Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Anyone in a band is automatically cool.

Track list:

1. MC Lars - Escape from Robot Island

Comments: so lame it's awesome. Nerd self-indulgence. Thankyou babs #3.

2. They Shoot Horses Don't They? - boo hoo hoo boo - the bugs

Comments: The album title alone... I love this, it's so carnivalesque, plus the yelling, and the horns... Love it, love it, love it.

3. John P. Strohm - high school reunion - somebody's baby

Comments: This song gets an automatic in, because we're getting the idea that this whole cd is fricking awesome. It might not have the most artistic merit ever, but who the hell cares. Also, this song is really good. He's like Tom Petty Jr. I love Tom Petty with a violent passion, and I think the world could use a few more of him.

4. The Robocop Kraus - they think they are the robocop kraus - life amazes us despite our miserable future

Comments: Wow, four for four! This is also really good, and I like the theme. It's uplifting for someone like me. They sure know their audience.

5. Knock Knock Ginger - hurry! - looks and books

Comments: A mellow end to a most excellent show. Listen to this if you'd like to slowdance with yourself, in your own living room, with a sad expression on your face. Aww. Well, at least you don't have to be ashamed of your awesome musical taste!

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pips said...

You took the effort to link to the band sites!? I'm SO impressed.