Tuesday, May 09, 2006

filthy, nasty.

Track list:

1. Scissor Sisters - scissor sisters - filthy/gorgeous

Comments: This guy defies physics. How do you dance around shirtless, sing like you've got clamps on your nads, and drip irony out of every pore all at the same time? Well, maybe it's a generous irony, but still.

2. Frank Peebles - various: prince george covers - Sex at 31

Comments: Mmm, spoken vocorder jazz.

3. Death From Above 1979 - blood on our hands (single) - blood on our hands

Comments: will coloured vinyl ever get tired? My verdict: hell no. We actually meant to play the other side of this record, but we accidentally... didn't. What the hell, I love this song too. The elephant noses never fail to charm me, and the songs are all exactly the right length, somehow. It hits me pleasantly in my 'rage against the machine' cortex.

4. Orchards and Vines - tomorrow and yesterday - in the darkness

Comments: awesome, seriously, I'm not even kidding! Oh damn my eternal sarcasm.

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