Tuesday, March 03, 2009

live as I'll ever be

I think Grant of Downliner's Crypt told everyone I would be pre-recorded tonight, but no, he's wrong, I'm here flying by the seat of my pants. If the whole thing falls apart at 7:17pm, you'll know it's real. Reality radio! The punters love it, amirite?

Put it on yer mp3 player: Part 1 Part 2

Track list:

1. Afternoons in Stereo - Everybody dance now: songs from Hamilton 3 - party at dick & mimi's

Comments: This is being played again, because it is a stone groove. I'm stealing terminology from 'Trading Places' and using it incorrectly! Check me out! I'm also chair dancing. Grrr, Hamilton, you sexy, uh, industrially-based town.

2. Gentleman Reg - jet black - how we exit

Comments: More dance dance dancing! I love his little beard. The whole package is quite charming. Meets or exceeds my criteria for excellence. Music, facial hair, chair dancing, check check check!

3. Grandfather Fire & the Holy Mourning - freedom street

Comments: A dramatic interlude for a dramatic show. Think about life: the song.

4. Anime feat. Versus - If we ever get out of here, a prince george tribute to band on the run - helen wheels

Comments: Yes, that really is what it says it is. This is so much better than McCartney. Ooh, sacrilege! Ah hell, I slaughtered that goat a long time ago.

5. Cursed Arrows - cfru: just west of something big - run forever

Comments: Grr, angry guitar. Very crunchy, I like it. I want to destroy small business equipment to this song! In boots! And then maybe dance for a bit. And then kick stuff some more!

6. The Maynards - date & destroy - dance fight '83

Comments: I like the dance instructions, and also the mysterious warning. They're going to get me. It is maybe not as threatening as they want it to be. They seem too cuddly for this kind of thing. Also I just kind of want to hang out with their bassist, whose stoicism is undeniably compelling.

7. Lola Dutronic - in berlin - brigitte bardot

Comments: Boys are just so silly sometimes, don't you think? I love this whimsical techno-pop! And it has a fake ending. This song is basically perfect.

8. The Buttless Chaps - cartography - total amounts left are not enough

Comments: An economic crisis-appropriate song, right? This is pretty and honest. I'm feelin' it.

9. Final Fantasy - plays to please - crush love crush

Comments: reliably sad and lovely. Okay, must dash, see you next week.

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