Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I would rather be playing video games

er, with you! Because that is somehow more personal than this radio thing. Still, since this is as close to you as I can get, I will have to be content with it. Sigh. You're pretty.

Since I mentioned it, you should go here.

Track list:

1. The Approach - safe as houses - pistols at dawn

Comments: I'm gonna be might pissed if I just inadvertently played a side project by the dude from Billy Talent.

2. Graydon James - the ominous panda ep - confession

Comments: Pretty, very very pretty. I love the word "fiasco". It's so endlessly useful. I have just inadvertently bled myself into the next show. Whoops! Oh well.

3. Bellevue - lost in space - this house

Comments: I love weird harpsichord! I love everything today, evidently. Well, I bet if Bellevue threw a couple of "Emily is a blabby idiot"s into their song the sheen would come off. Lucky for them they're totally ignorant of my existence. Lucky for me also, I guess. I get enough name-calling in my personal life, I don't want to start getting it from impersonal media.
This is a nice song, I like it. It feels like I do.

4. ESG - come away with esg - dance

Comments: Funky and kicky. This rulez. Damn! No seriously, this is awesome. I even love the "yip yip woo woo woo" parts. I can't really explain it, but I am feelin' this action.

5. The Fortunate - get up, you dead - the storm and what came of it

Comments: What came of it? Broken eardrums and a sore throat. Misery never tasted so much like broken liquor bottles.

6. The Fussy Part - s/t - near you

Comments: tinkly and Hayden-ish. this is by no means a bad thing.

7. Woods - at rear house - night creature

Comments: like a lullaby to the subject of a horror movie. I would like an album's worth, Woods! "Chuuuucky, dream of plastic surrrrgery..." Or "float peacefully and without pause... JAWS." I have to tell you, that took just about every ounce of creativity I've got. I'm spent.

8. Knock Knock Ginger - based on a true story - the makeout song

Comments: A tested favourite, with a surefire title.

I will see you in two weeks, my little sticky bun. Grr.

1 comment:

graydon james said...

yo. thanks for playing the track! i haven't heard your show yet, but then i'm nowhere near b.c. and my internet connection is slow and filled with marmalade. those are the only excuses i have, as of press time.

anyway, thanks again!