.

2. Gutterawl - a sound experiment: live sessions from cjsw 90.9fm - bismuth

Comments: Awesome. Galloping, much like the food, uh, does not after I take the pink stuff. So, is the tempo ironic? "Heeeey, put it back in your pants there, English major."

3. Roger Dean Young & The Tin Cup - threshold - keremeos

Comments: So very mellow. I like the tentative vocals. This totally blows a hole in my Keremeosite (keremeosote?) friend's assertions that the town is one wild-and-crazy time after another, though.

4. Listening Party - who are we missing? - oh my

Comments: The album art is cool, and pretty! I like this, it's semi-experimental and has that feeling of gradually building toward a major eruption (not like Van Halen's Eruption, something infused with a little more earnest emotion, but still).

5. Pine Tarts - pine tarts - la neige, la nuit

Comments: Charming charming charming. Lovely. Chair-danceable. French-titled. Begirl-chorused. Did you guys go to French Immersion too? It's hard to deny, it's a serious advantage. I will probably be singing this to myself on the bus later, it's catchy.

6. The Greenbelt Collective - our homes - car planet

Comments: Bop bop bop! I want to be in a band like this where I can sing in a big group, and nobody can point out that while I might have the right note, I sound like a braying bovine. Wah! Enough self pity. This is awesome.

7. One Eleven Archer - familiar highs - apocalypse jeans

Comments: Blue jeans on fire! Chevrolet Elvis! Blue jeans on fire! NEW YORK LET'S GO!

8. Hinterland - pan pan medico - 300.6

Comments: uh

9. Black Mountain - in the future - tyrants

Comments: Bless you, you creative genius, for your ability to write nice songs that also happen to be eight minutes long! Hell, I'm weak, I admit it! It's time for some more bus ridin', so it's not as if I'm doing myself any major favors here! Cut your hasslin'! Sigh. You know I'm out of steam when I start dropping 'g's left and right.

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John said...

Thanks for playing our song. It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. I'm not sure I understand your comment, though. Perhaps it left you speechless.