Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Throw me to the voles!

Hey, how are you this evening? It's SOCAN night, which means everyone I play gets .4 cents in the mail! It'll cost you more to cash the cheque than it's worth, but hey, at the very least it's fuel for the fire, in these cold winter months.*

Podcast WHAT!!? Oh yes, I am not lying. I am IN that mp3.
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Track list:

1. The Tom Fun Orchestra - you will land with a thud - throw me to the rats

Comments: This punchy, dance-y song with the Tom Waits vocals makes me feel like a million dollars! Tom Fun, you have earned your $$$ tonight.

2. Shotgun Jimmie - the onlys - onomatopoeia

Comments: I loved it the first couple of times, so I just had to pull it out and make sure Jimmie got paid, yo. It's kind of a hip-swaggling lament, stripped down and laid bare, musically speaking. Local-Rabbits-y, definitely.

Update/disclaimer: I enjoyed the music before I discovered the handsomeness. But it's undeniable, right? Well, who cares if it has nothing to do with musical vision! I say get ahead however you can. It's hard out there for a Canadian musician. Still, I just want to empasize: I will play your music even if you are the homeliest home that ever homed, I do not discriminate.


3. The Superfantastics - choose your destination - turn on me

Comments: Predictably pretty and great. Because of the band name, obvs. She's turning on him, which sounds unpleasant, but then in song form, it's not. Irony?

4. Hinterland - pan pan medico - future ghost

Comments: so sad and lamenting, which I guess has something to do with the theme of being a ghost in the future. Very lovely.

5. The Bella Donnas - the bella donnas - meating up

Comments: I love this disc simply for its DIY aesthetic. Their photo is on the CD! It's a fairly common sight here at the CJSF studios, but it remains a delightful one. This is SASSY, I love it.

6. Pine Tarts - pine tarts - the fire escape

Comments: Pine Tarts friended me on myspace this week! So playing them is like paying them to be my myspace friend. I love it because it's both sordid and lame. This song isn't lame though, it's grungy and gorgeous.

7. The Trophy Wives - the trophy wives - robbed the bank

Comments: AWESOME. You rule, bass player.

8. Homebodies - construction and destruction - perimeter

Comments: I know some piano snobs who would say that your piano is BROKEN, Homebodies. I wouldn't agree with them though - I love that old smashy saloon piano sound. It drives the neighbours nuts though, don't you find?

9. Kara Keith - kara keith - gorgeous gets the gold

Comments: The title of this song is very apt. I love it.

10. The Beladeans - trailer park - international hip swing

Comments: grrrrrr!

*cheque may arrive in August.

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ap said...

hey thanks for the mention!
it warms our hearts to be in such good company.

-ap (tom fun orchestra)