Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ain't got nobody

Hey, where's the J? She's not here yet. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime I'm playing a song that is almost 8 minutes long, just to keep you occupied. I'm like a bad babysitter. But man, this isn't what I'm usually paid for!

Track list:

1. fond of tigers - a thing to live with - here, you are hated

Comments: horn-y. By which I mean there are horns. It's piano-y too, if that helps. It's sort of experimental band geek jazz. I quite like it.

2. super xx man - x - garage apartment

Comments: mellow! I like it. Summery.

3. dirty on purpose - hallelujah sirens - no radio

Comments: this song has the driving sound. I like it.

4. rae spoon and rodney decroo - trucker's memorial - double wedding

Comments: Jonelle's favourite today. I like it too. This also has a very summery feel. Country music screams delerifying heat and stultifying amounts of iced tea and beer. Mixed. Mmm.

5. tuxedomoon - bardot hotel soundtrack - effervescing in the nethersphere

Comments: selected solely because of the sailor moon factor.

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