Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bitter about coal

Track list:

1. Change of heart - 50 ft. up - into the clock

Comments: I had forgotten how much I loved them. Their enthusiasm alone captivates me.

2. The Local Rabbits - the super duper ep - shot me down

Comments: These I did not forget. It's unreserved.

3. The Men of the Deeps - s/t - the omen

Comments: I call bullshit! There's no way these guys are coal miners! There is no such thing as a lily-voiced coal miner!

4. The Hidden Cameras - Shortbus - boys of melody

Comments: For such a supposedly graphic movie, this song is very mellow and romantic. Perhaps it is all a ruse, like the miners.

5. Quintron and Miss Pussycat - let's lazertag sometime - swamp buggy badass

Comments: I think there was the king swear in that song. Whoops!

6. The D'Urbervilles - friends in bellwoods - we are the hunters

Comments: My favourite book ever? Check. I like how this song teases me. We will rock you? Maybe? Ohhhh... wait a sec... NOW! No, only joking.

7. Anagram - the lights went up - thrill of separation

Comments: They don't sound that thrilled. Maybe it's a neutral thrill, like getting thrown into a bucket of ice water in your underwear. Taking emotion out of it, it's a bit of a shock. Anagram, are you playing word games with me?

8. Les robots de la rime - dans la marge depuis 15 ans - sympathie pour les robots

Comments: Normally things don't get played twice, but hey, there are always exceptions. French rap about robots is one of those exceptions.

9. Maurice & the Cliches - c'est la vie - it's all talk

Comments: So gloriously awful looking, from 1982! And it's Canadian! When a Canadian group makes ill-advised new wave music, it must be heard.

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