Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Track list:

1. Mountain Movers - we've walked in hell and there is life after death - not quite yet

Comments: poppy and terrifying.

2. The Electrobe - electrobe - church and state

Comments: INXS and protestations.

3. You Say Party, We Say Die - lose all time - teenage hit wonder

Comments: hooty and needy.

4. The Mighty Vitamins - take-out - talk that big talk

Comments: experimental and commanding.

5. Jliat - a well tempered clavier - track 3

Comments: oh and my.

6. Roland Blinn - rosebud - nicholas II

Comments: a weirdly shallow yet well-intentioned history lesson? Social commentary? Sci-Fi soundtrack music? Surprisingly listenable.

7. The Reveries - live in bologna -

Comments: so many questions. Bologna: bo-log-NA? BO-lonia? Baloney? Merriam-Webster can kiss my ass. I said it.
As if Bob Dylan had an onstage meltdown.

8. Sneaky Thieves - accident(s) - old tired joke

Comments: I was hoping for some sort of "awww daaaad" song, but not so much. The old tired joke must be that she broke his heart fifty times. Real knee-slapper, that.

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