Tuesday, November 28, 2006

assaulted by musical contrast! don't fight it!

Track list:

1. Various - African Christmas - White Christmas

Comments: Aieee! No really, would it really be Christmas without painfully ill-advised re-thinkings of holiday standards? No it wouldn't. That's why I'm so glad they come up with new horrifying crap every year.

2. Melvins - a senile animal - a history of bad men

Comments: I was honestly hoping this would provide more of a list, but I guess this is okay. I like this the way I secretly love Faith No More. Seriously, when they had that album out in the mid-90s, with 'last cup of sorrow' on it, and the video was the band members all re-enacting Hitchcock's Vertigo? That was freaking amazing.

3. The Ghost is Dancing - the ghost is dancing - to french ave

Comments: I like the synthesized accordion. "Orchestral indie rock from Toronto." Indeed. Seriously, it's good. This song is on their myspace page, if it interests you to listen.

4. Ohbijou - swift feet for troubling times - widths and curves

Comments: she's sort of the Cranberries' singer without the accent, and maybe a little more undernourished. In short, I love it. I could listen to this on public transit all day and feel vaguely romantic and miserable. Every criteria is fulfilled.

5. The Purrs - the purrs - she's gone

Comments: love, love love love. Fabulous. It's like the animals but with a new and more vaguely miserable sensibility. And moan-y singing. I would sing along, but my throat hurts. And there are people.

6. K-Os - atlantis hymns for disco - born to run

Comments: sadly, not a Springsteen cover. In keeping with my usual enigmatic reasons for playing songs, I'm playing this first for Ash, who loves k-os even though he is a confirmed indy-rocker. It's also for Scott, who loves Brucie's Born to Run more than any other song. To both of you, I freakin' HIGHLY recommend this truly funky-ass song which I now completely love. I need to get this album I think! (It's not just the suburban nerd-boys who want to be mcs. It's me too. Hot damn.)

7. The Establishment - economy radio - economy radio

Comments: must be economy, because it comes in very large volumes. Pretty great actually, which is hard for me to admit, because I'm usually so anti-establishment. HA. Ugh.

8. In Ink Please - formica table for two - faster first half

Comments: cute, with matching glasses.

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