Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Tragedy: Jonelle just managed to drop her rammstein cd down a crack in the control board. It's lost forever, and it's probably going to start a horrible fire.

On with the show!

Track list:

1. Kid Koala ft. Lederhosen Lucil - various: see you on the moon - fruit belt

Comments: this is a kids album, and it's completely awesome. I WANT it.

2. Cat Power - the greatest - the greatest

Comments: this album is not very depressing, like we said. It's completely awesome. I WANT it.

3. Dr. Rage and the Uppercuts - hittin' wood and diamond hard - hittin' wood

Comments: doo da da da doo doo da da da DA DAAAAA! Yikes. We were hoping for some inappropriate content. Instead it just kind of is... wait! He said "between a memory and a dream"! TOM PETTY THIEF!!

4. Hank Williams III - straight to hell - thrown out of the bar

Comments: everybody's favourite.

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