Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hey, are you a musician of sorts, trying to gain a foothold in the world of nastiness we call "rock 'n' roll"? Or not? Either way, if you feel the urge, send me a note and I'll play your song. I'm not even kidding, I'm a complete slut for attention. Hey, self-knowledge is all that matters here.

I can't believe I'm doing this blog-post thing again, but somehow it makes the whole experience feel more worthwhile. Rather than just pumping the radio waves into the ether and claiming to have done it afterward, I'm creating somewhat of a record of it here. Until Gore trips over the internet cord and the whole thing goes up in bits.

Track list:

1. Horses - horses - the catwalk

Comments: The coolest thing I have played in a while. May mislead listeners. Disclaimer: I am not cool!

2. The River Pilots - the unexpected adventures of... - a game of trust

Comments: of who? OF WHOOOOO? AAAAAAARGH.
It has been a trying day.

3. Ookpikk - total home job - soda fountain of youth

Comments: Somebody out there's an incurable optimist, ain't they, ookpikk! Seriously. Delightful electronic squishing.

4. Danger Danger Mammoth Hunter - four songs - old party

Comments: This is a song about me, 'the old party'. No seriously, we go to a restaurant, it's like "Table for two, party of OLD!"
This song is not really about me. Too much energy.

5. UTS - foam faces - disco lady

Comments: Whoever filed this called the CD "foam aces", which sounds like the name of a film about a pool & poker party, probably with John Cusack.
This song is a total self-fulfilling prophecy.

6. Young & Sexy - the arc - peer through the lock

Comments: Funny name, pretty vocal. It's all I ask, really.

7. Women - women - lawncare

Comments: Now there is a name I am not going to google. It'll be all NAKED WOMEN ICKY BOOBS EMPORIUM DOT COM. You really think they put the filters on at a college radio station? Well actually they might. Probably not, but maybe. I think they just check after and then kick you out of school if they find any nasty links. Like Maxim, according to my place of employment. Well, I half agree with them.

8. The Coast - expatriate - song for gypsy rose lee

Comments: So pretty. It even has tinkly bells! Siiiiiigh. What are you trying to do to me here, coast??? It is not fair to massage me this way with your gentle musician-ing.

9. The Neighbourhood Council - the neighbourhood council - pheonix

Comments: According to some, they spelled it right. I don't know how I feel about this OED subversion, but, oh, what the hell. Englilgilsh degree be damned!