Tuesday, March 14, 2006

oh neko

Tracks of the week:

1. Neko Case - fox confessor brings the flood - Margaret vs. Pauline

Comments: we love this, of course. Margaret is an antelope, and Pauline is a snow-goose. We can tell you that definitively, because we've been fans for so long. We know how she works.

2. Supersuckers - Tribute to Cash - mean eyed cat

Comments: I like it, and so does Jonelle. We're really just so relieved that it's better than the beverly killbillies cover we played a few weeks ago. Man, that sucked.

3. The Wading Girl - high school reunion (various) - Danke Schoen

Comments: Absolutely love this. I think we're going to play quite a few songs from this CD today. It's so frickin good.

4. Guillermo Verdecchia - the terrible but inclomplete journals of john d.

Comments: not bad, just stupidly long. It's like 35 minutes long! What the hell. But it's Canadian, so wave your little flag and be proud, because it's government funded.

5. Underdog - high school reunion - I melt with you

Comments: Jonelle's favourite 80s song of all time. For good reason too, this song rules the night with an iron fist.

6. Frank Black - high school reunion - repo man

Comments: has Frank Black ever done anything bad? Shut up, that's a rhetorical question. Careful, he'll punch you, and he wears some wicked jewel-encrusted rings. So you know that's gonna hurt.

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Sarah said...

Hey there,

We are so excited to make your list! I'm glad to see some folks playing the High School Reunion cd. I hope you'll visit our website and check out some of our original music as well. We haven't played Canada yet, but I think we're headed north in June.

All the best,