Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No snow on Terry

I don't know what it means, but there's no snow gathered on Terry Fox, out in the main SFU park. He's pristine in the midst of the piles of icy muck.
There are also several broken chairs in the reflection pool, and I don't know what that means either.

Track list:

1. Orillia Opry - lighthouse for stragglers' eyes - shadow shadow

Comments: This is very beautiful, but also not for sissies. This is like if you're miserable with a slight twinge of angry, and you're going to turn yourself around, possibly punishing yourself for having been such a downer. While all of this is happening, wind machines are highlighting your awesome shampoo-commercial-grade hair. I'm in love with it! Will re-enact again!

2. Something French - saint john 3 the revenge - i am a microphone

Comments: I don't think you're drunk either! I think you're FANTASTIC! Not that the two things can't go together. This song is suitable for stomping and singing along to, if that suits you. It suits me TO A TEE.

3. Tenant - all my favourite bands are breaking up - all my favourite bands are breaking up so I think I'll write a song about girls

Comments: HA! Wow, lots of yelling in tonight's show, right? This is pretty much metal, but how could I possibly turn down the majesty of that song title based on incongruous musical forms alone? That wouldn't have been in keeping with my usual methods at all.

4. The D'Urbervilles - we are the hunters - belladonna, deadly nightshade

Comments: Very nice, and I would like it to be made into a film post-haste. Please get on this, d'urbervilles.

5. Better Friends Than Lovers - great loves - le sabre

Comments: Tried, tested, true, much like the classic car.

6. Mongrels - oshawa - the answer

Comments: Damn, I love me some classic 80s-style power-rock with frontwoman. The acoustic guitar and inventive drumbeat make it new!

7. Feu Therese - ca va cogner - ca va cogner

Comments: Synthesize me! Har har.

8. The Grass - report all ghosts - bandit soul

Comments: Zip, pop, pow, it's over!

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