Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wearing my Ira Glass costume

Which consists entirely of silly glasses, but hey, I'm already feeling 30% more excellent and gender-confused. Huh?

Track list:

1. The Bicycles - oh no it's love - leave that woman alone

Comments: So overwhelmingly optimistic, I think I will come back and listen to it again in the summer, in the car, repeatedly.

2. Mathias Mental - is the happiest boy in montreal - she's a character

Comments: Baby you're such a character. The girl in the song is right, everyone in Montreal has a show on TV, the CBC is so freaking indiscriminate.

3. Pine Tarts - faux fauves - etoiles

Comments: Tarts in French, you know I can't resist. Sort of a gentle ballad over a determined guitar and drum combo. Charming as usual.

4. Cam Malcolm - a little bit of history - basement rock

Comments: Ha ha, he's going to move out based on his degree! Hilarious. Despite (because of?) the magic realism it's very enjoyable.

5. Economics - economics - birds are probably dinosaurs

Comments: A one-man dance band, with science! I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Let's make a movie about space ships and use this as the score! It's a deal.

6. The Magic - the magic - deep water

Comments: Another danceable public service announcement! Don't swim in the deep water, sharks will eat you. I love the saxophone, and the bongos, and the uh, wacked out theremin-y guitar. You are being chased through the jungle! Run Indiana, run! It's great, whatever it is.

7. Elephantine - quebec emergent 08-09 - la beaute

Comments: I think there are French swears in this song. But I'll never know for sure because our French teacher would never really tell us. Darn her inhibitions!

8. Crash the Car - they built houses here - atlas & axis

Comments: This is to make you feel really sad that I am leaving again for a week. Suffer! Weep! Ha ha HA HA HA. Phew. Lording it over you is exhausting, listener.


Mathias Mental said...

hey dj I.P.!
thanks for playing my music :)

ps ok, i googled myself, big whoop, so sue me :D

Anonymous said...
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