Tuesday, February 26, 2008

headache machine

Not a review of the show - I am literally a machine for making my own headaches. Second day in a row! I'm not proud, but I am tired.

Track list:

1. Proof of Ghosts - proof of ghosts - my baby don't come round here anymore

Comments: I love cheatin' songs. So infused with ultimate misery.

2. Luscious Jackson - naked eye ep - banana's box

Comments: Daniel Lanois can do no wrong, full stop.

3. Giantess - giantess - wheels on fire

Comments: Epic, and passing through many moods. I approve.

4. Joan Armatrading - me myself i - all the way from america

Comments: This is a confusing show right? With the bizarre random 80s picks? Well, that's what happens when the CD player breaks and you're forced to resort to vinyl. Enjoy, Joanophiles, I know you're out there.

5. World of Science - makeout music by world of science - you're so handsome

Comments: You had me at 'makeout' (and I can name a couple of other people who love that word as well). This is mellow but buttswigglin' too.

6. The Greenbelt Collective - our homes - car planet

Comments: Oh what? I played this before! I meant to expand my reach and include a new track, but this CD player is being so damned tricky. Well whatever, the song is still quite great, so no harm done.

7. The Barmitzvah Brothers - let's express our motives - show promoter

Comments: Must dash - bye!

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