Tuesday, November 21, 2006

unironically listening to canconcoun

Hey, what's up. It's time again for me to waste my life at my former university AGHAHDOODOODOO spend an hour at the radio station I love so much.

Track list:

1. The Divorcees - you ain't gettin' my country - nearly fell

Comments: Hm. In order to appreciate this you have to turn off your inner skeptic. Mine is virtually impossible to squish, but I did my best, and there was some oooing I liked. I also love Blue Rodeo to absolute distraction when I'm drunk. Seriously, if Jim Cuddy got me liquored up, I'm not making any promises about where things might or might not go. This is about the situation with the delightful Divorcees (although they're not as pretty as Jim).

2. Ill Scarlett - epidemic - n.t.f.

Comments: I think ska is dead.

3. Career Suicide - anthology of releases 2004-2005 - There's Something Wrong With You

Comments: But there's nothing wrong with this track, which kicks ass. It could be a reaction to the first couple of songs. So what. I luuuuurves it. Oh hey, I never thought I'd say this but: nsfw. Seriously, that t-shirt is the dirtiest line drawing I have ever, ever seen, and I've been using the internet for several years now. As usual, I'm fascinated.

4. Hilary Grist - on my way - unless you're sure

Comments: Just playing it because we were friends in the fifth grade. Odd, don't you usually think these people just vapourize after highschool? Apparently she decided to be a singer/songwriter instead, so more power to her. She'll be on Melodies in Mind, the show after mine, on January 9th! That'll be good. You should listen.

5. Powder Keg - quality you can taste - beefcake

Comments: They have much energy. I'm exhausted. Also, it's not my fault I'm not linking to anything, their site must be all flashed up or something because google doesn't know them at all.

6. PJ Harvey - Peel Sessions - Wang Dang Doodle

Comments: love it. I am familiar with this song only from the Pointer Sisters version. If you don't have the Pointer Sisters Live album, you should immediately take thyself to whatever used record bin is in your vicinity and beg for it. It doesn't have 'I'm so excited' on it, so relax yourself dammit. Anyway, PJ Harvey does a damn good job and rocks and is generally awesome, like a young british Patti Smith. Maybe it's just the hair, but also the growling I think.

7. Ox - american lo-fi - Miss Idaho

Comments: Really great. The cover art didn't speak to me, but when Canadians write songs about American things in a sort of lamenting way I generally enjoy it. It all balances out.

8. Lesser Birds of Paradise - space between - Claire Danes if you ever get a nose job I swear to Jesus I'll hang myself

Comments: So nice I'd like to reminisce about Jordan Catalano twice! Speaking of which, didn't that guy turn out to be a world-class dick. Appropriate really considering what he did to Claire Danes in the boiler room. Asshole. I'd like to punch his pasty face.
This song has nothing to do with any of that, and is completely and utterly awesome.

9. Lesser Birds of Paradise - space between - do you remember when we overthrew the government

Comments: I must have been drunk or something, because no. But this song makes me wish I did, with its sheer excellence.

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lunchbucket said...

You seem to have this crazy scat theme going on whenever you're a lonely host.

I hope you scat like that on the show as well. Which reminds me. You should play some shooby taylor.