Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Literally, rats. I mean, I'm appropriately horrified, so why can't they also do their part and run away like good(bad) vermin? But no, they gotta just sit there, like they have a right to exist on the sidewalk too. Ooooooh SHUDDER.

Track list:

1. Plants and Animals - various: pop montreal 2007 - a l'oree des bois

Comments: Again I'm stymied by the lack of accents in this sub-standard blogging platform. Bwaah. This is so pretty and nice, I love it.

2. Fenaison - plat - interrelations c

Comments: Weird plinky eeriness to go with your (my) meditation on rats. I will have icky nightmares, but set to this music they will at least be film festival ready.

3. Andy Swan's Ottawa - andy swan's ottawa - the sound of snowflakes falling

Comments: I would visit. I like the idea of tour guide andy swan showing me around, in his small, quirkily painted bus.

4. Luke Doucet and the White Falcon - blood's too rich - it's only tuesday

Comments: IT IS! I bloody well HATE Tuesdays. They are, scientifically speaking, the worst day of the week, figured by weight of yearning for time off and pressures at the office. If I didn't have this show to worry about, I would ALWAYS be home drinking and eating well-buttered toast on Tuesdays, to balm my wounds. I like to picture the listener at home doing this while I talk, for vicarious comforting purposes. This is a really fantastic song about Tuesday syndrome. Note to self: go back in time, write this.

5. The Clips - matterhorn - enrique mcteeth

Comments: Reminds me of Hamish Macbeth, the best show ever, and the MacLopez clan. Ha. Okay, enough references only I get. This is great, sounds like driving rain and persistent nagging undefined emotion, in intermittently danceable song form. Like you could have a bit of a weep to it, and then get up and hop around a bit to dry your cheeks off. I think context is everything, don't you?

6. Sock Hop Arousal - revolution of hope - loud part quiet

Comments: SHA, are you getting... funky... with me? I think you are. J'accuse! Aw, go on, cop to it, I'm enjoying it.

7. Pine Tarts - pine tarts - the fire escape

Comments: Based on the cover art, I was expecting to be rocked viciously, but I find now that I'm being gently pleasured by tinkly yet fuzzy guitar. Uh. Just put "very good, would sing along if permitted."

8. The Ex-Boyfriends - coming before the next one - spanked by lightning

Comments: Most ex-boyfriends deserve it though, right? I mean, he sounds charming, but there must be a reason you broke up. Don't go feeling sorry for him now.

9. The Trophy Wives - the trophy wives - I'm yer wife

Comments: SO AWESOME. Let's be pals, you hilarious ladies.

10. Axis of Conversation - delusions of safety - readymade heart attack

Comments: Ethereal, with the heartbeat in the background. The title makes it ominous, no?

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