Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the high school guidance counsellors

Track list:

1. Cat Power - the greatest - lived in bars

Comments: What a surprise, she's lived in bars. Don't look for her in your neighbourhood anytime soon, she's scared of you.

2. Red Shag Carpet - lift and drop - starve your film

Comments: Hey, they sound a bit like Rusty, and I like it. Jonelle is also entranced. I like the part when they all sing together - so kicky.

3. Neko Case - fox confessor brings the flood - star witness

Comments: Jazzy. Not really, but anything to get her to come to town, I guess. I like the sound of the recording, it's always like it's been recorded in some kind of bat-filled cave. So atmospheric.

4. Kind of Like Spitting - one hundred dollar room - pick a town, find a box, live alone

Comments: If the title of this song were any more hilarious, it would mirror my life exactly. As it is, we're not going to be suing anyone for plagiarism. Count yourselves lucky boys. It's a bit slow, but I think it's okay. Jonelle would like to hear more from the album, because 45 minutes of this would cause anyone to adopt a small dog and ride the rails in a coat full of holes. Or something equally depressing.

5. I love you but I've chosen darkness - fear is on our side - lights

Comments: Our music director loves this band name. Plus, he has a nice new haircut. Which makes him qualified to judge, we think.

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